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The Biggest Jabroni.


Jabroni Mike, also known as simply Mike, only visited VRChat once. During that time, he put on a Hyper Neptunia avatar and tended bar with Revscarecrow at The Great Pug. Later on, they worked at the VRChat McDonalds.


Sadly, his videos of VRChat show a more...memey side of the Virtual World. 


  • His female voice is one to confuse many sexualities.
  • His community is very warm and welcoming to all comers.
  • Mike is a drummer in Vinesauce Vinny's band, Red Vox.
  • If he gets 10K subs on either of his youtube channels, he will buy a dragon dildo and use it at a batting cage.
    • He has since met this goal and plans to do so soon.
  • His original avatar choices were Lugia, a Knuckles, Harley Quinn, and finally, he settled for NepNep. 
  • His content contains a lot of colorful language. Unlike his fellow New Yorker Nagzz21, Mike doesn't censor himself and uses VERY colorful language.
  • Ironically, Nagzz21 is named Mike and is a jabroni.
  • In the third year of the Vinesauce is H.O.P.E. charity stream raising money for the P.C.R.F., Mike took part.
    • Mike returned for the charity in 2020, playing Gartic Phone with the community.
  • Mike also hosted and took part of several charities of his home, to raise awareness for depression, prostate cancer awareness, and suicide prevention.
  • In some odd turns of events, Mike is actually considered one of the first V-tubers of Twitch. He used Face Rig to mess around as Sonic the Hedgehog, Neptunia, and his own creation, Gamer Slug back in 2016. Since Face Rig has gone down hill and needs money to use now, Mike's using a new vtuber equipment. Gamer Slug has since yet to return.
    • From January 2021, Mike used a VTuber model named Jabroni Chan, an anime girl with theming based on his Venetian mask. As of May 2022, Jabroni Chan has been retired from Mike's streams, due to the artist who drew the original character design retracting permission for use of the character.