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About Helping Hands

It is a community founded in VRChat by a handful of Deaf and hearing members who wanted to meet other Deaf players and hearing players willing to learn sign language and create a tight knit community of friends that all understood each other through sign language!

As it expanded, Helping Hands has become even greater than before. Whilst it was still primarily a social group for VRChat, there are so many more members, Deaf and hearing alike, who all are engaged in sign language in one way or another. The members use numerous sign languages, and whilst ASL is the most common there, they also uses KSL, JSL, LSF, BSL and more! They have also started some basic classes, taught only by our Deaf members and Fluent interpreters, which cover a VR adaptation of an individual sign language. This is due to VR limitations, and is why it is better for students to seek courses in real life to study more proper, fluent sign language.


Sign Classes

On a schedule, volunteers that are fluent in sign language will host a session in a private instance of vrchat and educate interested on deaf culture, basic sign vocabulary and grammar. There are volunteers that teaches ASL, LSF, KSL and BSL. These classes often take place in affiliated worlds created by trusted members.

Movie Events

Every once in a while, the community will be able to vote from a selection of movies in a poll for an upcoming movie night events. The movies are being hosted on the discord server and always have subtitles available. Members are allowed to suggests movies rated form General to 13+ while also giving access to a list of trigger warning for sensitive topics.

Game Events

Members are welcomed to partake in a multitude of social games of all kinds. These events are either hosted in vrchat where sign language is implemented in a way to help the inclusion of deaf members. There are also a lot of people playing in the discord voice channels games like LoL, Fall Guys, Among Us and Mario Pinball Land.

Advanced Club

These are social events where members of the community gathers and get involved in conversations on various topic using only sign languages. In these events, people are not allowed to use their microphones.

Affiliated Worlds

The Helping Hands community

  • Sign Language by MINT
  • MrDummy_NL's Sign&Fun by MrDummy
  • Helping Hands Headquarters by Fearlesskoolaid
  • Global Helping Hands by Squirrel Modeller
  • School Helping Hands by GT4tube