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Gyokin is a strange fish like creature with a knack for magic after being bonked on the head by a book with contents on the subject. This event caused him to take five years of his life and devote it to the craft of Rune-Smithing. A left behind member of a once nomadic tribe, he looks to complete his "holy objective" which he claims is to "unite the people of the planet."

He aims to accomplish his goal by holding a culture festival in the wasteland. However, his nerves may not be steeled enough for the work he may have to put in...




  • Major - Epiphany - Gyokin, after a day working with his original tribe, was hit on the head with a book. Causing what he referred to as a “Spiritual awakening.” This so-called “Awakening” encouraged Gyokin to take up Rune-Smithing. This event also awoke within him a faint connection to the spirits of the land. Allowing him to understand some basic language of some spirits.
  • Minor - Fast Fins - Gyokin’s tribe constantly encouraged craftsmanship and hard work. Due to this, most Rune-Smith related jobs or other tasks that require handy work will be completed much faster than normal. Provided that he’s not distracted.
  • Minor - Water Bound - Gyokin holds a stronger affinity to base Mana and Water magic and actions.


  • Major - Squeaky Feet - Gyokin’s feet make squeaky noises when he walks. Everywhere. Meaning hiding isn’t his specialty.
  • Minor - Currency Deaf - The concept of credits normally falls flat to Gyokin, and he regularly results in bartering with individuals. Meaning he has a very skewed view on the word “riches.”
  • Minor - Hook, Line and Sinker - Gyokin cannot swim under any condition. AS a matter of fact, the thought terrifies him. Despite holding an affinity to the element any large bodies of water down right terrify Gyokin.


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