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Notice: Imperial Waifu Army has been rebranded to Waifuwehr.

The Glory of Prussia

What is the Imperial Waifu Army?

The Imperial Waifu Army (otherwise known as the Imperial Waifu Division, or Waifuwehr) is the first and largest waifu-themed military roleplay group within VRChat. In the modern Waifuwehr timeline, the Imperial Waifu Army exists as a past iteration of its modern armed forces, and the two armies communicate frequently with the use of their Stargate. The Imperial Waifu Army represents an alternate timeline of the German/Prussian Empire in the early 1900s.


Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

Group Foundation


The Imperial Waifu Army was founded on the 10th of November, 2017, several weeks before the Ugandan Knuckles invaded the VRChat metaverse. Smauffle, the group's first leader and founder, created the IWA as a way to fight against the Knuckles and put an end to their constant raids. Using his charisma, Smauffle gathered together a small group of people that served as his first leaders, and began recruiting soldiers for his World War One-themed German and Prussian Waifu Army.

The Ugandan War

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Many early skirmishes against the Ugandans took place on their own territory. Soldiers would be sent to various Ugandan islands and engage the Ugandans directly. The Imperial Waifu Army was the first group of its kind to fight back against the Knuckles, and even attempted to forge an alliance with many of the early VRC Groups around that time like Kanna Gang and Kitten Marching Band


Around the time of end of The Ugandan War, Many members wanted the group to make it easier for members to be recognized. So the High Command and veteran members had a meeting. they agreed on forming Battalions which were The Air Force, The Navy, The Marines, The Army, The Guardsmen, The Tank Battalion. Each Battalion had two squads. The Battalions had a CO and XO for each. The Army is modern day, Heer. The Air Force is modern day, Heeresluftstreitkräfte. The Navy and The Marines merged into Kaiserliche Marine. The Tank Battalion is the modern day, Panzerdivision. The Guardsmen is the modern day, Persönliche Leibstandarte. This is still base of modern day Companies.

Roleplay History

Disclaimer: This history timeline is a fictive and alternate version of the current federal republic of germany. All characters within our Lore are fictive and do not portrait any public person or politician in any way!

All events, conflicts, characters, and summits are fictional. Some events may contain disturbing or graphic content regarding military conflicts. Future event participant discretion is advised.


The lore of the Waifuwehr takes place in an alternate timeline, meaning the history does not follow the same events that actually happened. Our story begins when the House of Alfherzen had seized control of the Prussian state over the house of Hohenzollern in 1848 as part of the wars of liberation. Liberals saw this as the prime opportunity for stability, when several revolutions broke out across Europe. King Frederick Alfherzen IV had agreed to convene a National Assembly and grant a constitution. When the Frankfurt Parliament offered Frederick Alfherzen the crown of a united Germany in 1850, he refused, on the grounds that he would not accept a crown from a revolutionary assembly without the sanction of Germany's other monarchs. Frederick Von Alfherzen was assassinated afterwards, and this lead to the crown being passed on to his wife Rosemarie Alfherzen in 1852.


In 1852, The German Empire was formed, flying the banners of the House of Alfherzen, under the rule of Kaiserin Rosemarie Von Alfherzen Ⅰ. This course of action significantly increased the performance of the economy of the Prussian & German empire, opening new trade routes and gathering valuable resources used for military production, factories, and rebuilding the city of Berlin. This economic boom allowed the military to fully operate without overtaxing the citizens. Prussia able to expand the Prussian and German territories, ranging from the Baltic Sea, all the way to the Black Sea. These expansions were called The Great Wars, the First Great War lasting from 1902-1905, and the Second Great War lasting from 1908-1919. These wars were fought between the Imperial Waifu Empire, Entente and the Ottomans. The Imperial Waifu Army won both wars, however struggled in the second, due to a short famine. However, they had managed to pull through due to assistance from the Ottomans.


Kaiserin Rosemarien von Alfherzen Ⅰ had died of old age in 1921, and her granddaughter Elita von Alfherzen was made the new Kaiserin. Elita had a set a goal of progress after her rise to power and forming of the Alfherzen Order in 1922. The Alfherzen Military order was formed, making the United Prussian & German Empire the most powerful military in all of Europe. During the time period of 1923 to 1926, the formation of an Afrika Korps was made to search and secure an unknown artifact in Egypt, near Ghiza. The Afrika Korps occupied North Africa and discover a Stargate. Intensive study began to be conducted on the Stargate on-site. Eventually, it was opened, and a team was sent through. In the year of 1933, Holly Braun would rise to power, becoming the Reichskanzler of the Imperial Waifu Empire. This would make him the second in command of the entirety of the country, and commander-in-chief of the military.


In general, his early days of leadership would be peaceful, until 1935, when Canadian forces would attack Austria in retaliation for unnecessary involvement. While no official combat took place, the cold war-esque conflict was eventually solved in 1940. Unfortunately for Reichskanzler Braun, a mere one year later, a great, and terrible war would begin. The war would be fought between the Imperials, and the forces of Lidija Danilow, the Vozhd of Russia, and would ultimately lead to the creation of Operation Ostwind, a plan to strike Danilowgrad and take out the Soviet leader before she could do any substantial damage to the world. After the Victories of the 3 wars, a Cold War starts with the Russian backed Resistance who take the city of Königsberg. It took 2 months to recover the city from the Russian hands. The same month as Königsberg was recovered, Rory Mercury and the Afrika Korps occupied the entire Northern coast of Africa. This had made the Imperial Waifu Empire into the biggest country in Europe at the time. The battle in Königsberg allowed for a boom of technology, and all was peaceful until the 14th of July, in 1939 when the Allied Forces of Russia, America, and England would attack the Empire, leading to The Third Great War. After many attacks on the Empire by the Soviets on German cities and the taking of Danilograd by the Soviets. Hølly started "Unternehmen Ostwind" led by the Panzerdivision. They had managed to defeat Lidija Danilow’s forces, and with this victory, The Fräulein Braun Theater is built in Berlin. and a victory parade was held in Berlin. After a year of returning the troops from the front, and settling them in, a parade was held to honor the Empire's many victories through the years. With everything moving along smoothly, the Empire started to use the 3rd Great War to test new technology, leading to a massive influx of new weapons and equipment for troops at the time. On top of that, with the success of the Arktische Expedition, the Empire got its new Stargate, which had been activated since one from Afrika broke. This development allowed the Empire to travel through space and time.


On the 14th of August, 1944, After much research by Aris Irene Rothsman under the orders of Reichskanzler Holly Braun, he had started to plan the Stargate Program under the command of Major General Archer-Reginald Yaeger and Colonel Lena Winter. The goal of the program was to embark on scientific endeavors to far off lands, in search of making contact with advanced, as well as indigenous people, and gathering rare materials in order to help us better understand the world around us. This program takes the most elite of the Kaiserliche Armee and uses them to ensure the best performance. The Stargate was used to learn more about technology, as well as to learn more about ourselves. The Stargate-Command Bunker is in Bavaria, Berchtesgaden Alpen Komplex. After the removal of fascist leader Lidija Danilow, the Russians began the process of rebuilding their country under Marshal Irina Batov. For the Empire, their infrastructure would improve dramatically, introducing near modern level quality, with free healthcare and education readily available, by the year of 1950. In the year of 1952, the Waifuwehr would invent groundbreaking new weapons, such as the G3, and the MP5K, the former still being in service to this day. In the year of 1958, new aircraft would come into play, such as the BELL UH-1D, made by a subsidiary of Textron, an aerospace defense company based in Texas.


However, the quiet times of technological advancement would be short lived. In the year of 1961, Danilow was once again elected to lead Russia once more, due to the circumstances of an economic depression in Russia. President Phoebe Morgan, of the United States, reached out to Reichskanzler Holly Braun for aid to combat the new DSP (Danilow Soviet Party). They requested aid due to the DSP funding anti-democratic efforts in Vietnam, forging an alliance with communist leader Thai Huu Hoang in order to obtain control of the country, oppress the people, and expand their territory using unjust guerrilla warfare. This would lead to heavy conflict between the DSP and the US, and would result in German soldiers provided by the Empire being KIA. This would cause Reichskanzler Braun to launch a full scale joint offensive on Hoang and Danilow once more, supporting President Morgan in the removal of the communist leader from Vietnam. The conflict would continue for several years, finally coming to a close in 1978, when joint forces cornered Hoang in Saigon, where he had been held up in the capitol building. After several days of standstill combat, eventually the allied forces broke through and ended it once and for all. In the coming years, Danilow would be removed from power due to a coup from Batov, forming the Russian People's Union. The country would be stabilized, at least on the international stage, and the world would once again know peace.

Purpose and Aspiration

One of the ambitions of the Imperial Waifu Army was to continually search for members throughout the VRChat community that shared the same aspirations with its members. By continuing to grow the community from within, and hosting weekly events and get together. Initially, it was about growing the community and raiding Uganda, but eventually, the community and its leaders have evolved to where the Imperial Waifu Army has begun implementing training for its soldiers. Many activities vary and events often last anywhere between an hour to two hours.


  • Military role-playing and old war tactics.
  • Encourage and motivate to seek higher values.
  • Social interaction and development.
  • Movie Nights
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • War Thunder
  • Hearts of Iron IV
  • Post Scriptum
  • Learning the Culture of German People.
  • Grow and improve topics such as education / art / etiquette


Heer (Imperial Infantry)

The Imperial Army was the first entity to emerge by the start of its journey. They were the first ones to raid Uganda on the first contact. They sport Imperial blue tops with spiked Prussian helmets armed with bolt actions with bayonets fixed. Now they sport a more streamlined darker helmet along with a scarf, a darker top, pistol holster, and grenades.

Luftwaffe (Imperial Air Force)

The Imperial Air Force was originally an outlet for members to transfer over to. More so for the individuals that want to have a good time with roleplay as they function the same way like the Imperial Navy. They can be seen around private worlds sporting a brown top along with a khaki garrison cap with flight goggles.

Kaiserliche Panzerdivision (Armoured Cavalry)

In recognition to the excellence and the performance of the Imperial Army and its raids, the Ugandans would develop weapons of their own in an attempt to combat the Imperials in any way they can, involving large breeds of Knuckles and vehicles of their own. To counteract this Imperial Command had decided to develop an Armoured Division, as it would be required of any formal military. The ranks consist of tankers bearing black tops complimented with a black garrison cap with headphones. A variant to that are grenadiers, equipped with explosive projectiles to counteract armored attacks.

Kaiserliche Persönliche Leibwachen (Personal Guards)

The Personal Guard's initial purpose was to be the eyes and ears of the Kaiser himself. However, over the span of several months, their purpose had been modified not only to serve the Kaiserin herself but observe and protect the special interest of the Imperial Waifu Army. Guards are handpicked and have to be loyal to the Reichskanzler and the entire Imperial Waifu Army.

Former Branches


Kaiserliche Afrikakorps (Africa Corps)

The Africa Corps, a division to protect the colonial interest of the Kaiserin and the Nation mainly in Africa and middle east. Generalfeldmarschall Rory Mercury, The Desert-Fox, is responsible for the troops in East-Africa. They are looking for old Relics and Treasures but they're mostly there to secure the Area in the eastern section of Africa. Places being like the lands of tamed Ugandans. After finishing the mission in Africa, They were remerged back into the Kaiserliche Armee.

Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial Navy)

MarineLogo (1).png

During the Band of Waifu's inception, its Navy displayed significant attention as well as an activity during its founding. In response to this; a former administrator who was denied a leadership role within the BoW transferred back over to the Imperial Division, and adopted the Battalion structure, influencing the birth of the Imperial's own Navy. The birth of the Navy simultaneously inspired the birth of additional branches. As time passed, the Navy went into an inactive slumber as many members either left or went inactive to the point that it was nearing disbanding. Though In current times the Navy has undergone a massive restructure and rebirth under the command of Großadmiral Garma and Vizeadmiral ThePearl. Now fielding the most active number of members as well as hosting weekly events, the Navy has come to house its own sub-companies (Hochseeflotte and U-Boote).

Kaiserliche Elitetruppen

Kaiserliche Elitetruppen is a unit in the Armee who serve the Reichsführer and his Persönliche Leibwachen. They can be specialized into Sturmpionier or Stoßtruppen. They are the Special forces of the Armee. Elitetruppen are highly trained troopers who do special operations and guard the Reichsführer.


Training within the Imperial Waifu Army varies from branch to branch depending on the officer in charge. Most training days are often pushed for Wednesdays and Fridays as Saturday is often the day of operation and execution. A lot of pre-planning is required in order to host an operation, more so a week or two in advance.

During hours of training and roleplay, members within the IWA community are expected to fulfill their roles and keep their military bearing.


  • All their new models are made originally by Hølly.
  • Has a very strict military role-playing structure.
  • The group is primarily organized via it's Discord , so it stays organized.
  • Even though they are German based, the group is made of very culturally different people around the world.
  • The current year is 1944 and the technique became better and more efficient.
  • The group has deep and complex lore for roleplay.


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