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Katrina is a bar maiden and entertainer at the HollyCarver Tavern at Castle Leydford in Arilaand. She works for the generous dwarf Nikolas HollyCarver, and alongside her half-elf bar maiden friend Faephyra Vafaren.

While she has a natural ability towards singing and dancing, her awful eyesight causes her to be quite the clutz off stage. While the patrons often overlook this because she's pretty, her coworkers don't let her get off so easy. When she is able to see someone's face, she finds herself incredibly weak to handsome men and beautiful women. She's a natural flirt by nature, but put a pretty face in front of her and she struggles not to flirt.


Katrina (20), and her sister Alexis (16) grew up quite poor within the town outside of Castle Leydford. Her father was a stablehand for Castle Leydford, and her mother was too sick to work. When she was nine, Kat and her sister came home from playing with the neighbor’s boy and found their parents gruesomely killed, but the rest of the house untouched. Ever since, she has had to do what she can to support her and her sister.

Growing up on the streets and fending for themselves, she resorted to begging, and occasionally, stealing in order to keep her and her sister alive. They were both street rats through and through, but Kat was usually doing most of the work in an attempt to keep her younger sister safe and out of harm's way. Kat became very good at making do with the things at her disposal, making her quite crafty. Her stubbornness, free-spirited nature, and impulsiveness however, would often land her in trouble. Because she grew up on the streets, she became very familiar with the people in Castle Leydford and the surrounding town.

When she was 14, she started to understand the power of knowledge and secrets, as well as the price people would pay for them. Because of her street-rat style of growing up, she knew how to keep to the shadows and be light footed in order to avoid unwanted attention. During her sneaking around, she would often overhear conversations. A nobleman, Laudbryn Sergasce, once caught her listening to his talk about financial dealings, but instead of punishing her, he realized her value and decided to pay her to spy on others and gain information for him. This went on for a few years until the nobleman moved away to the capital.

Out of concern for her younger sister, Kat asked if Laudbryn could take Alexis as a servant. With much convincing, and giving everything away that her parents had left them, Magistrate Sergasce allowed for Alexis to join his staff in the capital.

The only thing Kat has left of her parents now is a single small key that hangs around her neck. It was left with a note simply saying “We Love You” on the night they died. To this day she continues to wear the key around her neck and has no idea what it goes to.

When she was finally of age, she realized she could use the looks her mother gave her to flirt her way into the good graces of many men, receiving food and coin, and sometimes payment via secrets. She has continued to work at the tavern ever since, as the money is good enough, and she doesn’t mind the work.

Season 1

Katrina started out as a simple barmaid, working for Nik and Fae, and dancing alongside the newly hired bard, Terric Gambol. Life was pleasant, and she was relatively content, despite the trouble her sharp tounge would often get her in.

It wasn't until unrest within the citizens due to the famine, and the guards striking down villagers left and right, where Kat really started to show her teeth. During a riot at the Castle gates, Kat defended the villagers when they were being beaten by guards, causing her to be bashed by a shield and her arm broken.

Frustrated, but injured, she continued her work at the tavern. However, one day the Castle guards had enough of the riots, and slaughtered over 40 of the townsfolk she grew up with. Distraught by the mass murder, with blood running through the streets, Kat felt filled with anger at how unable she is to protect those she cares about.

Terric, taking note of this, offered to help her train with daggers. So, day in and day out, Terric and Katrina trained using sticks and empty wine bottles.

When a group of bandits raided and attacked Castle Leydford, Kat picked a (nat 20 condition) dagger off a bandit, and started using that and a pointed stick to defend herself and those around her.

As time passed and Kat continued to train, she started to develop a love for close combat and the dancelike nature of it. She excelled at her footwork training, and began to dance around her opponents with a deadly grace.

Katrina and Terric began to develop feelings for each other with all the time spent together. However, upon learning of the greater details of his past, she was angered and conflicted. After confiding in Terric's best friend, Kyler Blint, she realized that his past does not define who is is in the present, and he had shown himself to be a good person.

After accepting Terric's past however, Terric, Kat, and a few others of Leydford questioned a bandit that was being held in the Castle dungeon. During this questioning, Terric helped to gruesomely torture this bandit without remorse, showing Kat that maybe he never did change.

After receiving 20 lashes for being present during the torture, Kat was furious at Terric for the monster he was. She not only hated him, but hated that she had ever fallen in love with him.

It wasn't until Terric was shot by an Empire inquisitor, presumed dead, where her real strength started to show. Distraught, angered, and still filled with hate even after his death, she struggled how to emotionally process it all. Thankfully, Kyler was there to help, as he was the only person who was as close to Terric as Kat was.

After accepting Terric's death, Kat used his Empire steel sword to train with nearly all of the sword masters in Castle Leydford. Her skills with dagger combat and the footwork associated with it helped greatly, and eventually she became quite proficient with swords and daggers alike.

Upon going on a mission with Arnulf 'Arn' Ehrhardt to the Theozzian Empire border, they stumbled across Terric, somehow still alive in an Empire encampment. After a narrow escape, Kat was now left confused on how to feel.