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Juno was born into the Wastelands as a typical human child. The one thing to set her apart from the rest was when she suddenly fell ill to a disease no doctor could cure. She continued to grow weaker, until in desperation she ran from home to seek help herself.

She had heard a rumor of a mad scientist somewhere in the Wastelands and made certain to find him. She asked around until she finally crossed paths with the man himself and luckily for her he was willing to make an attempt to heal her.

The mad scientist took the DNA of the San Pedro cactus and gave it to Juno which unintentionally spliced that DNA with her own, immediately causing her to transmutate and morph; donning green skin, hair made up of cacti, and blood with cactus juice of the aforementioned plant. The most human aspect to remain is her bipedal form, brain and heart.

It took a long time to grow accustomed to her new form. She stayed inside except to take in the now necessary sunlight to keep herself alive and food or water she might need. Now more comfortable in her skin, she felt she could finally leave the shelter of her home to go out and mingle with others in the Wastes, hoping to finally help the people around her.




  • Major - GREEN THUMB, ARM, LEG. - With direct sunlight, a healthy amount of water and enough time in a safe area, Juno can begin the process of regrowing limbs were they to take heavy damage or even be removed. This takes a full day to heal, but the limb acts as normal once it has finished.
  • Minor - MEDIC! - Juno studied and knows some basic medical knowledge, and carries a small medkit on her person in case it needs to be used outside of a clinic. Inside it is sterile gauze, spare syringes, bandages and an external disinfectant.
  • Minor - LIKE ICHOR - When Juno was spliced with a cactus her blood changed to be mostly that of cactus juice. As such, the properties remain the same; her blood has a psychoactive effect (Chemical compounds that can alter mood, perception and cognition.) As well as a psychoactive medical agent, like anesthetic and painkillers.

Once she has drawn her blood, she stores it in two syringes attached to a gauntlet on her wrist. These two syringes are all the blood she can draw in a single day or else she becomes nauseous and tired.


  • Major - FLEE THE ACID AND FLAMES - With being mostly made of plant comes the increased danger of fire. Juno will panic and leave/hide from any situation when it is around. The same susceptibility also applies to acid, which she avoids with the same urgency.
  • Minor - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT - Juno takes in and stores energy from direct sunlight, it’s also one of the ways she acquires energy. When she’s in any place but the wastes she begins to get tired very quickly. While she can still take in a little energy from neon and artificial lighting, it’s still not enough to keep her at her peak.

This effect begins after one hour, continually worsening the longer she stays without light. While she’s in this state she cannot form cactus spikes, is clumsy and practically unable to practice medical duties, and needs to rest back at the Wastelands or even the Uppercity for two hours before she is recovered.

  • Minor - STRING-BEAN - In her transformation, Juno suffered from muscle mass loss. Much of it was replaced with the biomatter of a typical cactus. From this, she lost a significant amount of strength.


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