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"That's kinda gay..." ― Java

Java is known as a god tier trap in VRChat, a roleplayer and a Twitch streamer. Most often he either goes by his trap persona or appears as a his guy Pharaoh persona, an ancient Egyptian king.

Java first started working at The Greater Gator where "she" became known as a dangerous trap and one to look out for because of her abnormal high skill in evaluation and emulating the opposing sex. The way that Java talks and communicate to her victims differs on their personality. She closely examines her target and adapts to them based on their preferred choice of "waifu".

Ever since his early days in The Gator Crew lobbies he is often called upon to prank new additions to the group by hitting on them only to then reveal himself to be a guy. He has a long track record of successes in this.

Although Java often portrays a trap, he refers to himself as straight and contradictory expresses that he thinks that "trapping guys is gay".

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

History and Lore

Backstory as a prince of ancient Egypt

Java started his life as royalty, born as Javier Rameses Meryamen de Ozymandias, a Prince of Ancient Egypt back in 13th to 14th century BC. His heavenly blessed family line was decimated as the monarchy was ended when they were assassinated, leaving him the sole survivor. The organization behind the murdered of his family would later develop to become The Illuminati.

"Pharao" Java

Having been a candidate to become Pharao he would have gotten access to all the luxury that entails including a full harem of women. He lost it all as he was summoned to modern time using magical means. Unbeknownst of who his summoner was Java found himself roaming in an era that was a complete mystery to him. Still traumatized about what happened he continued to search for the people that had murdered his family.

During his search for the assassins he encountered a man who taught him his powers of transformation, but he never revealed his name. He was 13 when his training began and was taught to transform into a woman in order to hide from the assassins that murdered his family. His training took about a year to complete but it was not until he had reached 18 years that he found The Golden Gator located in Bricktown.

Because of how safe he felt in this bar, Java being a straight male, didn't feel the need to disguise himself as a female as often anymore. At the bar however, the proprietor Roflgator would use and exploit his ability in order to seduce customers visiting the bar - especially men.

Mom Java and Dad TheReturnAgain65 improv RP in public. Billy McGuinness finds his parents.

Meeting Roflgator

Java met Roflgator on September 27th when he was doing public improv RP visiting various Great Pug's as Billy McGuinness. During the improv Billy McGuinness found his parents, TheReturnAgain65 being his father and Java his mother.

During that time Java's trap voice was good but can still noticeable. Him and Roflgator friend-ed each other and didn't see each other again until early November 2018. When visiting The Golden Gator Java was pretty ill but did his best to attempt to trap MyDudeGideon.

Becoming a regular at The Golden Gator

On the 27th of November 2018 Java was summoned to trap a person named IceDragon they talked for hours until Java and "Rob" Roflgator started to feel bad for IceDragon. With Hydrand, Java and Roflgator plotted a fake death scene in front of IceDragon. After Hydrand "killed" Java, Icedragon sent Hydrand to the dragon realm where he spent 30 years of his life trapped inside. In the real world however, Hydrand was only gone for 5 minutes.

On Dec 10th Java participated in a "trap-off" competition versus Voltage and TK_ on who could trap the most guys in one evening. The idea is to pull of the most convincing trap, entice someone - and then reveal their real voice.

Relationship with Abbey

Abbey and Java meet again after her return

On Jan 21st, 2019 he confessed that he was gay to Roflgator after some prodding but later retracted this statement. He explained that a tree creature told him that lying about this would ultimately be a good strategy to get Abbey to fall for him.

When Abbey returned on Jan 25th, 2019 he claimed that she had slapped him before leaving and explained the circumstances regarding the claims of his sexuality being questioned.

Following this they had some problems and decided to take a break. During their break Abbey went on a short lived date with TheBigMeech on Feb 8th. Java took this poorly and laid out his emotions before Roflgator. In tears he told him that he still had strong feelings for her. He would later asked her out for valentines day to which she accepted.

Introducing Abbey to his family. Cecil greets Abbey.

Introduction to his family

Java introduced Abbey to his very strange family on Feb 26th, 2019. Unbeknownst to her most of his family members were "hired actors".

They included his creepy uncle Cecil, sister Olivia, Uncle Spunginton the VII, Slutty cousin and Cousin Diego.

Archived VOD: Abbey meets Java's family improv RP

Coming out as a trap

On Mar 17th, 2019 he came out to his uncle Cyrio as a cross-dressing trap. At the start he seemed close to disown him but came around after meeting his girlfriend Abbey. At first he suspected her to be a man dressed as a female as well but eventually got proven otherwise.

Twitch Clips: Java comes out as a trap to his uncle part 1 part 2 part 3

Proposing to Abbey.

His trap alter-ego participated in a Beauty Pageant for the title of Miss Bricktown on Mar 24th, 2019 but lost to HelloKitten.

Further information: Miss Bricktown Beauty Pageant

After Abbey having been away for over a month he would propose to her on May 6th, 2019 to which she said yes.

Events at The Royal Gator

For the reopening of The Royal Gator he competed against SciFri for the position of manager but eventually lost. Although not hosting he is a staple regular attending the bar for events and game-shows.

In April 2020 using his female trap persona he trapped both Sodapoppin and later even xQc. Afterwards HasanAbi expressed his amazement that he was not using a voice changer when doing his female voice.

Showmanship fighting vs NippNipp

He took home the wins in two UFC showmanship fighting matches on April 18th vs Jujibii and again on May 6th vs NippNipp. The events were hosted by Roflgator.

On May 12th he participated in Mr Sexiest May of The Royal Gator competition and made it to the finals but lost to Shrimp. The following day he also participated in a Roflgator Beach Episode made into a multi part competition, female swimsuits and male trunks. He came second place after Shrimp who won again.

On June 19th he candidated for the Bricktown Election 2020 as the VP for Vore. They did not win the election.

In July 2020 he was interviewed on the Late Night with Rebel talkshow.[1]

Alternate roleplaying personas

Pharao Java

Male Java

The regular non-trap Java. His true self also used when out-of-character.

Even though Java can change visual form, looks and gender using his powers of transformation he remains the same person.

A powerful ancient Egyptian prince who wields a magical staff of immense power. Also featuring some pretty spiffy particle effects.

Wallace the depressed Pyramid Head


"Mr. Roffel." ― Wallace addressing Roflgator

Wallace is an insecure and depressed "Pyramid Head". Resembling the monster from Silent Hill[2] he is nothing like its other fictional counterpart.

On July 29th 2020 he was told to clean up the streets outside of The Golden Gator as monsters have done in the past in Bricktown. He made a poor job of it and instead tried to be kind and befriend everyone out past curfew.

Francheska and Binchenzo Calzone at The Golden Gator 2020

Francheska Calzone

The wife of the mobster Binchenzo Calzone. A very rich lady she owns the finest clothes and sports a 17000 dollar gucci supreme hat. Her husband tends to disrespect her by having other people kiss or grope her right in front of him, this he reasons is to appreciate her beauty. Regardless she remains visibly loyal to him but doesn't hesitate to try and cheat on him behind his back. She is a bit on the nutty side.

Together with her husband they visited The Golden Gator on Sept 16th 2020, causing panic in the proprietor Roflgator as he is partly responsible for the death of Binchenzo's brother back in 2018, Vinchenzo Calzone.

Homer Simpson

After playing Phasmophobia and being teased for his screams sounding like Homer Simpson he started using a Homer Simpson avatar for a while. He eventually met his demise being killed by Kuri.


  • Java speaks with an Australian accent.
  • He's often greeted by people yelling "Eyyyyyy Java!"
    • The thing started when BustXTreme was intoxicated in some way and overjoyed at finding him. He yelled "Javaaa! me dude why eyyy Java!" and even though Java was right in front of him he didn't appear to see him completely.
    • Twitch Clip - BustXTreme says the first "Eyyy Java!".
    • Ever since it has become common courtesy to exclaim "Eyyy Java!" loudly to him.
  • Unlike many other traps in VRChat Java does his girl voice without the use of any voice-changer type software.
  • In his female form he once provided ZilverK, a mexican VRChat streamer with an intimate private dance, leaving him extremely impressed.
  • 'She' was asked to imitate Nanoade by Roflgator once on Dec 23, 2018 where "she" proceeded to hump Chipz leg.
  • He was embarrassingly caught by his mother once while making a trap voice IRL where she questioned his sexuality.
  • Vincent X once thought himself to be in a relationship with Java and claimed such openly, this turned out to be more wishful thinking.
  • His sexuality is often questioned and it's become a bit of a meme.
  • He has multiple admirers, two guys among them are Moon1Moon1 and Bat520 who appears to have the hots for him. Bat520 went so far as to claim he had slept with him which Java clearly denies.
  • He used to often be teased about his close friendship with Raziel being more than friendship, especially after they won a Know your bro game-show competition together, getting all answers correct.
  • His male avatar is based on Rider (Ozymandias) from the related Type-Moon anime/manga.
  • He plays the flute and is usually ready to provide "shittyfluted" performances.


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