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Hans Punker is a gastrodopteran gang member from the Wasteland residing in Scrap Town, working under the direction of mayor Rico Suave.

Hans is slow-moving and often considered physically ineffective and unintimidating. However, his willingness to take on any task no matter how long or challenging gives him the modicum of usefulness he desperately craves.

He has struggled to feel adequate most of his life due to his slowness. He therefore seeks to advance himself in any way he can from a straggling desert-dweller with little influence to his fantasy of authority, wealth, and power.




  • Major - Gastrobile - Punk can expel a limited amount of bile from his abdomen, allowing him to slither quickly along the ground for a very short but significant burst of movement. Gastrobile is acrid and corrosive, and if it's left undisturbed it can weaken or very slowly dissolve organic material, soft fibers, and minerals.
  • Minor - Caustic Protection - Gastrodopterans have a latent resistance against caustic substances and fumes. Venoms, poisons, and toxic environments may take longer to affect Punk as a result.
  • Minor - Speed Boxer - Although he has a slow movement speed, the reflexes of his four arms are spry and quick. If Punk is able to close the distance on an opponent, his swiftness proves to be both surprisingly shocking and a notable challenge.


  • Major - Hypomucosal Syndrome - Due to a rare mucin deficiency, Punk does not produce much mucus, which leaves his skin and eyes dry and easily irritable, and with an inability to secrete slime to aid in his movement as gastrodopterans normally do. Thus, he moves very slowly by default even with exertion.
  • Minor - Sodium Intolerance - Punk has a vulnerability to salt and sodium due to its ability to molecularly bind with and draw out moisture from his body.  Due to his hypomucosal syndrome, the effect of the dehydration is significantly lessened as there is less mucus to bind with, but salt will still cause skin irritation and even burn-like injuries with longer exposure. Accidentally ingesting food that is not low in sodium will cause facial numbness and slurring of speech, causing him some very inconvenient dietary restrictions for the Wasteland.
  • Minor - Stubby Arms - Having very short slug-like arms and a skeleton that does not shift additional weight very well has left Punk unable to grasp or hold heavy items and weaponry for longer than a minute at a time.


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