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To most, Jyggal is the ever optimistic and jolly cat who runs the "Oasis Grille" restaurant in Scrap Town.

Thought by most to be of a very short cat-like species, they're actually a synthetic. This is hardly known by anyone at all.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Jyggal (JY6G A1 Alpha Prototype) is a synthetic cat that lives in the Wasteland city of Scraptown. Jyggal has weaseled their way into ownership of the Oasis Grille in Scraptown and offers a simple menu, specializing in BBQ vermin kebabs and cactus punch.

Jyggal was an experimental synth made to be the “adorable host and ruthless guardian” for an establishment catering to the families of the elite. With a built-in mini bar and a friendly appearance, Jyggal was supposed to bring about a lighthearted atmosphere, but, due to some quirks, this did not go well. They shut Jyggal down after it attacked a teenager for cursing.

A wastelander found and repaired Jyggal years later, and while it's found ways to function in the Wasteland, it harbors a deep hatred for the elite and those that cast it aside.




  • Major - Razor Sharp Claws - Built-in and retractable. For “Customer Protection”.
  • Minor - Scrappy cat - Built for protection with a durable, radiation-tolerant body. And a mini fridge!
  • Minor - Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None - This character has an incredible aptitude for learning new skills. Unfortunately, the character quickly gets bored and gets turned off when things start getting a little hard.


  • Major - Combat Paralysis - If they aren’t the one starting the fight, their cowardice takes hold and they rather find a place to hide than to fight.
  • Minor - Motion sickness - Due to some faulty systems, they get very "motion sick" and have to stop frequently if moving fast. They can't drive without closing their eyes nearly the whole time.
  • Minor - PTSD - Strong reactions to select common trigger words. “Useless”, “garbage”, “junk”, “failure”, and other words cause a momentary near shut down or, if stressed, a cat spitting rage. Also dislikes cursing.


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