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Henderson "The Immortal" McCuldger is a human resident of Scraptown, born and raised in the wastes. He owns and runs the Scrapitorium Scrap Yard, the Arena in Scraptown. After a devastating head injury that made him lose his sanity and most of his memories, Culdger is left with one goal in mind, to become wealthier than the corporations through his scrap yard.


In Episode 5 he was elected as one of three representatives of the town council together with Ash and Sean, replacing the former Mayor Rico Suave.

After being captured by a synth A.I. named "Titan" that led an uprising of the synths in Scrap Town, he and all the other captives were healed using it's powerful nanites. While healed of his brain damage and madness it inadvertently had severe effects of another kind. Previously having been oblivious to pain, having a powerful metal press grafted into his arm as well as regularly consuming toxins he was hit full with the shock of being suddenly aware of his terrible state. Since his change he, for now at least, is no longer able to manufacture firearms from scrap, which will be a huge loss to the town. After returning he had his piston metal arm removed by Savire Vay, a new medical practitioner at the hospital.

No longer the same charming madman that he once was - he now seems to be a troubled soul, suffering from his painful memories. Although now calling himself "Henderson" and rejected his former self "McCuldger", it still remains in some capacity in the back of his mind, gnawing at him.



  • Major - Buried Genius - Henderson is a veritable savant of scrapping, welding, and recycling junk. Even after his recovery he has an uncanny ability to fashion working tools, weapons, even primitive firearms from scrap most would see as unsalvageable. However, their durability is not guaranteed.
  • Minor - A Dog Off Its Chain - While Henderson is no more resistant to pain than the next wastelander, If McCuldger regains control, McCuldger was not a stranger to pain, and relished it. If a wound would not stop him from moving McCuldger will not stop.
  • Minor - Press Fit - Henderson is strong enough to deform metal with his hands, meaning he doesn't need real tools to work with scrap.


  • Major - Scrap Never Dies - Henderson may be back but his psyche is delicate and fragmented due to the circumstances of his return to clarity, McCuldger hasn’t left Hendersons mind even if the memories of his actions are foggy. Henderson can and will lose himself to short bouts of psychosis which allow McCuldger to regain control and Mc.Culdger wants to be back in control of their body.(two personalities Henderson{Sane} and McCuldger{Psycho})
  • Minor - Grease Junkie - Henderson has developed a strange affinity to consuming toxic things like Gasoline in his alcohol and Motor Oil in his food, this has led to damage in his organs that reduces his ability to process toxins. (poisons/drugs are more effective against him,& their side effects more likely to occur)
  • Minor - Can’t Be Silenced - While Henderson normally maintains control of their body. Mc.Culdger refuses to be silenced, and will sometimes fight back and speak on his own. Taking temporary control of their mouth.


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