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Not to be confused with: Jimmy (Disambig)

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Jimmy is an inhuman low-class Fungi alien(Mushroom) who is always looking to have a good time. He loves to get other people high with him, so much so that he opened and runs the "Hookah shop" in the Air District. He always seems to be completely out of it, talking about stuff that's never there. But you can always count on him for the good stuff or to tell you about the time he tamed a purple dragon with a spoon and it was definitely not a figment of his imagination. But other than that Jimmy is just wandering around, man, trying to find that comfy spot to chill. The Row seems ok.




  • Major - “Fungi Anatomy" - Does not have any vital organs and regrows wounds and missing limbs.
  • Minor - “Numb” - Resistant to physical pain and mental trauma.
  • Minor - “Spores burst” - Can make other people high around him if they breathe in his spores.


  • Major - “Permanently High” - Easily misunderstands sentences, forgetful of where he is, and why he is there. Generally foggy mind.
  • Minor - “Slow“ - Will do most things at his own pace, regardless of urgency.
  • Minor - “ Paranoia” - Loud noises trigger visual and auditory hallucinations that scare and freak him out. (The toaster is strangling me!!!)


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