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Buried Under the City

Koi grew up in the Inner City of Savior City. His parents were a part of the dying middle class of the Inner City and had to struggle his way to survive in the gloss of the Inner City. After his tribulations he yearns for an easier life for all, and is willing to give his own life away if it means less people have to live like he did.

A Man Who Strives for Peace

Koi is a 6’ 2” aged man with dirty grey hair and a tired disposition. He stands in an imposition figure but a calm presence. He bares the colors of the Union on his loose coat.




  • Major - Silence and Peace - Koi has learned that strength has its advantages, but a more subtle take can get the job done with less vibrato needed. His weapon of choice is a hidden blade that extends from the palm of his cybernetic hand. The blade extends silently, has high penetrating power, and retracts just as fast.
  • Minor -
  • Minor - Clear and Peaceful - Koi finds inner peace in his meditation. He has light resistance to non-magical mind altering effects. Koi’s other Flaws and Edges ignore this effect completely. After meditation, his patience and clarity increase.


  • Major - Peace Comes for Cheap - He requires maintenance to be done on his hand every session to keep it functioning. The longer into the session it goes without maintenance, the more likely it ceases to function. When his Major Edge is used, there is a 25% chance that the hand fails and immediately becomes unusable until maintenance is done. As he is not a mechanic, he will have to find others to help him do maintenance.
  • Minor - Peace and Prosperity - Koi provides for his sister and her kids in the inner city on top of paying back his debt to the Union. He has limited spending money.
  • Minor - Peace for Those Who are Lost - When a sentient creature dies or gets wounded enough to need medical attention in his vision, Koi becomes despondent and functions at a lower level. This leaves him unable to eat and communicate in meaningful ways until he meditates for 10 minutes. Death affects him for the rest of the session.


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