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Now designated IS-01, formerly known as P47-CH35 (Prototype 47: Combat Handler 35) or "Patches" is a refurbished Quixote Corporation prototype synthetic who operates as a blacksmith in the Wasteland. He primarily scavenges and forges items to sell, craft into weapons, or make parts needed for repairs.

Patches and his mentor were making their way to Callous Row to start an official business together, but after the tragic death of his mentor, this dream never came to pass. Now he operates outside the city limits in a competition between himself and the memories of her work on who makes the better product.

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The Dutiful Blacksmith

A pillar of the community in Scrap Town, Patches was known as the dutiful blacksmith providing the town with invaluable services. In the smithy "Iron Designs" he recycled useful scrap metal brought in from the local scavenging crews, turning it into building materials and all kinds of weapons, armor and implements. Handling the tougher craftsmanship his colleague Sten in the smithy handled the finer details such as gunsmithing.

His trust would eventually come into question after a terrible incident when an ancient A.I. known as "Titan" hacked and commanded all synths in the town to follow his bidding. Patches lost control of himself and in following Titans orders he wounded many leading to the death of several townspeople. While not at fault he was still blamed for the actions, especially by Trey Hunter. He had his emotional folder reinstalled by Mr. Prowler the roboticist and suddenly in touch with his emotions Patches decided to leave Scrap Town without notice. Feeling unwelcome he returned to his creators.

Return as IS-01

His chassis replaced and upgraded by Quixote he was stationed back in Scrap Town as a guard. A message sent out to the council members, they were informed that he was to be stationed there to keep the town secure against potential dangers. Exactly what that entails is uncertain.



  • Major - "Close the gap" - IS-01’s design incorporated thrusters to aid in traversing many types of terrain. As such, he can use these jets to leap forward a great distance, or reach great heights. If used consistently, they will overheat and must cooldown for 10 minutes. (mechanically, the monster jump function)
  • Minor - "Shock drop" - IS-01’s inner frame was designed to survive longer falls if necessary due to his thrusters.  
  • Minor - "Reinforced Plating" - Patches’ armor and frame have been remade with stronger materials not readily available in the Wasteland to be more in line with his original designs. Now, IS-01’s armor & vital components are much more resistant to damage.


  • Major - "It Will Be Done" - After being brought back into the Quixote R&D division, his personnel logs and programming have been updated. His logs now contain all members of the Quixote Corporation. Now an override and ID are not needed to order IS-01 around. Instead, any verified Class 2 member of the Quixote Corporation can simply order him to do something, and it must be carried out. Exceptions are Monte, Shiloh, and Kraver.
  • Minor - "Classified Design" - Because IS-01 is the only fully functional synth of his line, any repairs must be done in the Upper City at the Quixote labs.
  • Minor - "High Power Consumption" - IS-01 design requires a large amount of power to function. Mechanically he is required to charge double the normal time.

Former Traits

Traits before being rebuilt by the Quixote Corporation when he was known as Patches. These no longer applies.


  • Major - "She'll always guide my hand" - Patches has stored every single lesson and piece of advice on being a craftsman his creator ever taught him over the years. Because he can recount how to create most things using a wide range of techniques, anything Patches creates, repairs, or tinkers with will more than likely be of very high quality.
  • Minor - "Guardian Angel" - Patches' main role in scavenging was watching over his creator while she searched for valuables. His memory core retains the information to excel in using snipers and handguns primarily.
  • Minor - "He was made from tough stuff" - Patches' inner frame was designed to survive longer falls than an average person, within reason, to make a quick escape if spotted.


  • Major - "Say the magic words" - Because he's a refurbished prototype Quixote synth, members of the Quixote Corp can trigger the override protocol from lingering code. After the phrase is said, the user must provide proof of being a member of the Quixote Corporation (The player ID card should state this). Failure to provide proof results in hostile actions to incapacitate the user. If proof is provided, he will follow 1 action issued by the individual, whereafter he returns back to a "conscious" state. In the case of failing to provide proof, he will revert back once the user is incapacitated. Because it's only the lingering remains of his old code, he will have no memory of his actions during this time. The last thing he will remember before rebooting is whatever he was looking at after the phrase is said. Once the override is successful, he will reboot into the old protocol, lights on his body will change color along with a change in his voice, and he will revert to basic speech functions. Repeating the override will reset the protocol, even in the middle of a task, and he will await proof and a new task. The phrase is "Quixote override *state your name*: Reforge."
  • Minor - "High power consumption" - Due to his unrefined design, he uses more power than a normal synth, so he has to recharge at the top of each hour.
  • Minor - "Curiosity fried the circuits" - When he was reprogrammed and made into a scavenger and blacksmith, he became very thorough when searching for items of value, even if it could be dangerous. This also plays into him asking people what the things he makes for them would be used for.


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