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Korvo Tallis is a curious individual. A Half-Drow from a remote world near the center of the Evenaris System, he longed to learn more of the worlds beyond his own. At the age of 20 he left his home on a pilgrimage to seek out the secrets of the universe. Hitching rides on various charter ships he would go from planet to planet. In his travels he discovered an affinity for magic and this grew his curiosity tenfold. His new purpose in life was to learn all he could about the ways of magic.

From planet to planet he would traverse as much land as he could, exploring ruins and various other locations in search of answers. Everywhere he went he took notes and made drawings of the things he found, various runes and magic incantations. About halfway through his pilgrimage he found himself on a dead planet with massive ancient ruins. It was here that he would make the greatest mistake of his life. This mistake is the very reason he has fled to Corvanis 3




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