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John Goldman is a cybernetically-augmented human. Formerly the Chief Financial Officer of the Corvanis 3 branch of the WOTO Corporation, Goldman is now president of the planetary Corporate Board and CEO of WOTO at the planetary level.

John Goldman was born into money, was shaped by money, and is driven by money. As the son of a wealthy corporation businessman, he has simply filled his father's shoes, but, as an adult, he surpassed even that fortune tenfold and bought new and more expensive shoes. Take that, Dad.

His primary goal was to become President of the Corporate Board, a goal he has now achieved.


Season 2 Episode 1

Mr. Goldman starts his tenure as WOTO’s new CFO in his office with his business partner, and head chef at WOTO Rikky Raclette. They discuss their goals in regards to furthering WOTO’s corporate interests. Rikky emphasizing WOTO’s titular product the WOTO cube and its many variations. While Goldman seemed more focused specificity on money and influence; as he and WOTO’s hired mercenary Manyu All seem to have quite the distaste for the WOTO cube. Goldman spends the rest of the day familiarizing himself with the other corporate leaders as he organizes the Mars area event. While many corporate leaders had a role to play in the planning and organization of the Mars arena event, Goldman and MARS Corporation’s lead field agent Enzo Quintiliano were the primary brains behind the operation. This interaction between WOTO and Mars being the first significant interaction with another Corp during Mr. Goldman’s tenure as CFO.

Ensign Jamison calls

After a call from a Ensign Jamison, Goldman rushes to inform Rikky and Manyu of unfortunate news of moving cubes. Worried about this being a side effect of the “sentient organic material” that someone was putting into the cubes, the three of them, along with Mars prototype security robot HTR-87, go to meet the Ensign and deal with the living cubes. In the WOTO labs the Ensign meets an unfortunate end turning into a mutated monstrosity. While it is quickly dispatched by HTR-87 and Manyu, Goldman had seen enough. In a panic he started to leave, only to be confronted with another hulking monstrosity. Firing wildly, Goldman did some damage as HTR-87 and Manyu finished off the creature. Wanting to be out of the lab, Goldman leaves the clean up to Manyu and Rikky and escorts the now memory wiped HTR-87 back to Mars Corp.

Robot Son?

The improperly carried out memory wipe ignored standard memory wipe protocols. This caused HTR-87, a prototype that already struggled with bugs, too develop quite a bit of software glitches. HTR-87 was in desperate need of a factory reset and Mr.Goldman in desperate need of a brothel bot and “soft hands for a back massage”. By the end of the strange ordeal HTR-87 was convinced Goldman was his father. Goldman dropped his robot son off at Mars Corp for a factory reset and went back to WOTO for a debriefing.

A Mystery Afoot!

Back at WOTO, Goldman was debriefed about the evidence pointing to a possible SONITII saboteur. As well as Rikky and Manyu’s acquisition of the encrypted data from Sonitii’s lab. He urged Manyu and Rikky to be cautious with those suspicions just in case someone was playing both sides. Alone with Rikky, Goldman listens to Rikky’s proposal about controlling a fungal colony. While hesitant at first, as always the promise of money and power drives Goldman forward.

Episode 2

Goldman begins his day by scolding both Manyu and Simon Kuzumo on their unprofessional behavior. As they both were passed out in front of WOTO’s offices. He was quite convinced that the two were conspiring to play a prank on him asking if “today was prank Goldman day?!”. Goldman would then relax in his renovated office until he was interrupted by a panicking Leonard Kiani regards to the presence of the Madame Secretary outside their office looking for a meeting. Goldman rushes out to meet the Madame Secretary, leaving Rikky behind, as he decided it was best to not include him and his antics in such an important meeting.

Stocks Down!

During the meeting the Madame Secretary informed Goldman of Woto’s “Rock Bottom” stock price. Goldman did not take this news well, becoming outraged he ensured that this would not continue and WOTO would soon be back on top. After being informed by Madame Secretary that the prey was missing Goldman preemptively accepted the position of president even though he was not offered it. Though he was informed that an avenue might be open to the position for one who proves themselves worthy. This gives Goldman all the Incentive he needs to strive for WOTO supremacy. After the meeting Goldman brings all his employees to his board room to inform them of the bad news. Becoming quite irate, he warns if they don’t turn this around he will have all their asses out the door. He asks for ideas in the WOTO employees begin to brainstorm various strategies that they could implement to increase WOTO’s stock prices. Goldman himself suggests sabotage. They eventually agree to sabotage Sonitii’s transportation so they fail ton deliver the cubes, while WOTO saves the day by bringing spare cubes. They also decide to double WOTO’s cube marketing efforts, as well as investigate the Row for any competition. They also agreed to continue investigating the potential of fungal lifeforms wanting to extract information from Nirvana to this end.

The Arena

During the chaos Of the arena GOldman inspected my security trying to find an opportunity to speak with the contestants to bribe them. It’s soon became apparent to him however that there was a change of plans and that all four of contestants would be facing a new challenger, a mysterious mercenary known as Kaiphus The Collector. This through Goldman’s plans to bribe for a loop, so he instead decided to talk to the contestants motivating them to destroy the challenger and warning them if they tried anything they would be put down with extreme prejudice.during the event GOldman talk to the Madam Secretary putting his own money on the four contestants will she give the edge to mysteries challenger. After a long confrontation the arena and a few bottle cubes thrown at the challengers the four contestants from the row one by technicality. This seem to grant mild annoyance from the Madam Secretary which Goldman used as an opportunity to push blame towards Mars to save if his own skin and reputation.

Something lurks in the Wastes

After the events of the arena Goldman went for a cigar break. Only to be interrupted by someone claiming to have to important information and who seemed to know about the cube incident in the lab. Goldman rushed to obtain security from Mars just in case it was a trap. Goldman and Mars agent Razz Arleth go to meet with someone named Tern Cross claiming to be from the old The Shadowbats mercenary organization. Getting Razz to wait outside the mysterious contact informed Goldman of an impending threat from the wreckage of The Retribution. Tern giving Goldman a helmet chip that showed Goldman what he saw in the redemption. The chaos on display showed monstrosity similar to those from the lab. Data suggested their was magical anomaly’s and dark Magic’s on the rise. Goldman set up an apartment for the contact and proceeds to inform Rikky on the information that he acquired. Further holographic data showed images of a mysterious magic user as the root of the corruption, and the existence of a hulking armored monstrosity that is threatens the wasteland and the whole of savior city. Rikky and Goldman discussed the potential of this info To be linked with Nirvana’s fungal experimentation as well as necessity to approve an expedition into the wreckage of the redemption to investigate this information. Rikky floating the idea of perhaps locating and using this mysterious Collector’s skills in the investigation of the wreckage as to not risk their own forces.

The Hunt for the Collector

Immediately following his discussion with Rikky In regards to the mystery of the wastes, Goldman met with the head of the TALARIS Corporation, Damien Masaru. Goldman decided to keep the information that he had received secretive despite desiring some Intel in regards to the magical phenomenon that he just witnessed. Instead the conversation was primarily focused on tracking down the mysterious collector that crashed the Mars arena event. They discussed the possibility of using magical means to track this individual if some sort of sample could be acquired from the arena.

Episode 3

Goldman starts his day schmoozing with other corporate leaders. Until he gets word of meeting for all corporate heads in the union tower. He meet Rikky to discuss the day’s business before heading over for the meeting.

The Meeting At The Union Tower

Passing the crowd of corporates at the front of the union tower, Goldman takes the opportunity to enter the tower first. He starts by talking to the Madame Secretary about stocks and business, trying his best to skirt around WOTO’s under proformance. The two are soon interrupted by Sonitii exec Ellek Myth, soon followed by everyone else. Taking his preferred seat at the head of the meeting table, Goldman listens to the meeting along with the other corps, including Rikky and Damien, who himself was fashionably late. Madame Secretary then informed all the attendants about the purpose of the meeting. The Madame Secretary revealing to everybody the fact that the president has gone missing. As well as the fact that there is now an opportunity for a new president to be selected from the corporate heads. With one condition being a test to determine ones eligibility and worthiness of the position. Said test involves exploring the as of yet untapped wasteland and exploiting the potential profits that may exist within it. The caveat that the head of the corporation most capable of exploiting the riches of the wastes would be most suitable to become president of the board. Most of the corporate leaders seemed to be quite intrigued in the opportunity and the challenge. Others such as Damien of Telaris did not seem interested, until the possibility of magic was brought up. Goldman, of course, jumped at the opportunity, confident that he would be able to prove himself the most fit for the position. As a meeting was drawing to a close, it was interrupted by an emergency transmission using an old union signal. The exact reason and origins of said signal were unknown, but it was potentially a lead for a possible profitable opportunity. As the corporate’s exit the building, Damien approached Goldman and Ricky informing them that he had no interest in becoming president, but could easily see the position falling to Goldman. He assured Goldman that he could be an ally not an enemy and that they would have a most probable relationship if they worked together. Both Ricky and Goldman brought up magic to Damien and even hinted at the existence of the necromancer that they have been recently made aware of.Though they were careful not reveal too much too soon.

An Assassin..and Opportunities

After the meeting, Rikky And Goldman head back to the office to discuss possibilities regarding profitability. Noticing something was bothering Rikky, Goldman asked him about it. Only for Ricky to Reveal the fact that he was approached by an assassin in his apartment the other day. He was given a task to retrieve a pendant from the Mars head security executive. Rikky assured Goldman that he had it under Control and convincing him that there was a potential profitable opportunity in this particular assassin. Who was in fact the same individual who crashed the Mars arena event. This put Goldman at ease, allowing Ricky to proceed in a way in which he thought was best. The two moved on to discussing potential opportunities in The Undercity, The Row, and The Wasteland. After discussing various potential business opportunities the two decided to go and meet with Nirvana execs to discuss individuals within The Undercity who may be seeking illicit food products.

Nirvana Meeting

Meeting with Dr. Lorn Barnes of Nirvana, the concept of a charitable initiative is brought up to Goldman. This was almost immediately rejected. Luckily, Rikky and Dr. Barnes were able to get Goldman’s attention back by promising this was in fact a profitable initiative disguised as charity. The concept being to improve the perception of WOTO amongst the residents of the row and the under city, by giving out free WOTO cubes. At the same time using Nirvana resources to collect data on the physiology‘s of all residents. This in turn will give valuable information to the corporations, including Woto. WOTO then would have sn established presence and have acquired valuable information. Allowing them to carve out a permanent position within the lives of the residents of the Under City and the Row. During the meeting Rikky managed to subtlety mention the existence of fungal organic material in the under city. Following up on the lead from WOTO employee Leonard, about a potential conspiracy regarding fungal lifeforms to which Nirvana was allegedly at the heart of. While not revealing his hand, Dr. Barnes did indeed seem to react to Rikky mentioning this fungal presence and asked to come to him with any information he may come across in his business dealings.

To The Row...The Diner...and The Brothel!!

heading to Mars Rikky and Goldman contract an extra security officer to work alongside their own before heading down to the Row to investigate any opportunities that might be present. Rikky and Goldman introduce themselves to various Row skimmers and inspect the Local WOTO contracted convenience store. Goldman offers 5000 credits to Fred, the robot operator of the convenient store, for an upgrade for a more personable voice to attract more customers. Heading deeper into the row, The two corps eventually make it to the dirty diamond. A hotspot and a very active business within the row. Watching the dancers Goldman decides to take the opportunity to finally get that massage that he was wanting. Meanwhile, Rikky seemed to take interest in a certain employe by the name of Gloop. Soon after finishing his talk with Gloop, Ricky goes on to meet his niece,Digit in her diner just up the street from the dirty diamond, leaving Goldman to his own devices. Soon, feeling refreshed form his massage, Goldman would rejoin Rikky within Digits’s diner to discuss other business opportunities in regards to the diner’s partnership with WOTO. During this discussion the ratkin from the Undercity by the name of Rikket Rotfinger, who served as Goldman and Ricky’s guide with in the row, was tasked with gathering secrets and information in the under city the role in the waistline and reporting them to Ricky so they could keep a breath of any news I could prove profitable.

Episode 4

Goldman and Rikky start their day by discussing the potential business opportunities in the row and wasteland. They decide to focus on two routes, the mysterious Gloop and The Dirty Diamond Brothel (where Gloop was employed). They head to Mars to acquire assets to aid in the "procurement" of Gloop.

The 160x WOTO Bomb & a Robo Cat Girl.

Goldman and Rikky discuss with Enzo the potential of the 160x Woto bomb to kill the sand-worm, which was causing Mars issues in the wastes. Soon after, Goldman and Rikky contract the synth mute Verlassene (Vee) for their mission in the Row. The plan simple, though more difficult for a mute, to convince Gloop to meet with Goldman and Rikky.


The hunt begins for Gloop in the Row, with Goldman and Rikky getting it in their heads that they wish to hide around a corner to do a "classic villain entrance" when Gloop appears. This peculiar obsession runs deep, causing the two to wait for a long time, only to fail in their endeavor as Gloop avoids capture. This fact only serves to anger Goldman as he just really wanted to do a classic villain entrance man! Goldman visits the Brothel in his now annoying search for Gloop. However, after a little more searching, Goldman wanted to get out of the Row as soon as possible. After a little spat with Rikky, Goldman begrudgingly allows his security to accompany Rikky to the Wasteland to continue the search. Back in the upper city, Goldman has a meeting with Leo and Simon. Leo informs him that Soniti may be aware of Manyu's previous Talaris allegiance. Goldman then was informed that Sonitii has become aware of Manyu's sabotage and Riky's smear campaign. Goldman let Leo and Simon in on the crash of the Retribution and the potential hazard that it brings within the undercity and the Wasteland. Leo and Simon were given directives to continue pursuing leads in the undercity and wasteland, and to investigate any signs of corruption from the Retribution. They were told to use the rat Rikket as an expendable resource to gather info, and Simon committed himself to undercover work in the Undercity and the Row.

Myth vs. Goldman

After meeting Mr. Myth of Sonitti, Goldman was forced to postpone his meeting with Myth after, much to his surprise, Gloop showed up in front of Woto's offices, accompanied by Vee and Rikket. Since Rikky had already retired for the evening forcing Goldman himself to take a sample from Gloop for later analysis. After Gloop left, Goldman and Myth had a heated discussion regarding the contract that Sonitti and Woto had agreed upon. After an intense back and forth Goldman warned Myth about who exactly he was dealing with and dismissed him from his office.

Episode 5

The day starts with an urgent meeting at union tower. Goldman grabs Rikky and rushes to the Tower because, unlike Rikky, Goldman does not like being late. Once there, Goldman discovered, to his utter annoyance, Myth had taken his seat. Though the meeting was uneventful, only a warning about lax security, and Goldman and Rikky moved on.

Gloop Is a WOTO Cube?

Goldman informs Rikky about the Gloop sample, Rikky begins work immediately on analysis. Rikky confirms his suspicions. Gloop is the residue of a gelatinous type WOTO cube. Rikky speculates that WOTO tech may be responsible for maintaining Gloop's form. He decides he wants to acquire and raise Gloop as a son. Rikky and Goldman acquire aide from a MARS asset, Korgak Mars, and head down to the Row. Before leaving the upper city, Goldman informs an ATLANTIS official of WOTO's charitable endeavor (per NIRVANA's plan) in the Row, in hopes of increasing WOTO's PR.

Well...Well...Well Round II

Rikky, Manyu, Goldman, and Korgak, go down to the row to acquire Gloop. Manyu seems to have a napoleon complex as he continues to clash with Korgak for some reason. Though Korgak seems to take it in kind. Rikky convinces Goldman to go for another well...well...well moment. They wait for another long period of time. before finally meeting a small creature known as Dagu. Rikky makes a deal with Dagu to bring Cleo as she tried to kill Rikket. Though Gloop was still the priority. After chasing Gloop all around the Row, Goldman finally went to the Brothel to throw his weight around, making it very clear to Kee'Ra just the kind of man he is "not one to mess with".  The WOTO boys then went back to the upper-city to debrief. As Rikky proposes cutting off the wasteland from their water supply and selling them overly priced WOTO Water (TradeMark), a mutated sentient WOTO cube appears and begs for death, Goldman complies and blows it the fuck away. Rikky is fascinated and saves its remains for further analysis.

Leo's debrief

Leo informs the other WOTO boys of a sabotaged NIRVANA hug-bot, that blew up an employee. The ATLANTIS broadcast mentions nano-bot spying technology. Considering Simon just got pills from NIRVANA, they decide to scan Simon in the lab. Simon was clear though the scan did reveal that he hadn't had a WOTO Cube for the last 24 hours. The meeting continued and informed Goldman about Rook, Warren, Loch, and some of the strange events of the previous year. He also told of the strange magic and necromantic remnants that are present in the undercity. They plan to secretly kidnap a TALARIS rep by the name of Norman, in order to ingratiate WOTO with the Sanctum and a man named Kythus and gain information about TALRAIS operations. Manyu accidentally spills the beans about the living WOTO Cube's and SONITII's potential involvement, revealing it to Leo and Simon. Before leaving the lab, Goldman confronts a suspicious employee and realizes his ID did not check out, once discovered he proceeded to disintegrate himself with an experimental electric WOTO Cube.

The Amazing Gloop & the Mysterious Thaddeus.

Rikky discusses with Goldman, Gloop's WOTO core which resonated with biotech and mysterious magic in order to create a one in a million sentient life-form. The consequences of this new tech has the potential to result in the revolution of manufacturing technology. Rikky and WOTO commit to aiding the independent researcher A.L.Ex. in analyzing the lifeform that is Gloop. After Gloop and Co. leave, Ricky analyzes the Nano signature on the mysterious WOTO cube and discovers only a name embedded in the signature...Thaddeus.

Episode 6

Starting the day Goldman gets in yet another heated conversation with SONITII who were accusing him of stealing their lunch. Luckily this conversation was interrupted by an Astral executive by the name of Ian Carthwright Du Pont, who would examine WOTO's security defenses, as recent events regarding the infiltration and data theft from the SONITII corp. had heightened security efforts. Goldman introduced Ian to Rikky and Manyu. Rikky immediately directed Ian to the Lab, as it is a hot spot for security breaches.

Myth vs. Manyu & Trouble In TALARIS?

After proper suggestions were made about security, Leo reminds Goldman about the upcoming Quixote party, while Goldman chastises Manyu in regards to his continued strange behavior. Manyu reminds Leo and Goldman why he has to be careful around TALARIS. He also says Myth has been obsessed with him as of late. Goldman assumes there is unaddressed sexual tension between Myth and Manyu and wants Manyu to get it under control. Though Manyu, himself, vigorously denies this sexual tension. Damien Masaru of TALARIS finishes up his meeting with Rikky. He informs them that through the use of spirit magic, he has detected some malicious intent stemming from the WOTO corp. While WOTO was planning to kidnap Norman to ingratiate themselves with the undercity sanctum, Goldman denies this to preserve a positive relationship with TALARIS. He then cancels any actions that his men had planned to make a move on Norman. Rikky proposes to use WOTO's good public image in an alliance with TALARIS to help them move in on the Undercity & The Sanctum. Damien agrees to the partnership, then proceeds to fail at a spell as he exits. Though Rikky does express concern for Damian becoming too powerful to control and wants to keep in mind other alternatives as well as the possibility of creating an undead WOTO army themselves.

The Quixote Party

Goldman and Rikky prepare for the party. Though Goldman insults Woto cubes, causing Rikky to storm off. Goldman calls out to Rikky and drops the L-word, telling Rikky he loves him. Rikky ignores this awkward development and leaves. Goldman leaves with Leonard and begins to socialize at the party. Goldman talks to notable figures such as Dr.Lorn Barnes and Miss Money. Enzo warns Goldman not to drink anything, it seems obvious to Goldman Enzo did something. later on, Goldman meets Kee'Ra Diamond, the owner of the Brothel once again. He discusses the possibility of buying the brothel and sets up a future meeting and assures her that other corps looking to buy, such as ATLANTIS, would not have her business's best interests in mind. The party is crashed after it is discovered that the drinks had been contaminated, just as Enzo predicted...hmmm. (Goldman accidentally getting shot by Enzo, was ret-conned as to not have happened).

Return to the Brothel

As promised Goldman made his way to the Row to talk to Kee'Ra about the brothel. Manyu struggles to keep his cool in front of Cleo Patnya one of the brothel workers. Goldman is convinced by Kee'Ra to let Manyu sample the service that they are looking to buy, leading to a fun night for Manyu. Goldman proposes the potential for WOTO acquiring the Dirty Diamond Brothel as a WOTO asset. Kee'Ra seems hesitant but also interested in the obvious potential of corporate investment.

Episode 7

Goldman starts the day by chastising Manyu after finding him half-naked passed out in the street ... again. It seemed he had too much fun at the brothel the night before. So much so that it seems he has no recollection of it.

The Death of a Gloop

Manyu is interrupted by Alex, who came to the upper city with urgent news. Unfourtantel for Rikky and the whole of WOTO, Gloop's WOTO core that powered his unique existence...ran out of power, resulting in Gloop's immediate death. However, Rikky and Alex, despite the setback, still decided to double down on their efforts in studying the remnant data that they had leftover from Gloop's existence. ("Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" Jhon Goldman. "Th..the can-candle that is burns...burning? twice as bright...Half as long!" Rikky Raclette).

Goldman, Rikky, and Alex go to TALARIS to analyze the WOTO core that was once Gloop. Damien's analysis revealed there were some mana traces within the core used to fuse machine and man. This is quite considerable considering the polarization of magic and technologies. Damien hypothesizes that this could only be the result of Necromancy. Rikky decides to keep the core instead of intrusting it to TALRIS. Goldman extends an offer to Alex for a permanent WOTO scientist. However, she does not want to commit to full-time association with WOTO, liking her independence. Though she does agree to be an independent research advisor for WOTO.

The Many Shades of Manyu

After discussing future research with Alex Manyu came back and informed Goldman of his progress with setting up a meeting with Kee'Ra. Rikky and Goldman informed Manyu of his fevered cat girl outing. Rikky-san and Goldman grill Manyu about his strange behavior and seeming split personality. Though Manyu, like always, plays it off. Goldman and Rikky let it go again...for now. They WOTO boys then go and check their stock prices, and discover that there are currently ranked third...WOTO Number 3! Manyu, Rikky, and Goldman head down to the row to meet with the brothel owner. They meet Enzo and Raz of MARS and discuss a growing anti-corporate sentiment in the Row, and their mutual distaste for SONITII as their head of security Blayne Penn exits. Goldman proceeds with his meeting with Kee'Ra. She discusses WOTO's purpose & other corps offers & conditions, such as ATLANTIS's proposal to set up surveillance camera's in the brothel if they were to purchase it. Goldman assures her he would make no such extreme requests if WOTO became the owner. Under WOTO as long as the Brothel proved profitable, they would have full autonomy in business operations. They talk about the tragedy of Gloop and discussing the acquisition a bit more with Kee'Ra's employees and writing up a formal contract. Though there is nothing definitive as of yet, Goldman returns to the upper city feeling he has all but secured a deal.

Some "Magic" In The Row

Upon leaving the Row, Goldman & Rikky joined up with Raz and Enzo to gock at the very strange locals. one of them was an odd suit of armor by the name of Polka, a walking suit of armor who seemed to like harassing Rikky. Another was a bodacious Lizard girl by the name of Shelia who could utilize a form of spirit magic. Goldman thought she may be useful until she proceeded to puke on his shoes at which time she wrote her off completely. Back at WOTO row offices, Rikky suggests using Rikket for information gathering. He also suggests either focusing on acquiring the hot springs in the undercity or redoubling their efforts in the wasteland and the newly discovered Oasis (The source of water in the Wasteland). As Rikky leaves to the undercity...he says it back, the L-word that is.

The Brass King and The Golden Lance

Back in his office, Goldman receives a message from a mysterious source. upon contact, he reveals himself as the Brass King and claims he knows why the SONITII corp. was recently infiltrated. Goldman managed to haggle the King's price from 20% to 17.8% of the profits made from the information to be revealed. The King revealed that the data stolen was access codes for an older Union vessel known as the Golden Lance. The King offered the location and ability to seize whatever valuable assets may be aboard the Union ship before WOTO's competitors.

Episode 8

Goldman starts his day by waiting for his tardy employees so that he can catch them up on the info given by The Brass King. After Goldman told Manyu, Leo, and Rikky, he assigns them to the task of locating and exploring the Golden Lance. None of the WOTO boys are particularly happy as they can't trust this mysterious Bras King and don't know if they are heading for their deaths in some sort of elaborate trap in this old Union ship. Rikky especially doesn't like that he has to go due to the need for A-level clearance. Goldman isn't hearing any of it however, the promise of wealth was far too appealing to give him much pause.

The Journey to The Golden Lance

Goldman was busy with important paperwork as his team went to scout The Golden Lance, so he sent Cash Monet instead. (Goldman also abhors the poors of the Wasteland and Row and has no intentions to ever leave the Upper City at this point.) Cash did not survive the trip.

Purchasing the Brothel and Rikky's Debrief

Goldman meets with Kee'Ra, and some of her employees to discuss The Dirty Diamond's acquisition. Goldman promises that WOTO would be committed to profits and facilitating success within the Brothel. The Brothel girls go off to deliberate, while Rikky, who seemed shaken from his excursion, came back to give a mission debrief. Rikky claims that they found the Golden Lance, but they would need some air support to infiltrate it. Rikky claims dangerous wasteland wildlife nearly wiped out their whole scouting party. Rikky claims he was saved from a sandworm by some mysterious desert shaman. The Brothel girls come back and agree to WOTO's acquisition. The Brothel girls admit to some latent magical ability, which surprises Goldman. With the Brothel finally secure, Goldman commits to increasing security in the Row to protect his assets from a dangerous anti-corporate sentiment in the Row.  Dr. Alex attests to these dangerous elements as well as mysterious reports of necromancy and other strange magics.

Enzo's Warning

Goldman finishes his day with a discussion with Enzo in regards to killing this so-called sandworm.  Though far more importantly Enzo reveals a mysterious power source and an existential extraterrestrial threat with 6.5x the total Mars martial capacity on Corvanis 3. Goldman is shocked by this bomb that Enzo casually drops, though agrees that telling people would only cause a mass panic at this point. Goldman departs with more knowledge and a new headache on his mind.

Episode 9

For the majority of the day, Goldman was busy with paperwork while his team consisting of Manyu, Leonard, Moe Monet, and some WOTO rep that Rikky used as a stand-in, went to investigate the Golden Lance.

The Tragedy That Was The Golden Lance

Manyu interrupts Goldman's work and asks him to come for a debrief of the Golden Lance mission. Goldman meets with various individuals who were associated with The Golden Lance mission, including Quixote R&D head Phil, and a Row slumer named Warren. A Mysterious man known as Thaddeus was also present. According to Dr. Barnes, Manyu and Leonard were revived by the Lazarus program after they were ambushed and 'killed' in the Golden Lance.  WOTO's offices become flooded with a veritable who's who of corporate heads, mercenaries, Union officials, and others who were associated with the Golden Lance mission; All trying to get to the bottom of the events that transpired there. Quixote, stand accused of being responsible for the deaths of WOTO employees. After heated deliberation and testimony from everyone involved, and aid from the mysterious figure Thaddeus (who gave cryptic comments on the testimonies). The testimonies were conflicted, though they did involve the presence of some sort of organic lifeform that fed off the energy of the Golden Lance. The parties involved agreed to use any recovered recordings from the synth Mercury to get to the truth.

Warren and a Man named Rook?

After Union left an even a more heated confrontation with Warren took place, with Thaddeus instigating, Goldman shot Phil to get Warren to reveal the name of a man he was protecting. Phil attempted to use some sort of ability on Goldman, but Thaddeus intervened showing him what happens when a peasant strikes a king. Thaddeus pointed out a particular word that Warren used 'which was Rook'. After Goldman had the name he wanted, he shot Warren in the head. Rikky expresses concern for this action. Goldman ends his day by discussing more about this concerning life-form that seems to feed off of electricity with Mr. Barnes.

Episode 10

Manyu and Goldman start their day by visiting NIRVANA to ensure that their package, The QUIXOTE operative Phill whom they captured the previous day after his alleged involvement with the death of WOTO employees in the Golden Lance mission, would be delivered upon treatment.

A Snyth's Memory

Goldman and Manyu then meet Rikky, who was getting debriefed about the Golden Lance mission through the synth, Mercury's, memory data banks. Rikky slowly comes to discover that the blame may not have been as one-sided as he initially thought. Though Goldman is still adamant that 100% of the blame falls on the shoulder of QUIXOTE. Manyu is directed to hack Mercury. He finds four prominent files, one a detailed report of the Golden Lance operation and two user files from user Zax Prowler and Marcus Homes, respectively. However, the fourth was an encrypted file. Manyu decides not to try and hack the file lest he does not accidentally delete it. Though, another option is to get QUIXOTE codes. The mission report was slightly corrupted but did paint a clearer picture in regards to the lance.

An Old Fashioned QUIXOTE Stand-Off.

Goldman, growing impatient, goes to NIRVANA to pick up the package himself with Leo, Rikky, Manyu, and a security detachment. Goldman, impatient, pushes his way into NIRVANA. Phill comes out with Barnes to confront the WOTO team with an energy sword and shield. However, before things got too violent, QUIXOTE approaches from behind with an armed contingent of their own. Goldman finds himself in a QUIXOTE stand-off.  After a heated, conversation Goldman agrees to a debrief with Ikaruga Mitsuyami to solve the dispute more civilly. WOTO and QUIXOTE discuss what should be the consequences will be of Phill's actions as a rogue agent operating behind QUIXOTE official's backs. They also unlock Mercury's encrypted file, revealing it to be files on a secret QUIXOTE electric weapons research project code-named Project Epsillion credited to a Commander Blisken. After discussion, QUIXOTE leaves with their agent committing to a proper punishment for him. Though Goldman feels dissatisfied with the resolution and considers the way QUIXOTE runs its business to be questionable.

A MARS Vessel This Way Comes.

As QUIXOTE leaves, Leonard gets an odd feeling. He suspects it has something to do with the magic Thaddeus used on him the day before. He claims a MARS vessel is on its way that presents some kind of extreme danger. Goldman calms Leo and heads to WOTO offices to discuss more things with Ikaruga. Goldman and Ikaruga discuss how to best facilitate better relations with WOTO and QUIXOTE.  Ikaruga shares disturbing footage of a WOTO facility and mutated monstrosities being shipped to the wasteland from an off-world WOTO facility creating a hole in the WOTO supply chain (which might explain the hordes of undead creatures held within a certain magical sovereign estate). She agrees to keep it under wraps, and Goldman commits to investigate it. Rikky, Leo, and Manyu share their shared concern for a particular MARS vessel. Goldman is skeptical of their paranoia but approves an investigation. A city-wide alert then goes out to warn of the danger from the MARS vessel. After everyone left, Goldman picked up a transmission in an unknown language sending all sorts of sensitive information from the MARS vessel to somewhere at the edge of known space. Goldman ends his day with a meeting at Union, where they discuss various concerns with strange happenings and potential zombies. Goldman assures everyone that their sample is well protected and they are not researching undead tech. Raz informs everyone of the intercepted MARS vessel in which broadcasted a corporate frequency. The wreckage was infested with some sort of black goo that was destroyed by MARS first responders. Rikky and Leo theorize that this event may be related to the lifeform on the Golden Lance and that the signal may be a prelude to an alien invasion. Goldman ends his day by suggesting a MARS contract to Raz to bolster WOTO's military assets.



  • Major - Connections and resources:
    • Mars -> Has their top HTR teams on call
    • Quixote -> Has the highest levels of cybernetic eye tech as well as exclusive tech contracts, partnerships, and deals
    • Atlantis -> Has a contract that assures that nearly everything he does is given a positive spin, and that things that Woto is interested in that he leads will reach the public in a positive light
    • Sonitii -> Has personal guarded transportation as well as VTOL gunships he can take places with his employees
    • Nirvana -> Has the highest executive platinum contract and its benefits of protection, regeneration, and revival
    • Talaris -> Has a contract with Damien for magical services, astral surveillance, protection, etc.
  • Minor - Eye on the prize - Has a cybernetic eye that, beyond granting great regular sight and enhanced night vision, scans and lists all items’ rough market value if such information is available. His world is money, and he literally can’t stop himself from seeing it as such.
  • Minor - Heavy handed tactics - Has an all-metal gold-plated cybernetic hand. I don’t know what else you expected. It will probably hurt a lot being slapped by it. Also it has a lighter in the thumb.


  • Major - Cigar Dependency - Has an incurable terminal disease that can only be delayed through frequent and expensive medication. Administers vital medication through consistently smoking cigars. If he misses a dosage (once every hour), his body becomes wracked with pain. Further denial of the medication will result in severe injury and eventually death.
  • Minor - Capitalist Sociopath - Will betray, kill, and cheat to get his way. Feels no remorse for doing so or empathy for those affected by his decisions. His road is clear before him, but in his wake the roads of others are shattered.
  • Minor - Rich Tastes - Enjoys the finer things in life, maybe a little too much. Will go out of his way to indulge in fine dining, exotic experiences, stimulating narcotics, and more at the expense of his wallet and his safety.


  • Having a close working relationship with Rikky Raclette they are sometimes compared to an old married couple arguing.
    • Goldman also started saying endearing words as they were parting like "I love you" or "hugs and kisses" it was initially met with confusion but Rikky eventually reciprocated. Now it is a thing that they both do.


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