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Ikaruga Mitsuyami is the lead public relations official for the Quixote Corporation on Corvanis 3.


Season 2 Episode 3

She attended a meeting between the Mega-corporations, planning to fill the recent void following the lead president's disappearance. She invites each and every corp to attend a gathering that shall be held in a few days.

Episode 6

Ikaruga's aforementioned gathering takes place in the Quixote courtyard, bustling with attendants from every corporation and a few key individuals from The Row that have +1 invitations from their corp friends.

The party seemingly goes well until there is a shrill screaming heard, which Ika finds out is from her companion BR-16 who upon investigation is ripe with malfunctions and keeps looking towards the sky as if something is approaching.

When Ika attempts to touch the glitchy AI, her computer dings as a strange file has been sent to her, that lets her see from one telescopes of the mysterious off-world "Eden". The telescope sees a "black and red haze approaching" and "creatures not quite human, tendrils for faces".[1]

Right after being informed of this possibly world-ending threat Ikaruga gets contacted by a disturbed man who informs her that Quixote is being hunted, before promptly being assassinated right in front of her.



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