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"Iron Designs" is the smithing shop in Scrap Town. Originally run by the synth Patches and his colleague Sten Berglund, Patches left without any notice after he had been mind controlled during the Titan Virus uprising. Missing his former college, Sten hired more employees to aid in keeping Scrap Town supplied and prepared - and most importantly: armed.


Since the death of former Mayor Rico the smithy made a deal with the local council, Henderson McCuldger to keep the town supplied and maintained properly. They also sell his crafted and salvaged junk weapons which are of questionable condition. They used to be barely functional but have since been improved.

The smithy is supported and sanctioned by the town to provide discounts for Scrap Town locals who are unarmed.

Since the situation with invading aliens, the nearby volcano about to erupt and enraged fire spirits attacking the town, Sten has been lending out weapons free of charge.




Approximate prices. Corporations pay double or more.

Basic Services

  • Tool maintenance, sharpening, smoothing, polishing, remove rust, tool honing, special equipment - 500
  • Draft and sketch designs - 1000 minimum

Creation Services (Rush order is x2 price)

  • Knives, Daggers - 1000 credits
  • Sword, Katana, Axes, etc. (1H weapons) - 2000 credits
  • Greatsword, Claymore, Greataxe, Lance, etc. (2H weapons) - 3000 credits

Custom weapon design

  • Sketch first + additional 2000 credits
  • Armor / Shield creation - 2000 credits per piece.

Industrial Parts (vehicle parts, etc.)

  • 500 credits per piece

Misc metal item creation

  • Case by case based on materials needed. Minimum 500 credit charge.


Tier 1: “Salvage” by McCuldger, made and sold in the shop. These weapons are the lowest tier, due to their unreliable nature and limited lifetime. They are not as deadly as other firearms.

  • Scrap Pistol - 2,200
  • Nail Gun - 3,500
  • Scrap Rifle - 4,000
  • Scrap Shotgun - 4,500

“Scraptown Special”

  • Harpoon Gun (limited ammo) 4 ammo + loaded - 5000
  • Cannon (only strong characters, limited ammo):  credits, 6 ammo + loaded - 6,000

Tier 2: Ballistic Handguns by Sten using supplies provided by the scrap yard and processed metals by the other smiths. These weapons will not break on their user suddenly and are efficient. Damage output is higher than a scrap weapon.

  • Revolver - c.a. 20,000
  • Pistol - c.a. 15,000

Tier 3: Ballistic Weapons MkII

  • Shotgun - 30,000
  • SMG - 45,000

Tier 4: Ballistic Weapons MkIII

  • GU Rifles - Unspecified...


  • Due to the sign letter for I looking like a T - Sten for the longest time called the shop "Tron Designs".
  • There is no dousing bucket.
  • Possibly the most lucrative business with the highest revenue in town, slummers from The Row and the rest of Savior City come here to purchase guns. Even corporate aligned occasionally seek out the place for services done under the radar.