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Not to be confused with: Kythus Tolem

"Come here little girl!" ― Kaiphus

"Death is too good for you, see how you like living without LEGS! Oh you like typing do you? NO HANDS FOR YOU!" ― Kaiphus maiming Faye

"Bleed like a pig!" ― Kaiphus

Kaiphus The Collector is a bounty hunter and an assassin with a huge ego. Contrary to hiding his identity as one might assume an assassin does he flaunts it, taunting his targets and those in their surrounding. He makes sure that his victims know who is ending their lives or taking the lives of their loved ones.

With a southerner dialect speaking through an oni face-mask he has a creepy way of happily talking and singing to himself. If his words weren't nefarious in their meaning and metaphorically dripping of poison, in an alternate universe he could possibly be described as a "jolly person".

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

Known victims

History - Season 1

The Collectors Ploy

Employed to hunt down the infiltrators who attacked the Nirvana Corporation compound and freed Bo he arrived in Callous Row to find the responsible and end them. A rare feat he managed to trick Mayor Eric into giving up the information of who was responsible as well as hacking his database. Claiming to have incriminating evidence in a package of the Mayors involvement and his guilt of the infiltration, he offered him a deal in return for the names of his compatriots in the crime. Claiming the encryption keys for the evidence showed it to be unique and the only copy, in return for all their names he would leave without reporting the mayor. Eric took the bait and handed over the names. Happy with the transaction, Kaiphus left with a happy spring in his steps.

Assassination of Felix

Before leaving the row with the information he gathered, Kaiphus managed to spot one of his targets, namely Felix of all people. He told a local how much he admired the young mans figure and managed to get himself introduced and alone with him. Asking Felix for help to get a terminal working, as Bethany approached, Felix turned his back, Kaiphus grabbed his hidden gun, yells out, and just as Felix turned around he shot him multiple times in the chest. The shocked Bethany witnessed everything and fled the scene.

As Felix blood escapes him he is brought to the clinic but his life could not be saved.

Shooting Faye in the back

Shooting and maiming Faye

Kaiphus encountered Quixote forces performing a raid in the row and having barricaded an area off. He inquired about his target Rook and wandering he finds Faye by happenstance. Knowing very well that she is the daughter of Rook he shoots her and drags her off to the nearby garbage incinerator to interrogate her.

Taunting and interrogating Faye

Sputtering taunting words at the young woman that she should have "listened to her daddy" he gives Faye a threatening final offer to bring Rook to him in exchange for sparing her life. Before Kaiphus is given a response Lange interrupts them, blaring on the Public Announcmeent system that he has taken the Doctors and Mayor prisoner at the medical bay. Faye siezing the opportunity of the sudden distraction tries to get a shot off at Kaiphus but is overpowered.

Kaiphus laughing incapacitates the poor girl by shooting her hands and legs, leaving her maimed and mutilated to suffer and die alone.

Stabbing Rook

Rook donning his armor goes to hunt down Kaiphus in revenge for hurting his daughter. On his way he acquires a minigun and mows down several dozen of corporate soldiers standing in his way. Leaving blood and guts in his wake he is caught unaware by Kaiphus who stabs him with two blades from behind. Groaning what seems to be his last words the half-orc calls out for Faye as the camera pans over to Kaiphus, laughing, singing and walking away as Rook falls to the ground.

Link to VOD: Rook stabbed by Kaiphus the collector

It is later revealed that Rook survived the near fatal stabbing. He had been delivered to The Necromancer.

History - Season 2

A fight in the MARS Corp Arena

Returning a year later he signs up to participate in a fight at the MARS Corporation arena in the Upper City. Facing off against old familiar faces he meets Rask, Loch, Guidebot and Warren. He whispers a message to put on a show after which he eventually flees and is disqualified.

Meeting up with Warren after the fight he shows a new side of himself, meaning past transgressions were only monetary and offers them supposedly in good faith. He tells that the most powerful person in the sector is missing, and gives two warnings to the slummers that they need to watch for:

  • A man in a black ensemble that speaks of a lottery - be wary to trust him.
  • Beware the traveler from the sands, he will speak of terror but hide his true meaning.

If Warren could make sure that his friends got these two messages he would consider his previous debts to be paid.

A hit on Rikky Raclette

When Rikky of all people is alone Kaiphus appears before him. Apologizing for the intrusion he told him right up front that he had been hired to kill him but having other plans. Growing wearisome he offered a proposal instead, in exchange for not killing Rikky; he wanted for him to retrieve a certain medallion from Mr Enzo, bearing the mark of Quixote. Last he saw it, it was on his person. Not divulging its importance other than that it would be use for evidence, Rikky gives a counter offer. In addition for completion he would also want the information of who ordered him killed. Kaiphus agrees and disappears from sight.

A demand from Atlantis

Talking with Conrad, Maxamillion, and Miss Money

In episode 7 Kaiphus breaks into the Atlantis offices to demand them broadcasting his assassination of a Shadowbat mercenary that blew through Sonitii, killing and/or injuring multiple guards and members. He claims this merc has been naughty on his turf.


  • Kaiphus 3D model was designed by Maraschin00 with help from Qyr and Gambit.
  • Kaiphus has been portrayed by multiple different players.
  • His name is similar to but should not be confused with Kythus Tolem.