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Joya Amberloft is an Elf who came to work for TraVerse as a Secretary and receptionist a year ago, shortly before the alien infiltration, after being transferred in from a different branch due to a lack of personnel.

At least, that is how she appears to everyone else outside of her office...

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Joya Amberloft is a secretary and receptionist working on a space station owned by the TraVerse Corporation. While taking a small holiday, her ship suffered a catastrophic life support failure incident, forcing everyone onboard to be ejected in life pods. Furthering her misfortune, her life pod crashes on a nearby uninhabited planet… where she died on impact. Fortunately, a small Changeling just so happened to have whitenesses the crash and investigated. Seeing the potential for a better life, the Changeling promptly assumed the identity of the deceased Elf, and was rescued a short while later after the SOS signal from the crash pod was received by a search and rescue party. After ‘recovering’ from the harrowing accident, “Joya” is now ready to return to work, though some would say she's acting differently from before the accident. But wouldn't anyone be changed by such a traumatic experience?

Unfortunately, management didn’t tell her that she’d be transferred to the Hellion Headquarters to supplement their staff.


Only those closest to her in the TraVerse offices know the truth about her identity. Joya is actually a Changeling assuming the identity of the "real" Joya Amberloft, now deceased.

After a series of unfortunate misunderstandings, her true nature was revealed to her coworkers and eventually was made known to the Branch CEO of TraVerse. Yet, instead of turning her over to the authorities, they elected to keep her secret and keep her on staff. She intends to return the favor by staying a loyal employee, doing whatever she can to help the corporation grow, and was recently promoted to Personal Assistant to the Branch CEO for her efforts.[1]

Changeling Personas

Vethpa Bholt

Vethpa Bholt

A goblin woman and engineer. She's made multiple trips to Scrap Town, bordering the wasteland in search of rare materials. She carries a Valkyrie sniper rifle on her back. Nobody knows that she and Joya are the same person. Becoming friendly with the locals of scrap town she's even joined in a scrapping run with Sten, Skully, Fee-Bee, Norbert and Crunch.



  • MAJOR: Mask of Many Faces
    • Once per session, Joya is able to change into one of three personas used for going undercover.
  • MINOR: Safe Driver Bonus
    • She is capable of piloting a ship and drive a car.
    • Has increased accuracy with firearms.


  • MAJOR: A Glitch in The Code
    • A year of training has improved Joya’s ability to maintain a stable form. Unfortunately, there are days when, no matter what she does, things will ALWAYS end up going wrong.
  • MINOR: No Place Like Home
    • Joya appears to have some sort of PTSD when it comes to "laying low and staying safe". She feels like she NEEDS to return home before the SWEEPOS come out at the end of each session. This ties into her major flaw.
  • MINOR: Slow to Trust
    • Has absolute distrust in everyone/anyone, even at the risk of her own life. Always suspicious of everyone and their motives, no matter what. Will even deny first aid if wounded, preferring to take care of it herself. On the opposite side of the spectrum, once she does trust someone, she will place all her trust in them to a fault, even going so far as to risk her safety for their well-being.


  • She believes she has a strange sort of allergy to mana that is tied to her genetic defect.
  • Is an accomplished markswoman and has deadly accurate shot with firearms.
  • Using her Changeling abilities, she is able to go undercover to not arouse suspicion when traveling to other parts of Salvation City, including The Row, the Undercity, and even out to the Wastelands.



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