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Javier was born and raised in the Upper City. He comes from a rich family lineage that has been a part of the Nirvana Corporation for generations. Javier’s maternal grandfather and his father were both geneticists, focusing on how to genetically augment a fetus with bioengineered food and chemicals.

His parents used him as a test subject for this Nirvana operation in the hope of making the perfect soldier. The experiment gave Javier slightly enhanced human abilities, however, it was not enough and not the result they were looking for. During his rigorous training, he started with various martial arts, learned how to shoot guns and use weapons, and learned some basic medicinal knowledge.

His entire childhood was dedicated to the Super Soldier Program. Javier grew up to be a normal man who is into fashion and vehicles and has a charismatic personality. However, Javier is extremely sensitive to the perspective of personal weakness. He has a serious anger and self-hate issues, completely aware that his genetic augments are actually a failure. He plays himself up as the perfect human super soldier, even though he knows that he actually is the product of failure due to how his parents dropped him off like he was nothing. This caused him to pursue his duties in Nirvana and augment his body to perfection. Javier’s insecurity comes out when he’s called words he does not want to hear.




  • Major - Nirvana Super Soldier - Experienced and completed the Nirvana Super Soldier Program. He has augmented qualities and abilities that exceed those naturally found in humans.
    • Muscle augmented arms and legs
    • Cerebral boosters
    • Martial training
    • Weapon Mastery
    • Increased strength, agility, reflexes, and senses
    • Enhanced metabolic functions


  • Minor - Hyper Sensitivity - He is hyper sensitive to all his senses (except touch) to a point that it could hurt him, knock him out, or even lead to death.
    • Really loud noises
    • Any type of really bright light flashed at him
    • Very strong smells
    • Very strong flavors


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