HeyImBee or 'Bee' for short is a content creator in VRChat.

She is most known for her YouTube channel where she has a history of creating Minecraft-related videos and, beginning around 2018, VRChat-related ones as well.

In her VRChat persona, she has fun roleplaying or doing silly things to entertain. Usually they involve full body tracking in some way or going on pretend dates.

She has stated that she loves the silly creatures refered to as "Knuckles" and dislikes when people call them a "dead meme".

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

History and biography

Makoto persona and Chipz

Her adventures in VRChat started early 2018 (or even before?) where she explored the world of VR in an alter ego named Makoto. She met Chipz before he began to roleplay on January 6th, 2018 and was serenaded and coupled with an actual bee named Friez.

Chipz and Bee would later meet again and get re-acquainted on March 10th, 2018 when he sang to his 'group of friends' on a rooftop. Judging from their interactions, suspicious onlookers might have thought that she and Chipz had something going on. If there ever was it was never realized.

Astree romance

Bee later met Astree in a public VRChat lobby and they went together on several escapades where Astree berated different people. Through Astree's friendship, she was introduced to "Rob" Roflgator, Astree's creator; Bee would subsequently became a regular patron in The Great Pug.

Bee and Astree visiting Roflgator in the Void Club, July 25th, 2018

In an improvised, shotgun marriage she and Astree got married on April 16th where Roflgator acted as minister. In protest, Chipz would turn up and attempted to stop the event to no avail. The following day at The Madcats, Bee told Astree that he had "knocked her up", further solidifying their impulsive decision to get hitched. Throughout the ordeal, Chipz would also maintain a presence, protesting against her decision to stay with Astree. The assumed pregnancy eventually turned to not be the case but they remained together.

She went out on a dinner date with Astree on October 1st, 2018 at the Golden Gator bar in Bricktown while Rob offered them relationship advice. Some of the advice was questionable but their date was arguably adorable.

On a date with TheBigMeech

Encounter with TheBigMeech

She went on a short lived date with TheBigMeech on Mar 8th, 2019 at The Greater Gator and even accepted his sudden marriage proposal though it never panned out. None of it was taken seriously and Meech potty mouth would eventually lead to their time together ending.

Another Chipz fling

In July 2019, HeyImBee went on a date with Chipz, but ended up stabbing him in the heart in response to making an awkward statement (she suggested that she was the only female friend he hadn't slept with, causing him to freak out), then tried to pin the blame on her daughter Fireburner. Chipz quickly recovered though, claiming "it wasn't the first time a girl stabbed [him]." Fireburner complained that she needed a father figure to balance out Bee's bad influence, and was very insistent on hooking up Bee and Chipz. The night still ended awkwardly, with Bee slapping Chipz' ass and saying goodnight.

Allowed to touch zMoonrunners finger...

Someone likes you (zMoonrunner)

She went on a date of sorts with zMoonrunner at The Royal Gator on Sept 8th 2019 that was featured in a video on her YouTube channel. It was quite an awkward but comical interaction. During her visit she was followed by Human Roflgator who offered to act as her white knight and keep her orbiters away only to later loose his mind insisting on collaborating with her. After having an accident falling over she was also given CPR by S0ra, the manager working at the bar.

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  • Shonzo 'upgraded' her original avatar on April 19th, 2018 to feature high quality jiggle-physics.
  • Her newer avatar was created for her by Sorry.
  • She is Australian IRL and her day job is YouTube.
  • It's an open secret that she enjoys watching Roflgator's Twitch streams and can often be found in his Twitch chat during his VRChat streams.
  • She has a gangster ex-boyfriend named Jeff.


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