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"GIMME, GIMME!" ― Ikrium

The Breakfast Fox himself, Ikrium!

Lore Biography/History

As an event host...

Originally the go-to host for the Haunted House Murder Parties, Ikrium has since gained the use of his hands, and now spends a lot of time enjoying other people's events.

The Divorce of Eggrium

Recently, Ikrium and Egg have gotten divorced with Judge Emmitt presiding, the court case held multiple enquiries and statements. It ended settling for the custody of Ikrium's children, and maybe some of Joey Bagels' shoes.

In light of the proceedings the outcome was a rather satisfying one, and also Dr. Puppers was sentenced to five years in jail. (LOL)

Personality & Quirks

A fox with a sharp mind and friendly demeanor, Ikrium's a delight when surrounded by close friends and 'family'.

He also has a obsession with Headpats, Miniguns, and waffles. When either angered or tilted, he won't hesitate to pull out his minigun and threaten those to stop (Ikrium will also shoot at overpowered RP'ers), at some point he was shooting Rad with it.


Pretty ladies, for one. Ikrium is a charming gentleman and will do his best always. He also has a fondness for waffles, head pats, and the incredibly high valued Upsies. He may also be found experiencing a difficulty with pointy objects, which is unfortunate, but he is able to push through it and continue to spend time with his friends and followers. 

Marriage and family...

Due to Joey's constant shipping of the two... Ikrium and Egg are now married, and thanks to this, complicates the family tree more as Ikrium adopted 15 other children (names unknown) who also have extended family trees. 


  • Everybody loves Ikrium.
  • Ikrium apparently is either afraid of or annoyed by Zentreya, and when the leader of the A.L.A. gets close, Ikrium growls and sometimes makes a sound a fox does.
  • Before Ikrium's fox avatar, he used a "Jack the Ripper" avatar from Fate/Apocrypha which has made a few appearances in Nagzz's VRChat videos.
  • Ikrium has joined and rejoined the SpookyMob few time's in the past, he is no longer a member of SpookyMob, it is unknown if he would ever stay as a member.
  • Ikrium possesses a 'God Sleigher' mini-gun that negates all over powered RPers.
  • Ikrium got drunk with the Neko Sisters, and was convinced Lanfear was out to kill him, causing him to cry.