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The "Iron$Jew elimination dating" was an event hosted by Roflgator on June 5th 2020 at The Royal Gator to find a boyfriend/girlfriend for IRON$JEW. It was hosted as a dating game-show where participants were eliminated through competitive stages.


  • Round 1 - Group discussion
  • Round 2 - Talent show
  • Round 3 Finale - Steamy personal speech



Round 1 - Group discussion

Starting with a group discussion, the task is to stand out most in your conversation. Iron is able to point at anyone and mute whoever he thinks is boring or focus on one person.

Favorite color being a boring question the contestants were asked to answer the questions:

  • Spit or swallow?
  • How the contestants feel about the act of "snowballing"

Some notable answers were Gulliblez "drinking it out of a silly straw" and Vore "freezing and making art out of it" like Edward scissor hands...

There were 3 participants eliminated at the end of this round: Gulliblez for giving a dumb response, Johnny Arizona for being the type who would probably talk during intercourse, and Zager who was eliminated because Iron saw them as too wholesome.

Round 2 - Talent show

Notable entries in the talent show, Jadez danced intimately, Vore sang "My Little Pony" and showed off his voice talents making effects and sounds. AnnaKavanna made a nostalgic THX sound, AxMan came out as an obese Mickey Mouse thinking that Iron had previously wanted to "be f*cked by an animal". CrazyMango danced and Crumpet performed a twerking dance with background dancers Blu Haze and Firefox Blue trying to sell them as "a mute package deal for an orgie". Chuck read some poetry, but mid-reading realized he was reading the wrong poem, lost his focus and fled off the stage in shame.

Iron eliminated the following:

  • AxMan as he really "doesn't want to f*ck an animal".
  • Chuck for being a homie, and got "homie-zoned".
  • AnnaKavanna was very sweet but "not someone to bang".
  • Walter H for being "love-able but as a friend".

Round 3 Finale - Steamy speech

In the final romantic steamy session the remaining were to make a speech to Iron with a good reason why he should choose them.

  • Crumpet made a very steamy speech.
  • Jadez made a genuine speech of friendship and love.
  • CrazyMango danced.
  • Vore gave a charming and convincing speech.
  • GabberPhreak faltered in her confidence and said she was not worthy of Iron.

Crumpet remarked about having failed, as earlier that day he'd tried to teach GabberPhreak to talk "like a normal person".

This made Iron eliminate GabberPhreak, Vore, CrazyMango leaving the finalists:

In the tense final selection for winner, Iron chose Jadez over Murder as she is someone that he could actually see himself dating in a relationship rather than just a hookup.

Jadez, after winning, was asked if this was what she wanted and answered yes!

Together they won a followup romantic date together hosted by Roflgator with a special surprise added for next Tuesday. Sponsored by DeezNuts snack.


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