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Isaiah (ai-ZAY-uh) Clark is a troubled veteran space engineer who runs the "Clink 'n Clank" down in the Fire District. He's the maintainer who helps to keep a lot of the Undercity together by not only visiting each shop but also helping the people if the Street Sams are away. He normally goes by "Clark" due to his military history and the fact that people keep saying his first name wrong. He is a normal human with no augmentations outside of his engineering suit and his handy-dandy plasma cutter that he tends to on the daily.

Isaiah was one of the only survivors from the Tal Volantis incident. He has been left with mental scarring from the shadow magic that was used to claim the dead rock. He now keeps himself away from shadow magic as a whole and uses his work to keep his mind off the horrors of the vile art. Sometimes he cracks and will write graffiti of the markings that appear in his head, but only rarely.




  • Major - “Military Spec” - Having not only worked for the Galactic Union but also having to upgrade and repair equipment on the fly while surviving on Tal Volantis, he has learned to not only repair but also upgrade military-grade equipment. When it comes to upgrading his own rig or keeping his plasma cutter in spec, he can keep up his own gear as well as improve it. He cannot just create materials though and will need people to acquire them or buy them himself.
  • Minor - “Magic Touch” - Through the use of insulated clothing as well as constant interactions with magical materials such as crystals, he has found himself well adjusted to working with them. This grants him a decent knowledge of what magical properties items hold from experience without the use of magical sight.
  • Minor - “Tough Fingers” - Clark is used to having to work with little to no equipment. He’s found that, when it comes to removing screws and panels, he can perform this action without tools, though it adds a minute to the timer. He cannot remove bolts and, when he removes the panel by force, it ruins said panel. However, removing screws in this manner keeps them intact.


  • Major - “Dark Touched” - Having survived a horrible outbreak on Tal Volantis, Daniel found himself touched by the darkness that overtook the area, which is similar to the one that tried to take Callous Row. This experience has left him scarred with a form of PTSD that activates when around dark magic, causing him to hear voices as well as see fallen loved ones and comrades.
  • Minor - “Status Check” - Clark wears a bio-tracking rig system that shows his health at all times. Though this does assist teammates, this also informs the enemies about what his health currently is. This rig system also shows others on what type of operation he’s doing (Repairing, Decking, ect) by showing it on his back via a notification screen.


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