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Doctor Kaida Phycodurus is a leafy sea dragon woman currently working for Fungi's Noodles. On the side, she works as a back-alley doctor despite her self-proclaimed retirement.

Coming from her not-so-well-known ocean planet home world, her family was always tight for money, yet never was lacking when it came to caring for each other. It was a one in a million chance that she was picked for a charity program by Avalon to be sent off world for a better education. Thinking this could help her family, she took the chance and began her studies to become a doctor. For a while, she lived quite a good life, having gotten her certifications and degrees, and beginning to work as a combat medic. But life never goes as planned. After the incident, she sold almost everything and made her way to the backwater planet of Hellion, readily starting a new life with the help of the mushrooms.



  • Guardian Spirit : After her time as a mercenary, her abjuration-based magic developed to come more naturally. A magical shield forms around Kaida, bolstering herself in order to allow her to rush into battle and take care of the fallen.
  • Hollow Bones: Being surprisingly light and aerodynamic, Kaida can fall from high places without risking injury to herself.
  • Draconic Constitution: Long term combatant training and mercenary work has led to Kaida being able to take more hits than the average joe.


  • Aquatic Asthma: Doing strenuous activity while breathing air can damage Kaida's lungs and cause them to bleed. After doing a continuous intense activity, Kaida must take a pause and use a charge of her water tank before continuing. The tank can hold 4 charges before needing a refill.
  • Hollow Bones: ------
  • A Drink For One's Sorrow's: ------