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Katashi Nakamura is a blue oni working for Talaris. He primarily works in security though his family, the Hamada Clan, helps him engage in other business actions. The man is firm and harsh, always seeking control over others.




  • Major - Blood Magic - Can substitute the blood of others or his own to empower or fuel magic. Can only be used within melee range. Those who have their blood used feel anemic (weak, faint, dizzy). If used in quick succession this edge will leave Katashi extremely fatigued or render him unconscious.
  • Minor - One That Mends - Katashi has the ability to cast magic to heal and stabilize others. Can use his own or someone else's blood, not their own.
  • Minor - Arcane Understanding - Katashi is easily able to understand magic and their forms within scholarly books. He can learn magic from them with little effort.


  • Major - Iron Deficiency Anemia - Physically enhancing himself with blood has led Katashi to develop a condition where his blood cells do not easily carry iron.
    • He must take iron supplements once an hour or suffer weakness, fatigue and dizziness. If not taken for 2 hours he will fall unconscious. Triggers after Major Edge is used.
    • If injured and untreated he will tire quickly. If left untreated for 10min he will fall unconscious. Also applies if Major Edge is triggered on self.
  • Minor - For The Family - Katashi will ALWAYS choose the Hamada Clan’s providence and well-being over anything else when presented with the choice.
  • Minor - A Runt - Katashi is much weaker than your typical oni, even slightly weaker than your typical mercenary. He must be smart in his confrontations otherwise he WILL be overpowered. Triggering his Major Edge is his only way out.


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