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Ian Carthwright Du Pont is a human mercenary task-force leader working for the QRF section within the Astral Corporation. Though a new face to the Row, Ian is anything but a new face to the seedy underbelly hiding beneath the glamour and opulence of the corporations.

Born to a very wealthy family, Ian was raised with the best education and training that money could buy. More than that, it has allowed him concentrate assets when and where he needed them most.

What led to Ian's rise within the Astral Corp was his keen sense of perception, his eagle-like attentiveness catching the details that so many others might have missed. He's a damn fine tracker and a Shadow Runner's worse nightmare. Still, rumor's abound of Ian's role perhaps being something more, as within a short while after he arrives in a system, bodies begin to pile up, and people with loose lips find themselves with a nice padding added to their expense accounts.


Signed on to the Astral Company at the age of 18, noted with incredible latent ability, or perhaps even rigorous training prior, Ian rose to star status within the mercenary organization near immediately. Noted for his efficacy, capability for command, and aptitude in breach and clear tactics, Ian was nothing short of the perfect man for the job when it came to Quick Reaction Force work, and similarly, High-Threat Response for the Mega-Corps.

A mercenary for nearly 26 years now, Ian has been seen in almost every type of climate, situation, and seedy dealing. After 2 years chasing a high-value target, a runner who escaped with something valuable, he's finally back in Savior City, doing what he does best.

Season 2

Episode 1

In transit back to the City, Ian wasn't in this episode.

Episode 2

In transit back to the City, Ian wasn't in this episode.

Episodes 3-6

Ian could be seen throughout these episodes doing work for a variety of the Mega-Corps, and even some light Mercenary work for other factions/people. Difficult to track and even harder to read, it's up to the viewer to determine what his actions were and why he was taking them.

Episode 7

The first Episode from Ian's perspective, it quickly becomes clear just how much Ian has been up to this entire time. Starting where he left off at the end of Episode 6, at Atlantis Headquarters, Ian stepped off to Nadia Palpatine's apartment to check it, seemingly concerned about whether or not she listened to his advisement and ceased taking her medication. Within the secluded confines of her apartment, Ian opened a communication line with El (Loch), claiming that he had a package to bring down to the Wastelands, that it was a young lady, and that she had some sort of chip in her head that the Corps put into her. To appease the deal, Ian offered El a blank IOU with no questions asked, to which El agreed.

Stepping out from the apartment after the call, Ian moved to Sonitii headquarters and, letting himself in, he went into the meeting room. Clarifying for Ellek Myth that he does in fact take other jobs, he set off on the mission they had just given him to retrieve Cornelius from the Undercity.

Moving into the Undercity alone with no support, he engaged the locals in light conversation, polite as ever, until he found his mark. Informing Cornelius of his meeting in the upper city, Ian escorted him up along with Rikket Rotfinger (in the trunk of the cab, naturally.) When arriving to the opulent upper city, Ian sent Rikket on his way to go to WOTO to meet with his 'uncle,' personally escorting Cornelius to Sonitii, much to Ellek's delight.

It was at this time that Blayne pulled Ian aside and warned him of the pending attack on the Upper City. Ian listened with care, piecing some things together but maintaining that informing the other Corps was the best way to ensure nothing happened to the Upper City. The Corps needed to unite against this threat as one.

Stepping outside, Ian and Blayne were met with a familiar set of faces. Rook, the fixer from the Row, the decker and floating bot that hacked Sonitii last time they were up there, Warren and El. Tensions were high, and with most security concerns met, Warren, El, Ian and the bot waited outside during Rook's meeting with the Mega Corp.

Hostilities were avoided, however, thanks to careful politicking by all parties involved and in his exit, Rook was promised that if he and Faye honored the deal with Sonitii, that he would forget Faye's face.

At this time, Ian was due to meet with Miss Money at the Dirty Diamond. Moving with Blayne, they took a cab down to the Row. Upon arrival, they stumbled onto a scene of several thugs chastising and threatening two high-end MARS employees. Ian monitored the situation and noted that the strong-arm tactic was not looking for violence and moved around it to head down to his meeting area.

Blayne and Ian found the Diamond locked up. Feeling he might as well be useful if waiting, Ian moved up to ask Razz Arleth why they were down there without an escort, advising them to leave immediately.

The Diamond opened up. Ian met with Cleo, getting his fill of information, before then meeting with Miss Money and Max. They briefed him on a blackmail plot by the Brass King. Ian advised against playing the Decker's games, but stated that whether or not they wanted him to follow through on the request was up to Miss Money. Miss Money said to proceed in retrieving Ellek Myth, and bringing him down to the Diamond.

Ian stepped outside, finding his compatriots Blayne and Vee, informing them of the happenings. Blayne and Ian, both with bad feelings about it, moved up to the Upper City. Ian sent Blayne and Vee to Sonitii, saying he needed to check on a friend first, and that he would meet them at their headquarters.

Moving from there, the aging mercenary made his way to Atlantis, looking for Nadia. He figured they were up in their office, and to his disappointment, he stumbled upon a meeting between Nadia and a large Talaris cohort. Demanding answers of Ian as to what was going on, Ian brought her down to her apartment, inquired to what had happened, and upon Nadia turning her back he injected her with a sleeping agent and placed her onto the bed. In the midst of packing up her things, Ian received a priority one High-Threat Response call. Quickly stepping back to the woman's bedside, he disabled Nadia's Persona-fix implant and left her there to respond to the HTR call.

Sonitii was a ghost town on his arrival, no guards in sight aside from the one that came with him. Upon entering he found a damaged Vee, whom he asked if was alright, only to get fired on by her. Returning effective fire on the retreating, damaged synth, Ian pressed the advance. Upon breaching the facility, he found Sonitii in ruins. Bodies littered the floor, and high level executives were all wounded. Pursuing the subject, it was found that they had just eluded capture.

After everything was secure for Sonitii, Ian encountered Vee outside, seemingly repaired. Ian requested that Vee add Blayne and him to her Friend Foe Identifier system so they won't be shot at for trying to help her. She obliged and did so immediately, Ian teasing on his departure that; "I didn't die, so I forgive you. But if I had died, I would have been SO pissed at you."

Returning to Nadia's apartment, he made the final call to El, informing him of his imminent arrival with the asset. Moving everything to Nadia's car, he noted another Astral presence in the area. Figuring it was not his concern, he dealt with the larger of his priorities, getting Nadia out of the Corporate Sector.

Arriving in the Wasteland, he was escorted by El and McCuldger into a safehouse, where he deposited Nadia, debriefing El. After a meeting with the pair, El made a point to ask for his favor now. Stealth technology. Ian noted he would get it done, shaking on the deal.

Episode 8

In episode 8 he assumes an alter alias under the guise of Bjorn the Bear, a wastelander supposedly from Henderson McCuldgers tribe.



  • Major - Elevated Corporate Status/Resources - Due to his upbringing, be it by inherited wealth, early business ventures, or ████████ investing in him, Ian enjoys a great deal of perks within the Corporate hierarchy. He is rarely without the means to do whatever he wants or needs to do and can easily muster extra resources from within both ████████ and ASTRAL to meet the needs of his life’s work.
  • Minor - Tracking - (increased levels of perception) Be it the scuff of a boot on a dusty floor or a discarded SteamPipe, Ian has a knack for noticing the small details, helping him find those he searches for.
  • Minor - Favored by ████████ Executives - The golden child to a T, Ian gets away with more than his peers ever would and is frequently given more leniency in failure.


  • Major - ████████████████
  • Minor - Recognizable - Ian is a known entity, what with his coming from a wealthy family of status. While his allegiance to ████████ is not known to any street dwellers, he still has to be careful to cover his face when going anywhere that involves his work, lest his identity be revealed.
  • Minor - In For Life - No matter what happens or how much he might want to choose a different course, his loyalty first and foremost is to ████████. He cannot escape them, he cannot elude them, he cannot lie to them. He is their agent, until death.


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