Kazuki is a Twitch streamer and roleplayer in VRChat known to portray many different characters.

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Roleplaying Characters


Konton is perhaps Kazuki's most known main character apart of the Purple Lotus RP, Aegis and Pathfinders RP.

Dr. Zig Malice (Deceased)

Dr. Zig Malice is a human "back door pharmacist" who makes a living in Callous Row.

Captain William 'The Wall' Vossler

William Vossler, formerly Captain Vossler of the famed pirate ship "The Death Flag" is a Street Samurai and part-time Bartender slinging drinks in the Water District of the Undercity in Callous Row.


Daiyo is a chaos devil and ruler of the “Kennels”. He is Konton and Sethia’s father and Aladrin’s son. He was the main antagonist for the saving Noru arc.

Zackary Fang

Zackary Fang

Zackary Fang is a werewolf student at Ascension Academy member of Vanguard squad. He has a sister named Lila Fang who he takes good care of, and a his best friend Ryder with whom he's spent most of their crazy adventures.

Starbucks Chan

Starbucks Chan is a waitress wielding a coffee cup hammer and works for The Vendor. Her soul is enslaved to him though she’ll follow instructions from anyone. When coffee is spilled she becomes enraged and her voice becomes demonic.


Evee is a vampire contract dealer part of a mercenary group called The Blooded. She is the ex-girlfriend and current love interest of Noru. She shares similarities with Noru in look and has a glass eye.

Lady Evelyn during the confrontation in Solace.

Lady Evelyn

Lady Evelyn is a vampire who started as an antagonist to the Heroes in The Royals Adventure RP but eventually became a main cast character herself. She is a devilish schemer and trickster and uses her vampiric powers to full effect to this end. She may or may not be the same character as Evee.

Shepherd Green

Shepherd Green has been described as Star Lord mixed with Jack Sparrow. He is a rambling space adventurer with a "borrowed" ship and equipment. He uses a substance known as molten draconic to preserve his life from a disease developed from cryostasis.


Kin is a chaos child with the sins of Greed and Pride. He was sent to the material plane on a mission by Daiyo with his siblings Sadie and Toku. He wields shadow magic similar to his father using a grimoire to assist him. He sees himself as superior to his other siblings often stating that he could complete the mission faster if he was on his own.

Captain William Rallart

Captain William Rallart is the Captain of the Leydford town guard, he serves under Lord Gavus and Advisor Fallgrith in the Fractured Thrones RP. While technically a NPC, he is notable enough to have a custom model to separate himself from other NPCs, as well as a large amount of free will as a NPC, to the extent of being a character in his own right.




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