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Jeremiah was raised on a farm. His family made ends meet as best they could. He learned at a young age how to use a firearm as pests and other folk tended to cause trouble. It was discovered quickly that Jeremiah had a good aim. His family boasted about this to others and put ideas in his head about being the best marksman alive. As he grew and his techniques sharpened he eventually joined the HTR.

During his time within the HTR something grew within Jeremiah. One operation around the end of his time in the company was going particularly badly. An enemy flanked their position and Jeremiah attempted to shield his nearby officer only to discover that when the shot fired he only felt a little pressure on his arm. This was the moment where Jeremiah discovered he was capable of using magic. The realization felt like a brand on his person and he understood how much his life was about to change.

He had planned to join Mars or Quixote after the HTR, but that would now yield nothing. He had one choice. Talaris. He applied, got in swiftly, learned how to control his newfound ability and rose through the ranks with the hopes of becoming the Chief of Security. However, he was given something different. Chief of Support Services. The one called in to support and progress his co-worker’s goals or get them out of a tight spot. He aims to eventually become the Chief of Security, but feels he also does pretty well in this position.




  • Major - Pure Abjurist - Jeremiah puts all of his focus into Abjuration, defensive, and protective magics. He refuses to use spells that harm others as he wants to be an example of how magic isn’t all terrifying and ruinous. Jeremiah’s specialization let’s him maintain abjuration spells for longer and withstand more damage before failing.
  • Minor - Magic Appraisal - Jeremiah’s training with Talaris has given him the ability to inspect magical items and runes. This inspection lets him learn their general abilities and value.
  • Minor - Good Ol’ Farmboy - Jeremiah grew up on the farm and aside from driving the pests off he had to assist with the rest of the work. He understands how to properly care for and harvest various plants.


  • Major - Hypercoagulation - His blood clots quickly, but if left unchecked it clots without reason. Jeremiah has to take blood thinners twice a day, at the beginning and end, otherwise he runs the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and more.
  • Minor - I Don’t Like The Look of This - Jeremiah is keenly aware of exits and escape routes. He will always position himself so he can monitor these paths. Should an exit become blocked by an individual or unnatural object (besides your standard doors and locks) Jeremiah will become paranoid and easily lose his composure.
  • Minor - They Just Scare Me - Robophobia - All robots and synthetics are not to be trusted. He is easily distracted by the presence of synthetics.


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