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"*Chuckled grunting*" ― Jor Rilla, laughing at silly humans

"*Fierce pointing, followed by an index finger slowly dragged across the neck*" ― Jor Rilla, when ordering an execution

Jor Rill is a roleplayer and avatar modeler in VRChat. He is most known for portraying his OC gorilla character but portrays several other in RP as well as one-off characters when participating in events or game-shows.

Who is Jor Rilla - The character?

Jor Rilla or Jor for short is a civilized gorilla mingling with humans who used to communicates only using grunting and sign language. His signature outfits include a red beret and usually golden rimmed sunglasses and a cigar.

He is a close friend to Roflgator and was the co-owner of The original Gator Bar in 2018. He often acted as the judge in deciding which guests could stay and who got kicked out.

Much more than just an intimidating presence, he commands respect for seeing things (and people) as they really are, finding secrets, intrigue and thinking outside of the box in rough situations.

In 2019 he started studying English and improved his use of language. Since Feb 15th, 2019 he speaks simple sentences rather than grunting. Now he is fluent.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

Biography & History

Early days and meeting Roflgator

Jor met 'Rob' Roflgator first at Club Transcendence where he began setting up randoms on a dating show with Tess.

During the early days of February 2018 he was most often seen in The Great Pug with 'Rob' Roflgator keeping raucous activity down and keeping Rob aware of various shenanigans throughout the bar. Occasionally, he guarded the top floor bedroom of the bar when patrons would ascend the stairs to engage romantically. This position as a door guard would later be taken over by Foreigner and eventually AJLiddell.


With a commanding stage presence he is also known for stealing the show when impersonating Chipz, singing as his alter ego 'Chimpz'. He is regularly joined by Rob during these performances.

Tenure as president

On April 3rd, 2018, he ran a political campaign for president against Shrimp, Chipz and GreatKhanHD. After a fierce debate and suspenseful collection of votes, he won an almost unanimous victory.

Under President Jor's policies, the amount of furries and lolis appearing in Rob's lobbies decreased by 90% (according to Rob). He enjoys a strong base of support among most VRChat voters and does not seem to have any type of political rival at the moment. Jor has been accused by some, such as Chipz, to be a puppet leader to Rob. However, Jor seems to enjoy free reign over Rob's RP lobbies, gesturing at unwanted characters to be kicked and Rob tends to listen to and abide by whatever Jor recommends or commands.

Space Whale donning a "JOR MOR YEARS" banner, the slogan of Jor's re-election campaign

Foreigner, the staunch veteran Clone Commando with a strong adherence to loyalty, security and order, became the personal presidential bodyguard of Jor after he was fired by Roflgator.

A common chant among Jor's supporters is "JOR MOR YEARS!", a co-opting of the common saying in the United States "four more years!".

Summer 2018 re-election campaign

During the Summer 2018 elections, incumbent Jor would face off against Rob, R3dzDead, Vintendo and a surprise upshot candidate GabouLit. When the votes were collected the results showed that Jor had lost and the winner was GabouLit.

Jor sporting Spacebabe art on his armor

Personal life

On May 22nd, he proposed to his loyal love interest Spacebabe. Jor and Spacebabe officially married on June 6th, 2018, making her the First Lady of VRChat.

On June 17th, Father's Day 2018, Rob's adopted daughter Sorry revealed she had adopted Spacebabe on their wedding day, technically making Jor Rob's grandson-in-law.

It's claimed by Vore that Jor is his son and that he 'birthed' him.

The move to Bricktown

Roflgator would debut Jor's own house located on the island property at The Golden Gator on August 9th before the move. In the center garden there was a banana tree.

Throughout the rest of 2018 when The Golden Gator moved to Bricktown Jor remains the co-owner but he would often roleplay as alternative characters, The Bandit among others.

SpaceBabe would eventually go MIA after a space trip in late 2018 and haven't been seen for several months. Jor misses very much and has been seen acting visibly distraught.

He saw his father Vore again on Jan 27th, 2019 after several months being absent.

Jor and Peppymint

Moving on and Peppy Rilla

Jor stayed loyal to Spacebabe for the longest time but after her being gone missing in space for over a year he started to accept her to be gone. His friend Roflgator tried shipping him with various women, wing-manning him to no avail.

He met Peppymint sometime in mid 2019 and they clicked, finally putting Spacebabe behind him. Aside from their main characters they're occasionally seen portraying duo characters when visiting Roflgators lobbies.

On Jan 3rd, 2020 he and Peppymint visited The Royal Gator, this time she in a robot form and he having a new robot arm. Jor explained that he lost his arm when trying to build Peppy a new robot body. He also asked Crake if he could be invited to join The Robot Council and got accepted, but only his arm. This seemed to infuriate Roflgator who had been kicked out of the council.

In Late 2020 he joined Roflgators Council of Evil - aka Evil Anonymous - a sort of satire of self-help groups. He got back co-ownership of The Golden Gator 2020.

A collage of Jor's various alternate roleplaying characters. The Alien (top), Bobby Grace (left), The-bestin' The-biz (mid) and Dmitri Kotiri (right)

Alternate roleplaying characters

Bobby Grace

A one-time character during a nameplates-off session.

Main article: Bobby Grace

The Alien

Another nameplates-off character that remains unnamed but made multiple reappearances to great comedic effect.

Main article: Alien Jor

Dmitri Kotiri

An ambassador from the country of Kandak that traveled to the island Micro-Nation that Roflgator declared at the previous Golden Gator location.

Main article: Dmitri Kotiri

The-bestin' The-biz

This unnamed and masked shady character became Roflgator's "fixer" after the move to Bricktown. Solving his problems in exchange for money. Being unnamed he's referred to by various nicknames such as "The Bandit", "The Burglar" or his personal slogan: "The-bestin' The-biz".

Main article: The Bandit

Orangutan couple Jor and Peppy


An orangutan giving questionable "old people" or "wives tales" advice to most people he encounters. Often appears together with his cousin (and lover) orangutan portrayed by Peppymint.

The Gatekeeper and the Pillaging Orc

The Pillaging Orc

The Pillaging Orc is a recurring character during Fantasy themed RP in conjunction with The Gatekeeper (portrayed by Shrimp). He tries to enter the village giving various reasons as well as "pillaging" but keeps getting rejected by the gatekeeper who will have none of it.

Highlights: Gatekeeper RP and Return of the gatekeeper

Binchenzo and his wife Francheska (portrayed by Java)

Binchenzo Calzone

A mobster and the brother of the late Vinchenzo. He visited The Golden Gator with his wife Francheska (portrayed by Java) on Sept 16th 2020 giving the proprietor Roflgator flashbacks from the past and a slight panic attack, as he was partly responsible for Vinchenzo's death, back in 2018. With a dangerous air around him Binchenzo is a fine diner, demanding the best food and has a strange love for his wife. When interacting with people he wishes for others to worship his wife and even kiss her on the lips in front of him.

Mario the Plumber

Mario the plumber

A scruffy parody interpretation of Mario from the video games. Whenever there are bathroom issues he is usually the go-to handyman ready to "lay some pipes".

Jorongo Weakblood

Jorongo is an old wizened Orc addicted to various performance enhancing substances. Using his "special juice" he can grow to almost double his size in stockiness, as long as his old ticker doesn't give out from the stress. He is Jors character for Callous Row RP, a SciFi Shadowrun-inspired setting hosted by Arcadum.


  • Jor might not vocalize many words but any conversationalist blessed with an imagination can understand him perfectly.
  • Before Feb 15th, 2019 he never spoke while in-character but since learning English he's now using more simple sentences.
  • On the same day of his wedding, Jor offered a presidential pardon for Roflgator after he admitted to the killing of Mishtal.
  • He has his own emotes in Roflgator's Twitch chat.
    • roflgatorJor - A gorilla hand exclaiming "Out!"
    • roflgatorRage - Jor's face in furious rage
  • Vore's signature wheezing laughter has made Jor laugh uncontrollably a number of times during RP.
  • Jor has created multiple low-poly avatars for many of his friends using a shader to simulate PSX (Playstation One) graphics.




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