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Jadez is a VRChat streamer, fullbody user and roleplayer known for her impressive voice acting skills of being able to speak with both a male and female voice as well as various accents for her characters.

A regular at The Golden Gator 2020 she often participates in game night and is known for pulling off portrayals of punishment characters with great immersion.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


She met Roflgator on April 2nd 2020 in a public Club VGL world while arguing with someone, telling them not to crash the server and was addressed by Roflgator, him being surprised as she suddenly switched between speaking in a guy and girl voice. Impressed he told her that she was going places and added her to friends. The following days she would be invited to The Royal Gators roleplaying lobbies through MurderCrumpet and she quickly became a regular participating in the various events and game-shows.

On April 3rd 2020 she participated in the Soda and xQc Elimination Dating game-show feat xQc and Sodapoppin as well as a followup dating show on April 6th with HasanAbi and xQc.

On April 13th she participated in Elimination RP portraying a various characters. One being a very British gentleman dragon named Zargothrax. Getting an honorable mention she eventually lost to Roache who took home the win in the finals.

She found an injured Dotty on May 25th and brought her to a veterinarians office and called in her "personal mute" owner Roflgator. After a sketchy veterinarian (portrayed by Manual) took a look at her she was allowed to go home again.

Shrimp recognizes that "Jaxxx" alt account...

Tasked in one of Roflgators schemes she portrayed his fictional IRL friend using his alt account as "Jaxxx" and tried to jebait MurderCrumpet into falling for her while attempting to portray a "dominant guy". Unfortunately the plans didn't work out but before her cover was blown when chatting with Shrimp he apparently recognized the Roflgators alt-account from his ERP exploits... oops busted.[1]

On June 5th she participated in the Iron Jew Elimination Dating game-show hosted by Roflgator where participants vied for the affection of IRON$JEW. She won the competition as well as Iron's heart. From Roflgator they would get a followup romantic date together and a special surprise scheduled for next Tuesday.

She was recruited into Roflgators Council of Evil Anonymous cough (not Alcoholics Anonymous...) on Aug 7th and given a trial to give up something she loves in order to join. She would get a spot regardless as she had the only car available to pickup people to carpool to future meetings. All participants who used swearwords would also have to put a coin in a collective tip jar to help pay for gas for the car pool.

Jadez portraying Spider-man chatting with Arorea.

Alternate characters and personas


For losing a game night event she was given a punishment quirk to portray the following day. As she had missed the horrendous fiasco that was a "Spiderman RP" stage-improv play hosted on July 29th of course the fitting punishment was to give her another chance to portray a spider-man, spider-woman or any spider-man themed character the following night and she did so impressively. Jumping around climbing on ceilings, shooting webs, delivering witty one-liners and acting like a chad she bounced around the bar even giving Porthunax or Bronx portrayals of Spider-man honest runs for their money.

Twitch Clips: Spider-man in The Golden Gator

The Yelp reviewer ComicGuy32


ComicGuy32 as is his yelp reviewer name is an unappealing slob eater. He visited The Golden Gator on Oct 21st 2020 and demanded free food. Roflgator ordered Crumpet and J4key to provide him with the best service available. He eventually fell into a deep food coma after overeating himself after which Crumpet and Nerd tried to plant subliminal messages in his dreams by whispering words of how good the service were.

At first a punishment character from losing in the previous game night the character has made recurrences.

Portraying scientist Jeff, washing dishes with Spaceboy during Murder Mystery RP


Jeff the scientist, is a recurring character portrayed by Jadez. He is very meticulous about everything he does.


  • Being a trans-woman she has gone through vocal training, this skill she often shares with other people.
    • She tried to teach Roflgator to speak various ways but he did a poor job at it, according to his own description mostly sounding like a tea kettle.
    • She attempted to tutor MurderCrumpet to control his voice better with mixed results though he mostly made Mickey Mouse sounds.
  • After speaking with her sensual female voice to xQc she is often admired by his Twitch chat for helping them "lose".
  • She sometimes impersonates other people using their avatars, pretending to be them and pranking the unsuspecting.


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