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Hark Deadwood is a Wasteland Stadium Announcer. He is wirey, dusty, and physically fragile. He has a dream of starting a business that everyone in the Wasteland respects and loves. He wants to be accepted and prove to everyone that he can “do it”. He dreams to make the Wasteland a place that people would actually want to come to, rather than end up at. He is always chasing the “big win”, which also contributes to his gambling addiction.


On Season 2 Episode 2 he together with Proximo hosted an arena fight where Ryzy fought and won against the Nameless Knight. The battle was the inauguration for the reopening of the thunderdome arena.


  • Lacking an avatar for launch and the first episode he is using a temporary one.



  • Major - "Sandspeed" This gives Hark the ability to move faster in a Sand environment because of his feet augmentations. This is an attack that can only be used if Hark is the first one to attack. This benefits him in general mobility and in combat.
  • Minor - "Pocket Sand" This gives Hark the ability to go invisible/camouflage, in a sand environment.
  • Minor - "Sandouflage" This gives Hark the ability to go invisible in a sand environment by camouflaging himself.


  • Major - "Handle With Care" Hark is fragile, so he takes a lot more physical damage. His skin breaks easily and his bones are brittle.
  • Minor - "Out of Luck" Addicted to gambling
  • Minor - "Fish out of Sand" Has trouble communicating effectively outside of the Wasteland.


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