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Johnny TAX-1 or Johnny for short is a synth who spends his days picking up customers and transporting them as need be in the slums of Savior City named Callous Row. Sometimes he uses some not so clever tricks to run the meter up.

From past experience he is partly bigoted towards non-synths, calling them flesh bags and sometimes being vocal and complaining about them. However he won't turn away paying customers.

Due to his programming called "Sonitii Guarantee," his personality will do a 180, and he will flee from ANY sort of violent altercation taking anyone riding within him along for the ride as far away from the danger as possible. Riding with him is very safe thanks to the Soniiti personal safety systems that will protect anyone inside as if they were in a bubble. It won't protect himself however.

He is currently employed by Rebel Ryder.

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The Sonitii TAX-1 is an economy-class mass-produced all-terrain utility vehicle, and the "Johnny" series was a variant produced exclusively for public transportation. It is now considered outclassed in many ways by later series Sonitii vehicles. As such most are in the process of being decommissioned and replaced as city vehicles. Johnny was one of these units, mass produced by Sonitii, hardened by use as city transit for many years, and eventually decommissioned. During transit to the scrap yard, a lazy transportation employee for Sonitii instead dumped Johnny in a junk heap. Johnny has developed some obvious issues with Sonitii, and his sentience has only enforced his general opinions of the world and the corps.

He hates Sonitii and just wants to continue to be useful and serve his purpose, to show that he's worthwhile instead of completely worthless and that he's still a perfectly functional transport who can still make money.


Generally not caring for non-synthetics, he formed a bond with Jack Montagne and his employee Duncyn Kuiper who often employed him for their rides. He was very saddened over Jack's passing and since formed an attachment to Duncyn.



  • Major - "Sonitii Guarantee" - Anyone riding inside him is more or less considered 100% safe, within reason, due to his Soniiti personal safety systems. This does not protect him though.
  • Minor - Shocks - He can fall from higher places than most without literally dying, within reason.
  • Minor - Lights - As a taxi he has lights that can be turned on and off.


  • Major - "Sonitii Guarantee" - His personality will do a 180, and he will flee from ANY sort of violent altercation (assuming it proves itself a real threat), taking anyone still riding in him as far away from a situation as fast as he can. He also tries to defuse smaller accidents in similar ways.
  • Minor - Moderate non-synth racism - He won't go out of his way to beat up flesh bags, but he's not super happy about dealing with them all day either. And he can be very vocal about it.
  • Minor - Size - He's quite large and has trouble fitting into most places, so he can't use a lot of the walkways around Callous Row. His size will force him to find other means of entry or movement in specific places and may just outright bar him from other places. It also makes him incredibly clumsy.


  • He has a tendency to accidentally turn on his headlights randomly...
  • Riding with him is very FAST!
    • He used to not be quicker than going by foot. This was mainly due to VRChat's technical limitations, but it has been fixed using a player speed prefab.


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