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Jixie Posui is an orange haired girl who is a student at Ascension Academy. She specializes in making mechanical devices and constructs powered by magic. She always has her backpack on her along with her mechanical scorpions on her.

She is portrayed by MerreSmalls.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

Lore and History

Jixie transferred to Ascension Academy along with Zackary Fang and Lila Fang (Stream date May 26th, 2019). She was very quiet with her introduction but was excited to show off her creations to the other students. She asked for suggestions for names for her mechanical falcon.

Jixie was born in a Dwarven town called Kadavor. Jixie inherited her mothers curse, causing her to be unable to cast magic properly. Jixie lived in her fathers workshop, learning tinkering and inventing. Years later, she discovered magic and golemancy, making her obsessed with learning more. Jixie is dedicated to protecting her friends and family by researching how to end anything that faces them, but she still holds hunger for knowledge of all things involved with magic.[1]

Losing a Limb

During the Duat Desert Mission in Year 2, Vanguard and Liang were assigned to return two Komodo Dragons the Academy were caring for back to the local Desert Giants. As they reached the Desert Giant's tribe, they told the squad that there were whispers of a minotaur roaming about but they couldn't pinpoint it's location. Since the Desert Giants didn't know where the minotaur could be. Vanguard asked if there were any other troubles the Desert Giants were running into. The Desert Giants mentioned their hunters were having trouble moving around the nearby ruins, mummies plaguing the area and were needing assistance clearing them out.

As a squad, Vanguard insists on helping them and moves towards the ruins. Jixie debriefs the squad on the details about mummies. She warns the squad about Mummy Rot, a curse and disease that spreads across one's body if they make physical contact with them. As the squad moves into the ruins, mummies started climbing out of the ground and moving sluggishly towards the squad. They took out the first few mummies with ease, but as the squad started closing in on the center of the ruins, a realization started to sink in. More and more mummies started coming from every direction, surrounding the squad.

Ryder and Mel were doing their best poking and prodding at the mummies in the frontline. Augusta and Liang were sweltering, being Frost Giants in the sizzling Abaguan sun, rapidly losing concentration by the seconds. Jixie was steadily moving around the mummies, taking shots and putting them down. And Zack was carefully running around the squad, making callouts and avoiding contact with the mummies.


An Ominous Delivery

In the beginning of Year 3, after training at the encampment behind the mountains near the Academy, Jixie received a package from the fairy mail. She asked the fairy where it was from and they couldn't recall. Only that it was from a "secure location" with no name or address attached.

When unboxing the package, Jixie came across a small black notebook. She opened it to the first page and she instantly recognized the signature. It was one of the very few words in the book written in common. The others being a small poem on the last page. From the wide variety of journals Jixie has read on the author, she knew the book was written by her mother.

Jixie was puzzled. If her mother sent her this book, how would she know her daughter is alive and attending Ascension Academy? Jixie had zero communication with her mother growing up as she disappeared from the family while Jixie was still an infant. Jixie assumed she was dead, and she may very well be. But there's still a chance she is still alive. Her father kept some of her mother's journals with him, letting Jixie read up on them over the years. With what she's read, it seemed her mother cared little to none about her family and was content with her decision. She also learned her mother was a necromancer and a controversial one at that. ...

Jixie started flipping through each page of the book and realized it was filled with geometry, graphs, sketches, sigils, keys, and calculations all relating to magic. Sadly, most of the writing in the book was unrecognizable. No one on campus seemed to have any clue what language or code it could be. She found this rather unusual and after asking Professor Albrecht, it became a possibility that this book could be extremely old. Jixie later noticed the book had segments sewn into it. The segments relating to magic seemingly came with the book and the sewn in parts resembled and wrote like a journal. Meaning, it was passed down through generations, partially confirming Albrecht's hypothesis. In addition, Jixie, using her "mana sight," could point out the book was magical in nature but didn't know what kind. By doing this though, it strained her head and eyes, even when she wasn't concentrating her sight on the book.


Equipment and Abilities

  • Dark & Lightning affinity.
  • Jixie's weapon of choice is the Mana Rifle the Academy provides.
  • Jixie relies on her mother's spellbook to cast spells.
  • With her new eyes, Jixie can see essences of mana. If she focuses on them, the essences become clearer and increase in vibrancy.
  • Jixie has a photographic memory.

Year 1 & 2

  • Scorpion Constructs - Jixie created a few small mechanical scorpions that she can use to administer poison. Since the poison is administered through interchangeable vials she could also replace the poison with a healing potion to deliver healing stings as an alternative use.
  • Falcon Construct - Jixie has created a mechanical falcon which can be used for surveillance. She is currently trying to come up with a name for it.
  • Staff - A mechanical staff that is small enough to fit in her pocket that can extend to become a full sized staff.

Year 3

  • Mana Ward - Using her new spellbook, Jixie summons a small cylinder of mana around her body protecting her against physical attacks.
  • Life Transfer
  • Necrotic Healing


  • Jixie specializes in building trinkets and other small mana infused or steam powered inventions.
  • Jixie always keeps a bag on her stocked up with potions, medical supplies, rations, and other practical items.
  • Jixie's constructs appear to be powered by red gems imbued with magic.
  • She built a small frail robot, Rusty, with her father.
  • Jixie's father was a Shaper of Kadavor, able to make golems without magic and instead used steam engines.
  • Jixie's mother was a necromancer.
  • Jixie's mother left the family while Jixie was still an infant and broke the line of communication between them.
  • Jixie speaks Dwarven and Common though she avoids her Dwarven accent.
  • In Year 3, Jixie started training in Necromancy.
  • Jixie's first prosthetic arm mostly used mana to operate.
  • Jixie's second prosthetic arm is almost entirely mechanical and uses a steam engine. She built it in Kadavor with some assistance from the Dwarves who knew her father.
  • In the summer between years 2 and 3, Jixie visited 4 separate continents; visiting classmates as well as searching for her mother.


  • "I knew curiosity could kill people, and I did it anyways."
  • "He smiled and was trembling, I knew that meant it was dangerous, that it could get people hurt, and I still helped do it. Am I bad person? Or am I gonna get people killed?"
  • "Magic is everything, It saved my life when nothing else would. No gods, no people, nothing else."
  • "I like books, they make perspective more clearer."
  • "For the first time I gambled against the odds, I helped my friend recover their memories, and I lost my sight. The second time I gambled, I saved my friends life, and lost an arm. I'm not really good at gambling."
  • "Was it good?"





Year 1

Year 2

Spirit Week

Year 3

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