HopelessBay is a VRChat roleplayer and artist who makes prints and drawings. He also accepts commissions.

Roleplaying characters

Rikket Rotfinger

Rikket Rotfinger is rat-folk who make their home in a portable trashcan in The Undercity, below Callous Row.

Samuel 7

Samuel 7

Samuel aka 7 is a dark spirit who live in Callous Row working as what is essentially a snake oil salesman. He collects magical junk and tries to sell it off as something of worth. He lives a poor lifestyle because of this, literally diving through dumpsters to scrap together cash.

Vilhelm Jakobs questioning Dixos sanity

Vilhelm Jakobs

Vilhelm was a human cultist with a split personality due to harboring a demon inside of him. He was a necromancer.

He was Hopelessbay's character when participating in the Forbidden Knowledge RP active in 2018.



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