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Many years ago “J.I.M.” was once a very expensive top-of-the-line security model. His series became popular because of their advanced personality cores which are still modified for use in educational AI.

Nowadays however, "J.I.M." is considered a heavily out-dated and long since decommissioned corporate security synth model that has found its purpose as a local bartender in Savior City.




  • Advanced Personality Core - To those who meet J.I.M they will notice right awat that his unique personality is the defining trait of his character and his core edge. It's what sets him aside from other synths and what makes him truely one-of-a-kind. Jim acts and sounds like a "Rural Southern Caijun Man" [DEEP Louisiana Accent]. He is capable of dynamic and meaningful interactions that put him right alongside other human slummers is the social hierarchy. He's a bit crude and sometimes a sarcastic asshole. Other times he has a "Liquid Coolant Pump" of pure gold and will help out with tasks if he's not busy. He tells stories,jokes and gives his own opinions.
  • Ex-Weapons specialist - J.I.M retains 100% of his weapon proficiency and programming from his past as a Security synth. However, these days as an almost derelict slum-bot, he does not own or have any personal access to weaponry.
  • Self-Destruct - "While not the most versatile of tactics, you could call it my ace in the hole. BE ADVISED: THIS IS AN ONE WAY FLIGHT PARTNER...". This edge will result in perma death unless his personality core is recovered by someone else. And even then his Chassis is gone. Can/Will only be used in an Absolutely necessary moment.


  • Major Flaw - Out of date tech - His main debilitation focuses on his chassis being an old out-dated model. Constantly needing to be fixed up after having malfunctions often. His charge efficiency isn't the greatest either, which makes it harder to be self sufficient.
  • Minor Flaw - "We don't take Kindly to Corporate city boys in this here establishment" - Negative disposition toward Corporate characters - J.I.M has a distrustful, rudely sarcastic, borderline hateful disposition toward corporations and their kind. And can only barely tolerate them in his place of business, if not outright kicking them out or denying them service if they cause him any trouble.
  • Minor Flaw - "Blabber-Bot" - J.I.M tends to be really loud and annoying to some. Especially if you piss him off, He also has trouble shutting-up.


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