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Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


State of the art prototype synthetic, designed for high risk security escort. Currently being field tested before mass production. After a failed field test of HTR-86, version 87 was built with new protocols for security concerns.




  • Major - Cannot die, will upload into a new body on death. However, he will forget all events that happened after his last backup.


  • Major - Reset button. A button on his back will cause him to forget an entire day and all events that happened in it, the timeframe can be modified. However, this was shown in Episode 1 to be glitchy, Goldman had him reset after the first WOTO cube incident after which he wandered the Upper City in confusion until Goldman brought him back to Mars and Luca was able to restore him.
  • Minor - Distracted by short people. Will drop everything and focus all attention on short people that approach him.


OOC Background

RubberNinja began streaming Callous Row with the idea that his chat would be able to participate in the RP by putting thoughts in Heater's head as "programs" in his system, which led to some interesting moments in the first few episodes. Sometime in December 2020 Ross experienced technical issues between VRChat and OBS which would cause VRChat to lag out after a couple minutes in the map if OBS was active and streaming, so Ross was no longer able to stream CR. After buying a new PC he returned to the RP occasionally but chose not to stream his perspective. He mainly participated in important missions and the season finale.


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