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Kee'Ra Diamond is the owner and singer of the brothel "Dirty Diamond" in Callous Row.

She has made a pretty good life for herself down in the slums with her brothel business. She makes enough to get by comfortably as a middle class resident just with her business, but in addition to that she also does a few side jobs that are questionable in legality. She is a magic user, wanting to learn more so that she can protect herself and others that she cares about. She does her best to make ends meet for her and her brothel workers. She always dreams big and puts herself into dangerous situations to help her adopted family.

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Kee’ra doesn’t remember much about her home planet, and she is uncertain how she ended up in Callous Row. She used her abilities and ambition to push her way from being at the very bottom in the slums to living very comfortably today. When first arriving to Callous Row years ago, she unfortunately fell victim to sex trafficking. Kee’Ra was highly desired for her exotic appearance and seductive aura. She endured it for years, but finally she was able to overturn the operation using her abilities, convincing the people in charge to turn themselves in to the police. Her motherly instincts pushed her to take some of the victims in, and she gave them a much fairer treatment. She fairly distributed the money that they earned together on the streets while training them in song, dance, and the art of being seductive.

What started on the streets eventually ended up being a booming business in a brothel that she owns now. Her journey to this point has made her tough, not fazed by dangerous situations when she probably should be, and have the continuous desire to move up in the world getting whatever she can in the process.




Motherly, Cares deeply for those she loves, Controlling, Always wants her way, Always speaks seductively, Thick skinned, Has a temper, Romantic, Pleasing others is second nature, Yearns for somebody to call her own like in the old films, Classy, Loves the opera and old world music.



  • Major - "You’re mine." Kee'Ra uses a combination of her sensual voice, body, and powers to put her target in a hypnotic-like state where she is able to heavily influence them to do as she pleases. Her songs influence mood as well and she can force others to be empathetic to her mood with her song.
  • Minor - "What do you taste like?" A drain ability. Can be used as a debuff or to drain both mana and health slightly, causing the target fatigue.


  • Major Flaw – “Keep going, I can take it.”- She has a tendency to take on things bigger than she can handle. She finds herself rarely saying no if she thinks she will benefit in some way. Sometimes it works out in her favor and her ambition rewards her, but more often these ambitions and her overconfidence get her in trouble. She will agree to some crazy things if there’s a chance it will improve the quality of life for her adopted family and helps her to advance in society.
  • Minor Flaw - “Give it to me.” – Kee’Ra has OCD. She wants things the way she wants them and rarely listens to anything anyone suggests to her, unless their advice is extremely solid. She is stubborn, frustrating, and can be hard to work with. She can be overbearing because of all the micromanaging and controlling she does. She is very persistent and can abuse her charms often to get things going her way.

Goals/ Purposes

She wants to provide the best possible environment for her adoptive family and herself by making the brothel a thriving business and safe home environment, doing whatever it takes to make it a reality. She eventually wants to own something much bigger than her brothel outside of the slums. She wants to increase in magical power and enhance her natural magical abilities that being not from this world has gifted her with. Her body has been used and abused, sold and given for many years. She has the desire to find real love somewhere out there. She wants to find someone to nurture and fall in love with.

Magical Abilities

Unknown practices

She uses her powers to extract excess mana from brothel dancer Raleigh, using it to make potions that can have many varying effects (buffs, debuffs, strange side effects... etc.). She plans on selling them to people secretly in a black market sort of way.


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