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Jeremy Isabelle Beaumont is an Ex Corporate guard turned runaway. He serves the wasteland as a general handyman. He utilizes several oversized tools to fit his above average strength. He is a fairly selfless man and goes out of his way to aid people he feels needs it. (Just don’t ask him about his middle name, it’s a sensitive subject)

Now that he has seen firsthand the evil deeds of the mega corporations and escaped their clutches, Jeremy is looking towards aiding in the escape of more corp workers. He's earned his freedom and is determined to pay it forward by allowing others their chance. But his childhood dream of becoming an entertainer could interfere with his new mission. After all, sometimes dreams do become true.




  • Minor - Couldn't Feel a Thing - Being shocked constantly has a small perk. Your nerves are so damaged that you don't feel the pain of your injuries, you're still hurt, but you don't need to worry about that quite yet. Obviously this might mean you ignore something that can be fatal if ignored, and large wounds will still very much be felt.
  • Minor - Clownin' Around - With a military background and spending a year studying the war doctrine of the clown cult. Jeremy has made sure to keep up his practice with rifles, and pistols.


  • Minor - Prickly Sneezes - Moving to the wastelands has brought forward issues Jeremy hadn’t thought of. Such as an allergy to any Cactus. Causing sneezing, watery eyes, and itchiness.
  • Minor - PHD in Fun - Old habits die hard, his time with the Trident has ingrained the willingness to entertain. If he’s asked to entertain, he has to. Within reason.[1]
Season 2 Traits
These may no longer apply.


  • Minor - Charles the Lightning Rat - Every mechanic needs a sidekick. This little elemental is Jeremys'. However with no training Charles mainly just does his own thing, not that it minds Jeremy much.


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