Kimple's Father, the stern, quiet type?

A man of few words, and a deep voice, is actually a kind father to Kimple.


It was always a mystery to who Kimple's actual parents were, rumors of a lab, to even an assembly line were speculated about, but as of April 23rd, for the first time ever, Kimple revealed that she does in fact, have a father. At first, when he was revealed, he barely spoke, but then taught his kitty-bot daughter about forgiveness.

Later that same day, Chipz visited and learned a bit about Kimple's history. Roflgator tried to confirm where he came from and challenged Kimple to Battle Disc, but failed. 

On May 4th, Lanfear, Joey Bagels and Andis all visited the Singularity he calls home, where he expressed concern over Kimple's well being, and asked the family if they were treating his daughter right. 

Connection with the Lanfears?

Kimple's father's realm, the Void, housed an event where Oathmeal and Lanfear were taken to his residence at the tender age of 16. It was revealed by Lanfear that they were turned mute by some force or secret in the void, and this caused Oathmeal to leave the family.


The entity only known as 'Father' lives in a place called the Singularity that only Kimple seems to have access too, freely visiting him when she pleases, often bringing those she sees as friendly enough to meet him. Upon entering you must perform a ritual (turning nameplates and notifications off), in order to speak with him, as Kimple calls this place sacred. 

The spot he resides in is Timeless Space, a space not even VRPill knows about, but Father claims it was there since the start.  


It is unknown if Kimple's father has an actual physical body, as all anyone has seen of him is a ripple in a singularity. It is assumed that he is at least, some part cat, as he gave cat like features to Kimple. 


  • Theories abound that he is actually VRPill, but none of these were proven.
    • While VRPill is the 'god' of VRChat, this entity may actually be what made him, and Kimple.
  • Kimple has his eyes. 
  • According to Kimple, her and her father use a special language to communicate.
  • He apparently isn't a sports fan.
  • Despite being stationary, Kimple's father knows of the events and happenings outside of the Singularity.
  • He is curious about ice cream. (Due to Kimple's constant talking about it.)
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