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Joseph is one of the students that arrived at Ascension Academy at the start of year 2.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Joseph has lived a difficult life as shown with the gray hair strand. He comes from a low class noble house, and he doesn't flinch when others threaten him. He is native from Saigon and is know that his family is composed of musicians.


Notes from the psychological analysis by Dr. Zaira Maeve:

Subject is experiencing paranoid episodes. Co-morbidity suspected with possible Borderline Personality Disorder - Objectifies others and regards their value only for own benefit. Does not lack emotional knowledge, but does not demonstrate compassion or empathy for others. Strongly vengeful and in multiple instances displayed domineering body language and speech, both common with BPD.

History - Year 2

First Impressions

Naitya punches Jojo

Joseph started off on bad terms with a lot of the students at Ascension Academy. His way of speaking in what seems to be a condescending manner often makes other students lash out at him. A clear example of this would be when the Academy first went to Concordia. At Concordia, the students had to interact with some of the townsfolk in order to complete certain tasks. One of the townsfolk was a racist who owned elven slaves. Joseph shook his hand despite disliking him so that he can complete his mission. Naitya, a high elf student, punched Joseph in the face once he learned that he shook the hands of a racist, leaving Joseph with a black eye. [1]

After their first mission at Concordia, Joseph followed Vevina to her room to speak. Vevina confronts Joseph in all of the problems he's faced as well as her accurate observations as to who he is, leading into a heated argument. Their discussion ends with Vevina hugging Joseph and comforting him, making sure he knows that she won't let any of the students kill him. [2]

Joseph's Madness


Joseph waking up to Melanie at his bedside.

After falling asleep with Melanie in his room, Joseph wakes up to her at his bedside, humming a song. As he gets up to talk, she runs to the balcony and disappears. Joseph asks multiple students and teachers if they've seen Mel, but everyone declines. He starts his patrol and eventually finds Mel at the top of the waterfall, who fires a rifle at him and runs off. Confused and irritated, he continues patrolling the campus until he runs into her again at the bus stop and the park, losing her both times. Joseph finds Barthall and asks him how Mel can turn invisible. Barthall says she can't go invisible before Joseph spots her and runs off. After being led into the cave, Joseph begs and pleads to Melanie to talk to him, but she vanishes. Joseph starts to lose himself a little more.

Joseph tells Flora his side of the story.

After morning announcements, Joseph finds Headmaster Akiyama and requests him to use his plants to locate Melanie, which he finds at Vanguard Dorms. Joseph confronts an ill Mel about the entire morning, but she denies that any of it happened and that she was asleep. Unbelieving, he insists what he saw was true and that Mel is lying; Joseph tries to tell the headmaster, who replies, "I don't care." He tells other people, but no one seems to buy his story. Fed up, Joseph grabs a rifle and searches for Melanie along with Flora. He explains his problem to Flora, frantically moving and waving the gun around. After leaving the cave, he stops at an area near the arena as he spots Melanie and grabs her attention.

Rin and Vevina intervene.

Joseph faces Mel for the third time in front of an audience. Liang and Vevina try to diffuse the argument until Mel collapses. Joseph keeps arguing until Rin steps in and punches him in his eye. Vevina follows him around campus, trying to help him, but he denies her aid, throwing insults at her along the way.

Joseph points a gun a Rin

Melanie orders Joseph to follow her so they can talk. Lnik and Rin eventually stumble upon the two again. The argument continues until Joseph points the rifle at Rin. Professor Albrecht reveals himself and takes the gun from Joseph, instructing him to go to the stadium.

Joseph explains the entire story to Professor Barnes, Albrecht, and Headmaster Akiyama, who say they'll investigate. Later on, Professor Willow activates a truth circle. He asks questions about Mel and Joseph's actions and beliefs. Willow concludes somebody else is involved. Professor Willow explains that Melanie was taken from him, for she used as a conduit for a lesser deity. Willow got her back and prevented the deity from seeing Melanie using a mana-powered blocker. However, Mel drained her mana which caused the blocker to fail and allowed the deity to control her. [3]

A Crescendoing Psychosis

During his patrol, Joseph recalls events from the previous day, assuring himself that he is right and everyone else is against him. He remembers the conversation he and Willow had and believes that he is lying. Joseph is stopped by Professor Silver who asks for his story. After explaining in the graveyard, Joseph walks to the memoriam of students who've passed. He points out Naitya, blaming him for the way that he gets treated, and says that Rin will pay for it.

During morning announcements, Headmaster Akiyama assigns students their apprentices. Afterward, Silver steps up and states that pointing a weapon at another student is unacceptable and that firing a weapon will be met with expulsion as she glares at Joseph. After analyzing Mel's jump from the balcony, Joseph proceeds to the stadium and takes his anger out on a training dummy. Vevina shows up not too long after and follows him around the campus again. Joseph snaps at Vevina which attracts a crowd of Zackary, Jixie, Rin, and Aida. He asks if they've seen the "suicidal murderer" which prompts Jixie to confront him at the beach. After a while, Joseph finally finds Melanie at the General Squad dorms and leads her to his room to talk.

Melanie hands over Joseph's dagger.

Wasting no time, Joseph asks Mel who she is working for and how she got the entire campus on her side. He claims that she had been plotting this for a while. They argue back and forth until someone knocks at the door. Joseph tells them to come in, but nobody responds. He realizes that Albrecht must have snuck into the room, further proving his point until Melanie opens the door for Albrecht. Albrecht gives his two cents on the situation, debunking Joseph's conspiracies. He expresses his reason for helping and assures them that he and the other teachers are investigating. Albrecht tells the two that they should distance themselves. Melanie denies this idea, but Albrecht quickly shuts her down. The dinner bell rings, and Professor Albrecht tells Joseph to leave. He walks down the stairs and stops for a moment before heading back into his room. He cracks open the door sees Mel on the floor crying with Albrecht comforting her. Joseph listens for a couple of seconds before quietly leaving. He leaves the dorm before a feeling washes over him. He thinks, What am I doing? Am I really hallucinating? He runs back once more and grabs Melanie by the shoulders. "I saw you!" he cries, "What's happening to me?!" Melanie comforts Joseph before he backs up and mutters, "What the hell is wrong me?" Joseph bashes his skull against the wall and runs off.

Mel chases after him, but he doesn't stop. He heads towards the waterfall, replaying the incident. He screams, "I'M NOT CRAZY. IT HAPPENED... I SWEAR!" He contemplates whether anything is real or not while Melanie tries to calm him down. He turns to Zackary who had been watching them and tells him that he does not care for his opinion. Joseph proceeds to head to dinner, convinced that everything is fake and that the deity is targeting him.

Stark approaches Joseph during dinner and asks to talk to him at the roof. He explains that Melanie came to him, crying and that Joseph had pointed his gun at multiple people. Joseph brushes it off as a 'rough day' and asks if he's worried Stark while referring to him as the deity. After being told to drop the act, Stark calls upon his ring and blasts Joseph into a pillar. Miss Bliss charms Joseph to calm him down while Stark talks to him. Albrecht, Akiyama and Lorn enter the roof to retrieve Joseph and escort him to the dungeon. Professor Barnes introduces himself to Joseph and plays along with his theories. Barnes asks Joseph to repeat his name. When Joseph refuses to, he shocks Joseph to the ground. Miss Bliss says that she needs to put him to sleep. Joseph starts to protest but is quickly interrupted by Bliss, whose soothing voice renders him unconscious. Joseph wakes up in a cell with the teachers discussing what they will do about him. He gives a cold stare to the teachers before going to sleep.

A Very Charming Day

Joseph in the dungeon.

Joseph murmurs in his cell, blaming himself for this situation. Joseph reckons that the entire academy is against him or under the deity's control. Headmaster Akiyama greets Joseph at the door along with Lila who brought herbal tea. Joseph accepts the tea but does not drink it; instead, he asks what she put in the tea. She assures him that the tea is safe. After Lila leaves, Akiyama questions Joseph about the deity he mentioned. Joseph explains, but Akiyama doesn't believe him, explaining that Professor Crescent examined him and found no signs of entities looming over Joseph. Akiyama insults Joseph, saying that it is sad not even a spirit cares enough to be near Joseph. Akiyama gives Joseph the option to stay in the cell or be charmed and leave. Joseph chooses the charm, and they proceed to cast the spell. Instantly, the gloomy and cold Joseph turns into a joyful person. He happily grabs his tea and takes Minerva's hand before leaving the dungeon.

Charmed Joseph talking to students.

While in this state, Joseph periodically slows his speech and movement before resuming actions. After asking for permission, Joseph skips towards the dorms while singing the Ascension Academy theme. He arrives at the General Squad dorms with a group of three butterflies. Ryder and Rook call out to him, asking if Joseph is feeling okay. A small crowd forms around Joseph, confused by his behavior. However, Rin and Esmae talk to Joseph as if nothing is wrong. They take a liking to his butterflies and come up with names for the three. They agree on Rinie, Essie, and Joji. After eating at Crystal Thorn's cafe, Esmae and Rin head to the meeting hall. Joseph says he didn't hear a bell but follows anyway, passing Flora who will begin to follow him around.

Joseph's charm wearing on him

Joseph spends his time walking around campus and chatting with various students in hopes of finding Melanie. Stark invites Joseph to attend a political meeting at Crystal Thorn, and while he does accept, he quickly finds himself bored and wanting to find Melanie again.

After the meeting, he and Flora find a moody Melanie standing outside of Vanguard Dorms. She quickly pulls him aside to hide somewhere. Joseph introduces Essie to Mel. Mel cracks a smile until Bliss and Carver arrive, prompting her to leave. Joseph catches up at the cafe and says hello to Vevina who requests to talk privately. Vev expresses that she is against the charms and starts to break down. Clueless, Joseph tries to calm Vevina down, but she continues, saying that she looks forward to Joseph's next insult. He attempts to insult her, but Vev rejects the offer and leaves. Joseph follows Melanie to Ignis Dorm, wondering what business she has there. Mel reveals that she had come for alcohol as she downs the drink. Professor Albrecht enters and asks to talk to Melanie; Mel refuses to comply, claiming they allowed her one day with Joseph. Confused, he insists that she goes with Albrecht and waits in the bar room. Rook says he can't stay since the dinner bell rang. Once again, Joseph says that he didn't hear the bell but heads to dinner anyway.

Joseph, Flora, Carver, and Melanie at the waterfall.

After dinner, Joseph, Melanie, and Flora decide to head to a quiet spot. Joseph starts to slow down more frequently. Melanie tries to wake him up by waving her hand across his face. Joseph asks if she needs something, and she says she was shooing a gnat trying to suck his blood. He thinks to himself, I'm sure you'd love to see that blood on the outside, wouldn't you? Melanie mentions another medical bell; Flora counts two more rings, indicating an emergency. Joseph contemplates whether the bells are ringing or not while Melanie leads the group to the medbay.

Joseph's happy movements and soft voice begin to fade, and his normal tone takes its place. The group decides to go back to the dorms since Flora is tired. As they turn back, Jay asks fire users to go to the medical bay. Joseph points out that Melanie uses fire, but she shakes her head. He replies, "You can save a life... or let them die." You'd like that, wouldn't you? At the dorm, Mel explains that something drained her mana. Joseph tries to pry more details out of her, but she answers vaguely. Flora decides to retire for the night and the remaining two head to Joseph's room.

Joseph tries to stab himself.

Joseph asks where Melanie had been the previous night. She claims that she visited home with Professor Willow. Joseph invites her to the couch and engages in small talk, asking if she likes jumping off high things. He asks Melanie to choose a book so they can read it together. While Mel decides, Joseph mentions how fun it would be to teach her how to fire a rifle. Melanie quivers in response, replying that it would be fun. Melanie chooses Romeo and Juliet and returns to the couch to start reading. Joseph does not follow; instead, he stares at Melanie, asking if she is truly there. Mel assures Joseph that she is real. Joseph interrogates Mel, asking for her story. Melanie explains that she got sick and left early. Joseph recalls one of Miss Bliss' teachings: Pain can take a person out of a charm or illusion. He grabs a dagger from his bedside demands Melanie take it. She refuses, and he holds it to his side, threatening to stab himself. Mel takes the dagger and tries to move it away, but Joseph forces her arm back to his side. Melanie begs for Joseph to stop, but he does not. He brings Melanie's chin up to look at him. Joseph forces the dagger into his side.

Joseph is put back into the dungeon.

Just in the nick of time, Professor Albrecht appears and stops the dagger from being plunged into Joseph's side. Albrecht swipes the knife from Joseph's hand and throws it aside. Another Albrecht grabs Joseph's right side and drags him out of the room. Melanie tries to stop them, but the two are too strong and push through. She follows them but is stopped by Professor Carver. While being taken to the dungeon, Joseph screams at Albrecht, "THIS COULD'VE SOLVED EVERYTHING. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?" he yells. Joseph is locked in the dungeon as Miss Bliss tries to calm him down. Joseph retaliates, "I know you're the enemy, let alone a disgusting non-human." Both teachers walk out of the room, but Joseph keeps yelling at Albrecht, telling him to do his job better. Miss Bliss intervenes to charm Joseph again, putting him to sleep.


Joseph is woken up by Miss Bliss, accompanied by Mel. Miss Bliss informs Joseph that a therapist will visit the academy to examine him and the other students. She asks him what he remembers from the previous day; he can only recollect the instances where he was not under the charm. Joseph, Mel, and Bliss go to the docks to greet the therapist when they arrive. As Bliss and Joseph talk at the docks, Misty walks past the group. Melanie mutters under her breath, "fucking bitch... fuck her," which grabs Misty's attention. She greets everyone and asks how they are doing. Joseph gives his usual "about as good as I can be," however, Melanie retaliates, saying she couldn't hear Misty over the usual bullshit that comes out of her mouth. Miss Bliss and Joseph try to intervene, but Melanie ignores them and starts barking at Misty. Bliss tells Misty to leave to prevent any escalation. Joseph separates himself from Miss Bliss and Mel while they talk. Soon after, Jixie and Zackary pass by him and towards the blacksmith. Joseph looks through the fencing on the stairs. Zack tells Melanie to leave Misty alone as the two begin to argue. Miss Bliss walks off, gesturing for Mel to follow.

Melanie walks off to the cafe as Joseph and Bliss lag behind. Flora walks up and greets the two with a wave. Joseph returns the gesture and thinks, It all started with you, you damn plant, you didn't help me find anything. She walks off to find Mel and soon returns as Mel says that the therapist has arrived, the dock bells rang. Joseph silently walks away. Regardless of being charmed, he still can't hear any bells.

The students sit at the docks, looking over at a red-head lady talking to the faculty. Headmaster tells the cadets to listen for the bell before they leave. Joseph shows concern to Melanie's wilted flower on her leg, but she brushes it off and tells him not to worry about it. To the right, Nikolash and Misty are talking about something. Misty speaks, "...healthy, both of them." Melanie snaps, "I can hear you. You two should really leave." Misty replies that she is not doing anything. Miss Bliss is quick to step in before anything happens. She pulls Misty aside as Mel and Flora leave, leaving Joseph to walk to the hall alone.

In the main hall, the lady introduces herself as Dr. Zaira Maeve, a therapist working with the Cross-Allied Forces. She calls for Joseph and Vevina and informs them that she will meet with them for the day.

Joseph and Dr. Zaira Maeve, the therapist.

Joseph and Dr. Maeve begin their talk in the administration office. Before they start, Joseph asks her if she believes in the existence of gods. When Dr. Maeve says yes, he asks her if she thinks a god can pass through the barrier and interfere with students' lives. Dr. Maeve analyses Joseph's question and begins the therapy. She asks Joseph questions about his parents. His father is tall, has a stubble beard, short black hair, and bags under his eyes. He was such a great musician he could play almost, if not all, anything handed to him. However, his father wasn't around much and was always busy with work. Joseph admires his father's accomplishments and wants to replicate or pass the same level as his father. His mother was around even less than his father. Her hair is fully grey, despite being younger than his father. She composes music rather than play music. Joseph reveals that they both performed at the Hart Ball. Dr. Maeve asks Joseph to describe his relationship with his mother with a few words. He could only muster, "my mother." Joseph explains that his family time consisted of learning and perfecting music. When asked about performing with them, Joseph says that he could take it or leave it since he wants to further the Joko name in other terms than music, hence why he joined Ascension Academy. Dr. Maeve asks him about his accomplishments in the academy, but Joseph cannot answer that. He tells her that he has been punched and ridiculed by everyone. Joseph specifically brings up Mel and explains that he tried to be her friend since they met, but she continues to make him look bad. Joseph deems the academy "the biggest pain in his ass" and informs Dr. Maeve of all the flaws in the academy.

When Joseph leaves the office, Flora, Melanie, and Professor Bliss are outside waiting for him. They decide to return to the cafe, straying from Miss Bliss, as they didn't have breakfast. After eating, Joseph walks off before being stopped by Mel, expressing that he shouldn't walk off without Miss Bliss. He turns around to reply when he sees Lila hide around the pillar. Joseph confronts Lila, asking why she is eavesdropping, but Lila denies the accusation. Joseph mockingly hides behind objects during their encounters. Joseph sees Lila approaching and hides behind a pillar bordering the path. As he looks up, Lila pours Evershine Wine on his head. Joseph does not take kindly to her action and yells at her. Lila apologizes, and Joseph continues his patrol, wiping the wine off his forehead.

The patrol ends, and the three stand around in the stadium for a while. Joseph asks if the two saw where Lila went. Mel tells him that he shouldn't be looking for Lila; however, Joseph says he merely wants to talk. He exclaims that he is annoyed by Flora and Melanie following him around the entire day.

An argument between Ryder and Melanie forms.

The two are interrupted by Professor Carver who informs Melanie that there is a Vanguard training session at the middle of the field, ordered by Professor Albrecht. Melanie disregards the order until Carver tells Joseph that he can also come. Melanie smugly walks off while Joseph asks why he has to go. Ryder says that he is not required to go, as it's strictly for Vanguard. Melanie swiftly turns around and tells Ryder that it was an order, and he has no right to tell Joseph what to do. In an instant, the two break out into an argument. Joseph and Jay are quick to separate the two, but they continue to argue and threaten each other. Joseph raises his voice and shuts the two up. Ryder apologizes for his misinformation and restates Carver's order. As he leaves, Melanie insults him once more before walking away as well. Furious, Ryder threatens to kill Mel. Melanie rejoins, and the situation gets worse as the crowd enlarges. Ryder loses control with his anger as Mel laughs, Jay and Joseph yell at her, Arbor and Lila calm Ryder down as Carver reenters to stop the trainwreck of the situation. Carver then pulls Joseph aside to get an understanding of the event.

Joseph explains that Ryder was trying to reiterate that Joseph did not have to go to the training. Carver clarifies that Joseph was welcome to come, not strictly required. The entire situation was a big misunderstanding of information. The two talk about the repetitiveness of disobedience and tension in the academy, and Carver appreciates Joseph for trying to stop the situation.

Joseph scolds Melanie.

After changing his clothes in his dorm, Joseph walks up to Flora and Mel. He asks Melanie what her problem is and why she has to start something. "Why can't you just be?" Joseph asks. Joseph tells Melanie to stay out of trouble for both of their sake. Baffled, she asks why he thinks that, and he responds that he got told off by Carver because of her actions. Mel refuses and says that she is going to stay the same. Joseph apologizes, "I'm sorry I couldn't help you. I hope to see you alive again tomorrow. That is all." He mutters, "Hell of a job helping you're doing, Flora," as he walks through the portal.

Towards the end of dinner, Stark calls Joseph something. As Joseph chases him through the door, Stark is gone. Joseph checks every corner of the main entrance, but he's alone. An all too familiar feeling hits Joseph, but he tries to ignore it and head to bed.

Joseph returns to the dungeon to end his day. While talking to Miss Bliss, Melanie appears at the door, waiting for Joseph to speak; however, he has nothing to say. She enters the cell next to Joseph, and as he lays down, she expresses how much effort she put in to make Joseph happy and will not stop whether he likes it or not. As one last goodnight, Melanie sings Joseph a song (part 1) (part 2)


Joseph starts his day like every other, with Melanie and Miss Bliss by his side. He was already in an angry mood, insulting Mel and arguing with Bliss. After changing his clothes and looking at General Squad's new relaxation room, Joseph patrols while looking for Mel. At the dorms, he is stopped by Professor Von who confiscates his dagger. Annoyed, he continues his patrol empty-handed.

Joseph eavesdropping on Melanie and Bliss

Later on near the docks, he meets Rook who saw Mel at the dorms. Joseph follows and sees her talking to Miss Bliss at Crystal Thorn's small stable. Ironically, he hides behind a pillar and eavesdrops on their conversation. Melanie can be heard dejectedly talking to Miss Bliss about Joseph, how he degrades her, and that she is starting to believe it. Bliss tells her that he is wrong; she shares her experience earlier in the day when Joseph insulted her intelligence because she didn't realize he was being sarcastic. She says that his ego is getting the best of him and that he doesn't mean it. Joseph leaves and follows the group of students going to General Squad's dorm, but leaves after the chaos that insued there. He walks back and sees that Mel and Bliss are still talking. Joseph puts on a smile and approaches the two to invite Melanie to breakfast.

Joseph puts on the kettle for Melanie and starts massaging her shoulders. He playfully asks how her day was and "what game they we're going to play." Very uncomfortable, Melanie asks Joseph to let go of her, but he doesn't because they are "friends." Barthall shouts from the staircase that the bell rang. Joseph covers up his act by asking Barthall if he knows how to give massages and that he was experimenting on Mel. Melanie quickly stands from her chair and leaves. Barthall confronts Joseph about his interactions with Melanie; Joseph claims that he was only trying to cheer her up. Barthall exclaims that he is watching Joseph before leaving, as does Joseph.

After a quick announcement, and some spam mail, the students report to the beach for a squad activity.

Team Ignis with Joseph and Narali

The students are put into teams and across the rocks while avoiding puffins being shot at them. Ignis squad, along with Joseph and Narali have the idea to let Chipz and Victor lead while Vevina runs across carrying Rook who is carrying Joseph and Narali. Due to their arachnophobia, they are blindfolded throughout the entire course.

After the course, Professor Carver asks Joseph to follow him to his office to talk. In the office, Carver tells him to take a seat and turn on the record player if he liked. As the music begins to play, Joseph starts to breathe heavily and begins to stutter. The music sounds terrible; Carver thinks it's fine but stops the player anyway. Joseph gathers himself and claims there is something wrong with the music, but regardless, Carver asks for Joseph's opinion on the academy. In short, he describes it as "wasted potential" and "a lack of chain of command" before they continue to talk about the academy.

Professor Willow and Miss Bliss enter the office, giving Joseph the chance to play the music to them. As it plays, Joseph's head begins to ache. Bliss doesn't seem to hear what he is hearing, but Willow goes along with Joseph and asks what he is hearing. Joseph explains the overabundance of horns and the terrible playing from the strings, almost as if the record is playing two songs at once. Professor Willow asks if Joseph has been sleeping well. Obviously not, since he has been sleeping in the dungeon. Willow proposes an alternative to the dungeon: Placing runes upon his dorm room to keep him from leaving. Joseph doesn't accept this idea as it still makes him feel caged up. Carver asks Joseph to step out of the room so he can discuss with the professors.

Joseph takes a walk in the hall and calms himself down. He turns and sees Melanie sitting by Carver's door; she must have been listening in. Joseph confronts her and asks why she is eavesdropping. Melanie takes a while to wake up and tell him that she was waiting and can't hear through the door, but Joseph doesn't believe her. Joseph picks at Melanie's lack of emotion and rings up the possibility of her being charmed by Bliss. He tells Mel to leave him alone and that she has only been a problem and has done nothing to help. As Melanie somberly walks away, he begins to think. Genuinely concerned, Joseph finds Mel and asks if she has been charmed, but she tells him countless times that she is okay. Willow and Carver show up, and Joseph tries to get them to notice Melanie's behavior. Carver instructs Joseph to follow him, but Joseph screams that something is wrong, and Miss Bliss is behind it. Professor Willow, Bliss, and Melanie walk away as Carver and Joseph go to the office.

Joseph becomes erratic and starts scratching at his wrist. He becomes very adamant about listening to the music again, despite hearing the dissonance in it earlier. As it plays, Joseph tries to calm himself and enjoy the music. No, no, no, no... it's wrong. Joseph tells Carver how good the music is, trying to make himself think so. Carver asks what's on Joseph's mind; he reveals that he hasn't heard the school bells for the past five days. Melanie walks in, witnessing his scratching, and tells him to stop, but Joseph tells her to step back. Carver decides to eat dinner, and Joseph asks to bring something back. Melanie says she'll stay with Joseph but is rejected by him. Mel takes the record and takes it near the barrels, hiding it. She asks what Joseph wants to eat; he responds with anything. As Melanie leaves to grab food, Joseph mutters to Carver about how everything is wrong. Melanie, Carver, his music, everything is wrong. After receiving his food, Joseph goes to sleep at his dorm.

Joseph spent the next day feeling depressed, resorting to charms to make himself and others feel better. He was also invited to a tea party by Headmaster Akiyama. At times, he would feel very strong negative emotions which would be quickly overshadowed by the spell. Joseph felt great until he decided to listen to Carver's record again. The sharp notes and lack of harmony broke through the charm. Joseph scattered to find Carver so he could get another dose of the spell. Unfortunately for him, he would have to wait until the morning for the spell to be ready.

Reality Check in the Grove

Today is the day of Headmaster Akiyama's tea party. With no classes, and no Melanie and Miss Bliss to bother him. Joseph wanders while waiting for the party. He fills the void by talking to Professor Silver, Victor, and Esmae before Professor Willow escorts him to the offices to wait. As the last person arrives, Headmaster Akiyama escorts them through the portal to the grove. Everyone takes in the scenery of the grove and walks towards the giant tree, which seems to be Akiyama's house.

The attendees of the party are: Cadets Joseph, Melanie, and Flora, along with Professor Albrecht, Carver, Barnes, and Madame Minerva. Akiyama introduces all of them to his daughter, Uriel. She is revealed to be unable to leave the grove and tends to it every day. Flora asks Headmaster how old the tree is. He says it's about 250 years in the material plane and its 300s in the grove, since there are random time shifts inside the feywilds. The guests learn that Uriel is planar bound to Akiyama as Joseph silently questions Headmaster's decisions for Uriel.

Joseph meets the deity.

After listening to Barnes' stories, Melanie and Flora walk away as the rest of the group explore Headmaster's room. However, a dark presence fills the room as Headmaster is alerted of danger. Everybody runs outside and towards the bridge as Joseph stops, gazing at the black smoke filling the scene. Professor Barnes walks back and activates his shield around Joseph as they walk together. In front of everyone, Melanie, who stabbed herself, is on the floor unconscious with a floating grey hand hovering over her body. Uriel appears to be holding it back with magic. Albrecht mentions that she stabbed her limiter, freeing the deity. The hand beckons Joseph forward, "Bring that boy here." Joseph refuses, but Barnes deactivates the shield. The deity begins to count down. Everyone tries to convince Joseph to step forward, and it takes a slap across the face from Headmaster Akiyama to get Joseph to comply. Joseph pushes past and confronts the deity, greeting her with insults. She responds, "I'm going to show you exactly what it's like..."

Vision of Melanie's Past

Everybody is hit with a wave of pain as cuts of images begin to manifest in their heads. A purple-haired drow in a yellow dress is in a pool of blood-- a white-haired drow is behind her with a blood-stained knife-- a sort of civilization is burning in blue flames-- the deity overshadows the white-haired drow, Melanie, who is crying in her arms--

"Do you see now, young man, what it's actually like to be fucked with by the likes of me? Don't you EVER disrespect me like that again."

The deity retreats, letting Uriel overpower her, and Melanie wakes up. Everyone is in shock after what just happened. Joseph mutters under his breath, "fucking idiot." He calls Melanie out for putting everyone in danger to prove a point. Melanie shows no remorse for what she did and says that it was the only way for Joseph to believe her. She falls to the ground from her wound and is walked by Flora and Carver to the medbay. Joseph, for once, has nothing to say, no snarky remark about the situation that occurred. He finally realizes that the deity was real, and he was wrong the entire time. Uriel apologizes for the trouble before Joseph is taken back to his dorm by Minerva and Barnes.

Professor Barnes places an enchanted barrier upon Joseph's room to prevent anything from entering. When they leave, Joseph sits on the ground and begins to cry. Zackary walks in to check on Joseph and ask him about the past few days. After being filled in, Zackary leaves, and Joseph explores his dorm, looking at books and reviewing his sheet music. He starts to feel guilty and runs to the dungeon to apologize to Melanie. As he walks down the steps, he can hear Minerva talking to Melanie. Joseph slowly peeks around the corner, and an elemental spots him immediately. Joseph sprints back to his dorm room, and seconds later, Barnes knocks on his door.

Professor Barnes checks in on Joseph, offering any food or drink. Joseph declines; instead, he asks if he could talk to Melanie. Barnes leaves to check but later comes back to tell Joseph that Mel is asleep. Having just been in the dungeon, Joseph is confused. He concludes that Barnes is lying, or Miss Bliss put Mel to sleep. After being briefly checked on by Narali, Misty, and Rex, Joseph goes to bed in hopes that he can talk to Mel in the morning.

General Squad Enthusiast

Joseph's views on placements are different from other cadets. While others may be excited to be placed, Joseph sees the entire concept of squads as arbitrary and impractical. Joseph knows that he doesn't fit in any squads, and no one likes him enough to want him in their squad. Joseph concluded that he would flunk his tests knowing they would either keep him in General Squad (giving him what he wanted) or place him in a squad that he doesn't fit in at all, proving his point.

Placements Begin

Placements began in the alchemy room. General Squad's first test was to create a stamina potion and a health potion. While the rest of the cadets helped each other and discussed, Joseph sat in silence, waiting for the time limit to pass. Professor Von asked Joseph a question about stamina potions, and Joseph, trying to act stupid, accidentally almost answered the question correctly. As the test ended, Joseph was the first to leave with his table untouched.

Next, the cadets were brought to the track to run laps. Everyone began running except for Jojo, who decided to jog. As he got lapped multiple times, Lnik grew skeptical about Joseph's lack of effort. They followed up with squats for the rest of the exercise.

General Squad's third test was a search-and-escort mission. Their objective was to find a crystal on campus and escort it to the fountain at the front of the school. The rest of the school body was scattered around the school with their rifles opposing Gen Squad. The rifles were attuned to a point-based system that would determine a score based on hits, misses, and hits taken. During the test, Joseph jogged slowly, got out of line, and purposely got hit by the enemies' bullets. After some miscommunication, Gen Squad managed to escort the crystal to the fountain.

General Squad being quizzed

At the fountain, General Squad found Professor Steele and Madame Minerva who would quiz them over general studies. They were allowed to answer as a group, so Joseph sat out the entire time. Professor Steele then asked each student why they were attending Ascension. Joseph told him that he wanted to acquire all the knowledge that the library had. When Steele asked the cadets how they had been working towards their goal, Joseph replied, "I've been reading books." Steele scoffed and continued down the line.

Afterward, General Squad had their rifles confiscated and was taken to the roof to find Professor Albrecht waiting for them to line up. As they did, he announced their final test. If not careful, they could experience serious injuries or death. As the barrier turned red, Albrecht summoned a plethora of illusions against Gen Squad. With no weapons in hand, Joseph slowly backed down the stairs as everyone began to fight. To make himself more believable, he smashed his face against the pillar to give himself a black eye. As the final enemy dropped, Joseph walked up the stairs, panting. Lnik turns around in disbelief, knowing that Joseph was not present for the battle, but didn't confront him about it. Aida told Joseph to find medical to attend to the injuries, notably Flora whose arm was chopped off.

At the beach, Professor Steele scolded General Squad about their performance. He told them to go to the graveyard. They were to write their names on the wall to know the severity of what they signed up for.

Steele takes the squad to the stadium for team-building activities. Misty was given questions about Joseph and struggled to answer. Liang was asked how many times he and Joseph talk per day, and he said once or twice. Lastly, Narali struggled to remember Rex's last name, Evershine. It was apparent that nobody knew anything about each other, despite being with each other for months. The group, excluding Joseph, continued to reveal more about themselves in hopes of becoming closer.

Redos and Interviews

As a result of the poorly organized escort test, the faculty decided to redo the third test. Instead of the previous objective, General Squad would have to patrol the school and eliminate other students at set outposts and ambushes. Joseph decided to try this time, and after a few hiccups, they were able to complete the test.

All of the squads were exposed to Professor Albrecht's less intnese illusion battle before General Squad were taken for interviewing.

In the office, Joseph told Albrecht that his performance was subpar and labeled all of his flaws during the tests. Professor Albrecht believed that Joseph purposefully threw his placements and asked for a reason. Joseph came clean and requested that he should stay in General Squad for the academy's sake and so that he remains unharmed. Albrecht raised an eyebrow to this statement and asked for names, but Joseph didn't give any. Professor Albrecht informed Joseph that he had gotten reports about the rooftop battle. Joseph explains that with no weapons and no magic, he decided to back down and let everyone else fight. Albrecht asked why he faked an injury and didn't stand up for himself, and Joseph replied that each time he has, he was assaulted for it. Professor Albrecht saw that Joseph couldn't get along with others and offered a solo sword training course. Joseph gladly accepted his offer before ending the interview.

Remaining General Squad

After a fire emergency at the General Squad dorms occured, the cadets were called to the main hear the placement announcements. Professor Albrecht revealed that Lnik would be placed in Vanguard, Aida would be placed in Ardent Veil, and Flora would be placed in Crystal Thorn. Everyone reported to the roof for the rest of the announcement. Professor Albrecht revealed that a new squad, Gallant, would be initated. The cadets of that squad would be Liang, Narali, Rex, and Misty. Joseph and Nikolash became the only two remaining students in General Squad. While he may have looked stoic, Joseph was ecstatic.


First touch with the Darkness

Jojo gets shocked by the crystal

In the events of Return to Camp Cari, General Squad, alongside Professor Albrecht, went to the Crypt to clear it out after finding a weird chest containing two floating crystals in different corridors facing each other. Professor Albrecht went for one, and the remaining one was handled by Gen squad, not knowing if they should destroy it or take it. Jojo volunteers himself to take it, but when he touches it, the crystal sends a wave of weird mana that invades Jojo's body and makes him faint on the spot. After the crystal gets destroyed by the professor, General manages to return to fort Cari. Here, Jojo gets treated and stabilized, but Von tries to pry into his mind only to be blasted by an unknown shockwave after Jojo resists his attempts. [4]

The Dream

The day after, Jojo finds himself in a dream where this unknown entity is talking to him. It presents itself as a friend and as Joseph, revealing his secrets about his father and mother, asking him why they sent him to Ascension and that his mother would be disappointed in him being placed in General Squad. Jojo argues that its the best choice doubting the identity that this entity claims to be at what the entity asks; "What is that you lack, what is that WE lack?", Power responds Jojo.

Jojo accepting the power

The entity says they were both given an opportunity and makes Jojo look inside himself. Jojo sees a light surrounded by Darkness. The entity commands him to walk closer to it as the magic starts swirling inside Jojo. "Inside all of us lies the ability to tap into forces, can you handle it, can you make your mom proud? says the entity just before swarming JoJo with magic strikes that envelop him with magic power. The power seems too much to handle. Watching visions of his mother, Jojo doesn't give up taking the strike the most of the can after a powerful explosion made him faint just before asking who this entity is without getting a specific response. [5]

First Death

Jojo gets crushed by a Darkness Soldier

After Ignis and Crystal Thorn got nearly destroyed by the Darkness Soldiers, every cadet got orders to assist in escorting the injured students to the fort. Still not fully recovered, Jojo tries to follow the students. However, his injuries slow him down, and he loses the group. After being found by Lila, Joseph catches up with the students when a giant Darkness Soldier charges him and smashes Joseph with its mace. [5]

When things calmed down, the cadets rushed Jojo to the medical bay. Clinging onto life, and by the efforts of Med Squad, he seems to have no hope to survive. Arbor tries her hardest to heal and depletes her mana, not affecting Jojo, but he wakes up to the pain. Magical energy goes through his body, and an unknown entity talks to him; "Don't worry, and I will heal you just fine". The pain stops a little bit, and the entity finishes his talk saying, We will do great things, leaving Jojo to the care of the students.

The Flute

Power goes to the flute

Trying to find about the events of the final of last year, Jojo goes to the library to search for clues in the Tome of Runes. He gets contacted by the entity, suggesting that Von's office is a better place to look into it. Jojo goes to Von's office, where he stumbles upon a locked drawer. With an unknown power, the entity unlocks the drawer to show the remnants of the shattered crystal that Professor Albrecht destroyed. It tells him to take them to research it as they are responsible for what happened to "them" Jojo decides to go to Headmaster's grove to study them. He passes by a door that was marked off-limits. Joseph feels magic connecting him to the door. With little reluctance, Jojo enters and finds a chest that beckons him. When he opens the chest, the crystals jump out of his uniform and into the chest. Joseph looks inside and sees a flute. Taking it, he finds himself surrounded by weird energy that flies into the flute, "Play it but not here," says the entity guiding him to the back of the main building.

Jojo plays the flute

As Jojo begins to play, the magic energy flows and moves with the music. The magic reaches a high point; Jojo hears dying screams but ignores them. As the melody finishes, the energy gathers at the wall behind him. Jojo touches the wall that seems warm but doesn't find anything else weird. He starts channeling mana to the wall, but it blows him back. Joseph uses the flute to try to open the door, but he can't sustain the power and falls to the ground. "I guess we were too weak.." says the entity. He tries again, only getting a squeak before getting drained by his mana, at what the entity says that he leaves him at his own before the students found him laying on the ground. [6]

Bump in the Night

(Bump in the Night wip)

Second Death

Joseph is killed by an imp.

After getting lost Jojo wanders around the woods of Aldoria he gets attacked by an Imp and after a bitter fight he gets impaled by his own sword in the back leaving him again closer to the death doors but the entity comes by it seems disappointed; "So we were not good enough" even after too many opportunities Jojo is still weak, he blames Melanie for telling Carver about his deal with the flute and says that Carver would kill him if he didn't did what he did. Giving him a last opportunity the entity stops the bleeding and tells him to crawl back if he really wants power as he has to show that he can wield and take the power that it has been given, Jojo crawls back to the main road fainting in the process but the Captain Skybeak finds him and secures him to the camp of the academy where he gets treated and locked so they can interrogate him. [7]

History - Year 3

When Year 2 ended, Joseph took a trip to the Cross-Allied Forces to participate in additional training. During his time there, he realized that they were much better than the academy. Subsequently, after some thinking, Joseph decided to transfer over from Ascension to the CAF. He first told the news to Lianda, and since she would be the only veteran in General Squad, she would have to step up to be a leader.

Joseph talks to Ms. Boyle

On their second day back, Deputy Headmistress Boyle talked to Joseph, telling him that she knows of his request to work at the Cross-Allied Forces. With the testimonies from Officer Kei and Headmistress Quinn, she said that it could be possible. Over the next days, Joseph would be watched as a part of an assessment to determine if he is fit to join the CAF.

Pushing for a Leader

A few days later, the students traveled to the training grounds for squad training. General, Ignis, and Gallant departed together for their turn. As they reach some ruins, General Squad, excluding Arashi and Jamie who were slotted into the squads, split up from the other teams to complete their objective:

  • Explore the cave and locate a gravity core.
  • Summon an elemental to secure the core and bring it back to camp.

General Squad exploring the cave

After various well-managed encounters, they advance deeper into the cave. As Joseph watches the flank, the group pushes up until Morgan and Bile spot a golem about to attack Lianda. The golem strikes Lianda on her head, causing her to bleed profusely. Morgan tries to heal the wound with magic but ends up hurting Lianda further. Lianda relinquishes her command to Joseph as he immediately calls out orders to General Squad. They progress through the cave and eventually find the core. Joseph stays back, and the group returns with an elemental carrying the gravity core. General Squad, with the help of Joseph, backtracks through the cave and returns to the surface.

Back at the camp, Joseph talks to Lianda in the sleeping quarters. He critiques her leadership in the cave, reciting the mistake that got her injured and her immediate response being to give up her role. Lianda explains that she's scared of being a leader. Joseph reassures her and offers his help until he leaves the academy.


Equipment and Abilities

Rifleman: Joseph is proficient with a magic rifle

Magic Caster: Joseph uses a wand as his focus to cast his magic abilities.

These abilities include:

  • Blade Ward - Manifests a front facing shield that lasts for a measure.
  • Concussive Blast - Can blast entities a couple of meters back
  • "Magic Missile" - Fires magical, exploding projectiles every 16th note.

Joseph has only mentioned his abilities [8] and never actually used them during his time at the academy.


  • Many students call him Jojo as a reference to the anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventure due to his name resembling the main characters.
  • Thanks to his mother he knows how to play a variety of instruments.
  • Jojo's father is a well recognized musician, he was the one performing at the 99th annual Hart Ball.[9]
  • Jojo is the only student to not be placed in a squad in Year 2
  • Nicknamed a Light Elemental "Bubbles"
  • HatKid used filter effects on stream to display Joseph's current mood.
  • During final exams, Joseph's affinity was finally identified as Dark. Prior to this HatKid had no knowledge of what Jojo's magical affinity was. It is not known if his affinity was altered by events at Return to Camp Cari.
  • After losing his duel and a bet on his last day, Joseph left his half-mask behind with Professor Kei on his departure from Ascension.




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