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I Ma A Ekatsim, or Ima for short, is a heavily cybernetically enhanced human. He helps run the car dealership and rental business, "Ront and Co's" garage in Scrap Town together with Batharra Ront and Toolbox.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Ima was once a simple musician and shopkeeper of a general store somewhere in the inner parts of Salvation City.

But in a crime filled dystopian city, with little care for human life, easy lives never last long. He was one day taken by a cybernetic obsessed cult that wished to fix humanity's imperfections and change all flesh to cybernetics. Being used as a subject for self growing cybernetics he had most of his body replaced against his will, but gained some interesting features in return. As someone with a high constitution he was kept and sent around as a demonstration piece, for educational purposes in the cults schools.

Eventually the cults experiments ran into total mind failure, caused a big scene in one of their labs, leading to the escape of many of the still subjects who were still sane. This was when Ima managed to get out as well. With his memories scrambled, he's only able to remember half of his life after being repeatedly being dissembled, assembled, poked, tested and rebuilt like some puzzle.

Not knowing what to do with himself, with half of his body changed more than he can remember, he clinging to his last bit of remaining humanity by trying to find out what happened to his original body-parts. His heart especially. Making his way down to the wasteland, the place where all who are rejected by the city go, he was able to find a new start.[1]


Having lived in Scrap Town for over a year, learning to understand the limitations and potentials of his body, he made friends and some enemies. Managing, but proving that an easy life is not something he'll be able to have anymore.


  • Ima's body is like a factory which can grow and create tools and parts, he can take specialised forms for specific scenarios.
  • But although he has mastered these forms when he has them deployed, he is still having trouble with actually getting into these forms.
Season 2 Traits
These may no longer apply.


  • Major - Doll body - Ima’s body consists of many parts that can move individually, making his upper torso transformable, with his body he can take many different types of forms and equipment. He will have to learn how to transform into these forms over time (the size he can transform depends on the amount of material he has). Tools that Ima wants to make, he’ll have to know how to make, forms that he wants to take, he’ll need to practise to hold.
  • Minor - Tough carapace - The bone plating on Ima’s upper torso is very tough, making it able to resist many blows that are not armor piercing.
  • Minor - High pain resistance - Ima’s pain limiters have been significantly lowered, making him be able to resist pain to a certain degree.


  • Major - Bone diet - Apart from normal nutrients, Ima needs to ingest bones or other sources of calcium for a meal on a regular basis as well, once every day he needs to have 2 pounds of calcium-based food. if he does not, his bone parts will degrade and he’ll suffer organ failure.
  • Minor - A puzzlebody - Ima himself doesn’t seem to understand his own body well, making him unable to convey what he can and cannot do, or what other people can or cannot do to fix him, it also takes time to find the right tools or forms he is looking for while transforming.
  • Minor - Unknown parts - Ima’s body parts are either rare to come by or very hard to make, as for his biological parts, their regenerative systems seem to have degraded significantly, recovering from damage takes longer.


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