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Jarvis Bellworth lived in the Row for a time, completely enamored by the towering buildings that walled his place of living. His health was in poor condition due to a disease rendering his body frail and deteriorating, and his only shot at saving it would be saving up enough money to be able to afford medical treatment and/or augmentation. “Where does wealth lie in the Row?” Jarvis would ask himself, until he looked the one direction that often occupied his daydreams: up.

Jarvis begged and pleaded with many of the corporations, explaining his ailment and need for employment. All but one corporation threw him to the curb, NIRVANA. The corporation agreed to give him a starting position as an assistant, given one caveat: He must agree to experimentation and study of his health. Jarvis accepted with no hesitation, given he might be dead soon anyway. After receiving the opportunity, Jarvis put every last drop of sweat into his work, putting his developed people skills into action.

Although he had success in his work, Jarvis was not able to outpace his health and he fell into a critical condition. Jarvis would’ve died then due to his disease, if not for NIRVANA, who weren’t quite done with him yet. Given his agreement, NIRVANA performed one last experiment: encasing Jarvis’ brain in a glass container filled with a preserving and data-transferring liquid. They attached monitoring cameras and a robotic body for interaction with the outside world, giving him yet again a somewhat human resemblance. Though rough at the start, it was a success. Jarvis’ life was saved by NIRVANA, giving him an overwhelming feeling of debt to the corp for their extreme showing of “kindness”.

Now Jarvis has worked his way up to the position of Manager of Public Relations, entirely focused on the betterment and success of the corporation as a whole.




  • Major - Decking Module - Jarvis’ robotic chassis has high-tech decking parameters installed to aid him in not only general technological uses, but also in espionage, data gathering, net-running, and general not-so-legal computations.
  • Minor - Light Chassis - Jarvis’ metal frame is built with light weight alloys, giving him a slight advantage in stealth and general sneaking.
  • Minor - All Brain, No Pain - Hunger, thirst, and most humans’ more common bodily functions are no issue for Jarvis given his robotic body. All he needs is a refill of NIRVANA brand brain fluid in the tank and he’s good to go


  • Major - Electrically Challenged - Given Jarvis’ robotic body, he is weak to electrical attacks such as EMPs, tazers, and shocks.
  • Minor - Thin Metals - The bucket of bolts hosting his fragile glass tank is built for personal relations, not fighting; making Jarvis fragile in combat scenarios and easily strong-armed.
  • Minor - Inertia - A human brain and a robotic body don’t always mix well. In Jarvis’ case: his sense of inertia is a little off, causing him to be clumsy and have low athletic ability.


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