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Jeremiah jr. or more commonly called "Jereslimah" is named after the late Jeremiah Cromwell. Masaru has the most records on his short life. Jereslimah is a Water slime; the same species as Fishbowl, and he was born in the Mushroom cave where other water slimes still dwell. Its unclear how this little slime found his way from the undercity all the way up to Masaru, but there were many people who encountered the slime that said "A". Masuru provided him a home and education, closely monitoring his development. Masaru now holds the most data on water slimes in the universe.

As Jereslimah came to be a year old he had fully matured and was scouted and bought by Astral. He's now the Salvation City's central dispatch chief, after only 4 months of employment. His training and missions have been classified within Astral so not much else is known. Jereslimah can be seen at times paying visits to Masaru and the Undercity.[1]



In the care of Masaru he was researched and studied. Masaru discovered the following traits:

  • The water in his body doesn't replenish itself and needs to rehydrate every few days
  • He can alter his body to refract different colors (Unknown if its a defense mechanism or mating display)
  • When exposed to mana he can absorb the energy and use it to gain mass, create a humanoid form, and become capable of speech.
  • WARNING: he exploded, dispersing his entire mana pool and body mass from attempting to cast magic, the spell had failed to cast as well
  • CAUTION: He seems to absorb the energy of magical environments, spells, and magical objects. The magical objects he came in contact of became completely mundane after 10mins of exposure. More data required
  • His body is rapidly developing and at this rate is expected to live 2-4 more years


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