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Kenneth is a cybernetically enhanced human who lives in The Row. After years of fighting and performing around Salvation City he now his own Arena Master on his path to become his ideal hero.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Kenneth Mori grew up in relative comfort of a somewhat nicer row in Salvation City. With his parents always busy with working to make ends meet, he was instead raised by a collection of films and tv shows his family had accrued. Within that collection Ken found and became obsessed with a particular show; a show featuring costumed heroes fighting for justice against evil organizations, dramatic poses followed by superfluous explosions and giant monster fights. As he grew older his obsession grew and when he left home at 18 he decided to try and fulfill this fantasy. Over the next decade he found himself fighting in various arenas, both in dangerous deathmatches and in flashy productions meant to awe an audience. After years of training himself in those arenas and saving up what winnings and paychecks he could Ken makes the next step of achieving his dream, with a new costume and a stage of his own. Now all he needs is a cast...




  • Major - (Cybernetic) RowKai Jump - Over his career as a performer Kenneth has cybernetically augmented his legs to allow him to leap to great heights.
  • Minor - (Cybernetic) RowKai Dash - To gain advantage in closing the distance in combat Kenneth has cybernetically augmented his legs to allow him to run faster for short bursts of time.
  • Minor - Hero's Healthpool - Kenneth's experience in arena battles has helped make himself more hardy over the years.


  • Major - Damage-Prone Systems - Upon reaching a major wound one of Kenneth's cybernetics will become disabled until repaired by a technician. An additional cybernetic will be disabled when a new damage threshold is reached.
  • Minor - Stuntman Hearing - Years of being surrounded by gunfire and explosions without proper protection has hampered Kenneth's ability to hear.
  • Minor - Exposed Cybernetics - Kenneth's cybernetic systems are not properly insulated thus are prone to take increased wear and tear from hostile electronic sources.


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