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Gungir "Ironbeard" is a technicmagical dwarf craftsman who has spent his recent years, loosing his hand and beard, befriending a magical frog, and as of late, opening his own smithy in Callous Row.

After loosing his beard and hand in an accident, he took it upon himself to craft his own replacement. The lack of not being able to grow his own beard back really getting to him as he now strives to find any way to restore his chin to it's former glory.

Completely unknown to him, the cause of being beardless a factor of his close frog companion that he is gradually become soulbound with.




  • Major - Crafting With a Twist - Can spend certain amounts of time to craft weapons/armor, the more complex, the longer it will take to complete. But, after his frog tried to eat his wrench while he was sleeping, the newly enchanted tool can hit an item he works on and change/reinforce the material’s properties.
  • Minor - Friend Frog - Came across a magically infused frog during his travels. It helps him imbue his crafts with magic, and keeps him company.
  • Minor - Safe Handling - His robotic hand lets him handle dangerous materials and hazards that would be harmful otherwise.


  • Major - “Not My Finest Work” - Due to the rushed nature of the construction of this mechanical prosthetic, it is prone to magical and electrostatic inference. When under the effect of negative magic effects or electrostatic shocks, there is a chance for the hand to malfunction catastrophically that can inflict a debilitating status effect from electroshock paralysis, to severe trauma from the hand detonating.
  • Minor - “Dwarven” Engineering/Singed Eyebrows - Due to the precarious nature of his engineering, there is a chance that any crafting roll has a chance to critically fail resulting in loss of materials, damage to the crafter or both.
  • Minor - Spacefarers Sickness - Due to the prolonged experience of space faring and low gravity work, he has a random chance to become nauseous or sick from any substance that he ingests.
  • Minor - Soul Link - Unaware of the much deeper bond he gained while with his frog companion, his soul is now tethered to it. Now when they are separated, they both will become much weaker, suffering headaches and the like.