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Korgak "The Merciful" Mars is an full-blooded orc that is a part of the MARS Corporation. He was raised, trained, and tested through an experimental program that molds snatched orphan children into supersoldiers. Regardless of the extremely high mortality rate in the program, Korgak excelled, which inevitably led him to be a natural soldier and leader in many battles. Eventually his achievements in various deployments, such as his successes in the Union War, gained him a reputation. Ruthless but with a unfaltering loyalty, Korgak became known as "The Merciful", one that only kills and finishes a life when ordered. Regardless, his deployments have typically been successful. Now he must face his hardest task yet: dealing with the Row and its inhabitants.




  • Major - Instrument of War
  • Minor - Full-blooded Orc
  • Minor - Battle-tested


  • Major - Grovel in Defeat
  • Minor - Honor to the Clan
  • Minor - Youth is Steel for Forging


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