Not to be confused with Rook from Ascension Academy RP.

"That is a banger." ― Rook, commenting on music playing on the PA

"What're the two most inevitable things in life?" ― Rook, ready to dish out his fists

"*Spit* The Corps can bite me!" ― Rook

Gregarious Talon Rook is a half-orc barkeep who runs "The Grindstone" bar in Callous Row together with his ward Faye. He cares deeply about her and sees her as his adoptive daughter.

He seldom reveals his full name and to most, he is known simply as "Rook".

In secret he runs a resistance organization named "The Shattered Legion" and is gathering new recruits and allies to fight against the Mega-corporations. He is possibly forming a small rebel army consisting of several teams of mercenaries.

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He was a soldier in The War of Unification on the losing side of the union vs the corporations.

During the war Rook almost became a chaplain of The Red Moon, the patron deity of the Orcs where he comes from, but decided against it. Living in the darkness, he felt that he lost faith of the light.

Nearing the end of the war he rescued Faye, who had gotten separated from her parents. Escaping they made their way to Savior City on Corvanis 3 in the Corvanis system and eventually ended up in it's slums - Callous Row. Rook cares for Faye, refers to her as his ward, daughter and considers her his adoptive daugheter. Together they run the local bar, The Grindstone.

Below the bar Rook houses his secret base of operations for their rebel organization "The Shattered Legion".

History Season 1

Chapter 1: A Twilight Dawn

Newcomers and lost equipment

We first meet Rook when he recounts being tortured by nightmares and from recommendations of his doctor keeps an audio log over his dreams. After a short recounting of his past he talks to Faye who appears to have lost her computer. Suspecting a thief broke in and took it Rook starts investigating. As the quarantine has been lifted he goes on a guided tour by GU1D3-B0T, walking around Callous Row he gets introduced to its businesses and inhabitants.

Cleo, Static and Raleigh Seren visit Rooks bar

Meeting Becky Cantuckit he at first helped her up from having fallen over but after she started begging for money he left her to her own advices. Looking for other trades Carl “8” Clerk denied to offer him under the table trades with GU1D3-B0T being present, not trusting the robot to keep it secret. On his route he was introduced to Kythus Tolem who showed him some of his magical runes and enchanted staves as well as Ciara Ní Éabha, another magic user. Finishing the tour he paid guidebot to advertise for him.

Together with The Sheriff he shared a dance at another bar. The drunk guy suggested he should get his own daughter into it to earn money but he answered that it was out of the question.

Rook told Kythus Tolem of a military car coming through the area soon and tasked him with recruiting a driver and a street samurai for a related mission. He accepted and was paid partly up front.

He attended a battle in the fighting arena hosted by Argen Sterling between 8 and Angelina who won.

Bank storage room

"Quixote" bank heist

A suit going by the name Coach Eric visited Rooks bar asking for assistance at the bank, being a manager there and having been newly appointed as Mayor. In exchange for finding the right people he asked him to reveal the precise location where "Quixote" has been moving their product in Callous Row.

He asked Jack Montagne to look into the reporter who works for Atlantis snooping around. The reporter had asked Jack for information on the winner and would promote his shop in the papers in exchange.

Investigating a dark aura from a the bank building and Fayes missing equipment, he hired the "Street Sam" Talus Nova to guard him without asking any questions and the fortune teller Viana Kelesni to assist in reading and locating the auras. Faye hacking the entrance open they snuck in and located the source of the aura in a box from the "Quixote" section of the bank. Returning the box home it contained bullets that were the source of the dark aura. Paying his henchmen they parted with the promise of future partnership.[1]

Chapter 2: Roll the Dice

Ciara and Kythus inspect the magic bullets

Recruiting for the Shattered Legion

Continuing his investigation the following day regarding the magical bullets he showed them to the magic users Ciara and Kythus and tasked them to investigate them.

Working his bar he met Kee’ra Diamond who offered a promise of "free service" in the future in exchange for drinks at his bar. He agreed.

Meeting "Little lady", Angelina Greasepalms a very enthusiastic "Street Samurai" he led them to his hideout and recruited her along with Jack Montagne, Charles Rask and Carl “8” Clerk to rob a patrol of ammunition being moved by Mars, another mega corp.

For security he also hired a secondary group to backup the first one consisting of Ais Hestia, Kythus Tolem and Felix Dolore. Giving value to their plight he threatened that if any of the first group dies it would be on their hands and to make sure all survive if they want any payment.

Ikelos holds a magical bullet

Suspicion and research

Ciara returns to Rooks bar and informs him that she gave the bullets to someone named Mr Ikelos for analysis, sensing danger of a possible corporate shill he tells her to bring him there. Meeting Ikelos the small analyst tells him that the bullets can do damage directly to the soul, especially towards magical beings. Rook coins the term "mage killing bullets" and tells Ikelos to continue his research but that he still doesn't completely trust him.

Charles Rask and Rook interrogate Alfonso the journalist.

A skulking journalist named Alfonso blatantly tells Rook that he had sources placing him at the bank yesterday, hinting at him knowing of the heist. Diverting any suspicion away he claims it perfectly reasonable visiting a bank when one runs a business and is backed by his patrons who get the journalist to leave. Later in the day with his orcish brother Charles Rask they find Alfonso sneaking around again, Rask grabs him and forcefully escort him to his butcher chop for interrogation. After handing out a beating and threats they intimidate him that if he continues this farce he might end up as a pork-chop and eaten by the orcs, playing into the false racial prejudice of their barbarism. It appears to work and Alfonso squirms away.

Meeting Becky again he this time shows compassion towards her and transfers some credits to her in order to pay for some food.

Faye diagnoses AIM-3s memory banks.

Robot repairs

Hearing of GU1D3-B0T falling down a walkway and possibly being scrapped for parts Rook and Faye track it down as well gather up other synthetic robots with aligning interests. Once gathered to the legion base Faye uses her hacking skills to diagnose GU1D3-B0T, AIM-3 and Static. Scanning through their memory banks they found traces of modifications in their memory cores mentioning "The Grindstone" bar even 4 months before the quarantine, a mystery that causes confusion.

Extending his arm towards the robots he calls "synthetics" Rook explains that they deserve to be considered as people, contrasting the mega corporations view of just being machines. Rook asked them to align themselves against the corporations while searching for the ghost in the machine to help "The Shattered Legion". They all agreed except guidebot who had some doubts, being dependent on parts from his original manufacturers, the only ones with his blueprints. After some convincing and being shown the storage of spare parts he was convinced and put in charge of operations, managing the legion teams.

The memories of war

After a day of successful recruiting he had a taste of Carl “8” Clerks new drug stash but freaked out yelling "ALL THESE SQUARES MAKE A CIRCLE", "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS TRIANGLES" eventually leading him into having a flashback from his time in the war - triggering a PTSD shock. In his mania he ran around in the street and even punched some onlookers. Filled with guilt he starts searching for Faye in panic and calms down when he eventually sees her. Begging her for forgiveness he breaks down and starts sobbing in front of her.[2]

Mars corporate droid

Chapter 3: Something Wicked this Way Comes

A Mars Corporate Droid

Faye found out that Alfonso the journalist is aligned with Atlantis and Rook tasks Guidebot to look for activity related to them, Talaris as well as a possible "sweep" by Mars. Thanks to Faye's hard work connecting their computer network they now have access to all public information on the streets.

Ais Hestia recovers the droid weapon

Knowing of events on the streets unexpectedly a Mars corporate droid appears (also portrayed by Arcadum) hunting after a creature with blue skin and of small stature. Scanning for magical beings it offers the inhabitants of the slums a bounty of 5000 credits to whoever turns over the creature. Some of the inhabitants realizing that the droid is looking for Ikelos and none cooperate. As the droid hones in on another magic user Ciara, before it can attack it is luckily destroyed by Big Conk and Charles Rask, smashing it to bits.

Recovering the droids firearm the weapon was dismantled along with its integrated tracking device and destroyed by Faye.[3]

Chapter 4: Hubris

Checking inventory and security

Rook contrary to the other inhabitants knows corporate presence in Callous Row is imminent and started doing his rounds on the streets, checking in with local shops asking them about their defenses and emergency preparations.

Paying Cleo to inspect the back rooms of the brothel, confusing the visit of onlookers for something else perhaps.

He checks the inventory and delivery capabilities of Carl “8” Clerk and his general store as well as the security at The Dirty Diamond brothel. He asks Cleo to show him their private rooms to which she obliged but questioned why, not giving a reason he just paid her instead so that the brothel owner wouldn't raise any question, except possibly that he payed for sexual services.

Meeting Becky and Bethany again they referred to themselves as "trash people" or "garbage folk". Rook asked if they had someplace to hide if something bad happens and Bethany accidentally slipped up mentioning having some kind of secret "warehouse". Bethany would hide in "the shop" and Becky claimed she would just hide under Jacks desk. Looking hungry he invited and paid for a meal to both of them at the the noodle shop. Ending with a warning that they should get somewhere safe for the coming storm.

Coach Eric hands over the package Quixote was after to Rook

Commending Big Conk, the Noodle shop owner that they did the right thing destroying the drone, he warned that there would be consequences and that people in Callous Row need to prepare for them, when it arrives.

Coach Eric called for Rook and they met in a private area where the mayor handed over a package. He claimed that this was the package that Quixote was after.

Shootout on the streets of Callous Row

Mars Corp Patrol Robbery

The storm would eventually come, this time Rook and his Shattered Legion recruits were ready for it. Getting a notification on their PA of incoming corporate presence they gathered up, handed out firearms from the armory and went for a smash and grab operation. Rather than a robbery it ended up more like a slaughter, killing everyone in the whole patrol. They successfully secured the goods undamaged and without any casualties on their side.

Can you trust the Imp? Ikelos and Ciara are questioned.

Allowing Ikelos, the Imp that the initial drone had been after and Ciara, who are both magic users, to inspect the goods - they concluded that Mars corp carried identical "mage slaying bullets" that Quixote had kept in the bank previously. This aroused suspicion and Rook accused Ikelos of not being honest, having once worked for Talaris but let it rest after some convincing.

Getting a drunken dance at The Dirty Diamond after an eventful day Rook is almost charmed by Kee’ra Diamond who tried to get him to join her in the back rooms but resists and escapes home. Joking with Duncyn Kuiper and about Fayes dating preferences in boys as a "growing girl" he retires for the night.[4]

Chapter 5: Laying low

Talus Nova recovered sword

Return of goods

Worrying about the corporate inevitable retribution Rook investigates who's behind the mage slaying business by asking around. Talus Nova is missing one of his blades and together with Oriana and Rook they break into Duncyns apartment and recover it from there.

Coach Erics "package"

Mars drone "package"

A Mars drone (portrayed by Arcadum) visits the bank and hands over an unknown cylindrical canister package to Coach Eric, telling him that he needs to keep it within close proximity on behalf of the Mars Corp. Questioned what he knows about the previous attack Eric tells him to keep an eye on "the big guy at the noodle shop", meaning Big Conk.

The drone doing a check at local businesses ended up at "The Grindstone" bar and accused Faye of being a minor, not permitted to sell alcohol. Initiating a search Faye shoots the drone in the back. As it returns fire it gets swarmed by the patrons and is seemingly killed by Talus Nova. Dash Spacer sees his duty as a practitioner before any company alliance and transports the body to the hospital, placing it in a stasis pod.

Rook returning learns of the drone stopped by and interrogates people of what happened, learning the drone pulled a gun on his daughter. In his search he encounters Coach Eric who isn't willing to share much information about any possible reason for the drone visit. Before leaving Rook threatens to strangle Eric with his own guts if he finds out that he had anything to do with it.

Locating the stasis pod where the Mars drone where put in suspended animation Rook fires into the glass multiple times, making sure it wont be reanimated.

Later on the "package" given to Coach Eric starts beeping ominously, eventually counting down. Just in time he disposes of the container into the tube that leads to the wasteland outside as it explodes blowing a line of fire bellowing out.[5]

Chapter 6: Slow Burn

Toxic Intoxication

Rook samples some of Big Conks special brew while dining at the Noodle Shop and spends parts of the night running around in a drunken stupor followed by his friends chasing after him, worrying about his well being. He is treated at the medical facility by Dash Spacer but escapes, is grabbed by Big Conk who feels personally responsible and he together with Bo try to treat him with the help of Ikelos. As it turned out Ikelos had helped make the drinks stronger with the help of imbuing them with magic.

Hacking RG-2

Together with Faye hacking the security he spied on Alfons in his apartment and overheard Rana and the robot RG-2 mentioning possibly getting rid of Rook by ordering a hit on him. With the help of Guidebot the robot RG-2 was tricked into the basement where he was disabled forcefully with the help of Static and had it's memory banks accessed and reprogrammed to support the Legions cause.

Outside the bar a crowd started to gather led by Alfons, questioning what Rook was doing to all the robots. While Static went into defensive mode, trying to keeping everyone away she may have been a bit too aggressive, raising further alarm. Rook defending his position explained that it was a virus affecting all the robots and him trying to repair them.[6]

Chapter 7: Phantasms

Faye unlocks RG-2s memories

RG-2 memories released

Rook trying to keep people paid and happy gets praise from Jack for receiving credits. He meets the small RG-2 who now inhibits a new robotic body more akin to a toy, provided by Bethany.

Talking to RG-2 Rook admitted to his memory skip was caused him erasing it, explaining that he was turned into a weapon after making a deal with Alfons to harm him and that they had no other choice. After explaining it to him and made aware Faye returned his memory and was offered compensation to pay for his new body. Appearing understanding and appreciating his freedom RG-2 seemed to agree.

Static infected by a Virus

A "Virus" in the ghost

Garnering several reports of Static malfunctioning and causing actual harm Rook together with GU1D3-B0T attempt to debug her. At first being unsuccessful with the help from Faye they transfer the virus over to a temporary hard drive onto guidebot and reinstall her but it doesn't seem to work.

Interrogating the "Virus" of Static, Rook deems the code to be sentient in itself and getting control over her. Trying to reason with the sentient "Virus" fails but it promises not to hurt anyone while still ending each sentence with manicall laughter. Lacking any other option they keep her captive thought she later happens to escape again.

Corporate assassin fires at Kythus while he casts fire magic.

Corporate assassination attempt

A corporate assassination drone (portrayed by Arcadum) once again enters Callous Row, this time stealthily and hones down on Ikelos, it cuts him down brutally, shoots Ciara, Kythus and injures Via.

Somehow they all manage to survive their injuries miraculously. (Out-of-character Arcadum rolled dice to determine their fates...)

Corporate informant posing as a "traveler" asks for the whereabouts of a leader figure, hinting at Rook.

Corporate informant and lockdown

A mercenary from the Astral Legion entered the Noodle shop posing as "a traveler" asking people for assistance in providing information, offering a hefty sum of 1000 credits each to whoever could assist him.

After its introduction 3 interested followed, namely Rana, Jack and Dagu. Together they met in Ryders garage where the mercenary admitted his allegiance to the corporation Quixote and told the three that he was looking for a leader figure of respectable variety, someone that people look up to. Rana, opening her mouth let go of the information that he was probably looking for Rook. As soon as directions were asked Jack pulled his firearm and started peppering the mercenary with bullets, remaining loyal. Too late unfortunately because the mercenary managed to escape.

Armed corporate goons

Following the escapee corporate presence was announced in Callous Row and 4 armed goons appeared, ordering citizen to remain indoors while they search for the leader type figure. Before locating Rook they were dispatched by the brave and loyal Jack, Rask and Talus.[7]

Chapter 8: Desperation

Rook is cornered with RG-2 and Static but break free

Cornered and trapped

Rook finds himself trapped in an alleyway as a quarantine and corporate presence is declared on the public announcement speakers. A larger force than ever before of corporate soldiers, mercenaries and droids make their way into Callous Row, flooding the streets. The inhabitants of Callous Row are stopped and interrogated, questioned about Rooks whereabouts.

The synthetics Static and RG-2 make their way to Rook and create a distraction so that they can escape. Gathering up in "The Grindstone" bar Jack explains that he has assigned two teams to protect the under-city as well as the bar. The Legion resistance meets the corporate force head on guns blazing.

In the chaos Rook takes a gunshot shrapnel wound to the stomach and is treated at the medbay by Doctor Cell without any anesthetic as they've been locked out of their storage.

General Cidd of the Mars forces meet with Harrison and Kei

Higher-up visit, Kei Who?

Outside of view a corporate character from the upper Savior City referring to himself as Kei speaks to the commander in charge of the corporate forces, General General Cidd of the Mars corporation. They meet at the bank and exchange words. The Mayor of Callous Row, Coach Eric is brought in as he strikes up some kind of deal with Kei and the corporate forces are given an order to retreat.

Dr Cell treats Leiutenant Lynn

Faltering trust

Some forces remain behind as the wounded are treated equally by Dr Cellulose, both corporate and locals. As things calm down after the evacuation Rook remains stoic through his injury and opens his bar again. Debating the sudden retreat he is told that an injured Lieutenant had a change of heart and he pays her a visit in the hospital. Lieutenant Lynn tells that they were ordered by Mars to kill everyone but a peaceful solution is somehow eventually reached after the Mayor met with this "Kei".

Coach Eric questioned by Rook

Speaking in private with Coach Eric Rook questions the retreat when they were clearly outnumbered. Eric spills the deal he made of them wanting properties near vital resources such as power grids and water, clearly as a way to strangle and influence control. Calling a quarantine into question in the first place, as nobody was actually sick. Eric pleads for peace and argues that Rooks method is flawed and that violence will only make the situation worse for everyone. They part on a bad note, Rook questioning any trust he previously placed in Eric.

Behind the scenes

Ikelos is questioned by Kei and turns over a crystal to Harrison.

The higher-up named Kei eventually visit Rooks bar The Grindstone and introduces himself openly. Without resorting to hostilities he expresses his admiration for the bar before leaving. Unknown to Rook, Kei Meet with Ikelos the Imp who hands over a magical crystal to him.[8]

Guidebot guiding Warren Crassus and Johnny Tax-1.

Chapter 9: New people

Rook meets some new arrivals following Guidebot on a tour and stops a fight between his hired Street Samurai Greasepalms who threatens Dr. Cells new security robot Celeste. She accused it of being responsible for the previous corporate presence that tried to take Rook away. To calm her down he paid her.

Spying on Ikelos talking to Kei Noriaki he decides that he's been betrayed and that enough is enough and trick the imp to meet him alone, peppers him with rubber bullets to later interrogate him when he is treated in the medbay. The imp denying guilt he tells him to break all relations to the corporations. Kei later inquires about the bar but is denied entrance, Rook lies and tells him that they're undergoing renovations after finding a dead body.

Speaking to Statics split personality. A.L.Ex. in the background.

Worrying about Statics infection and attacking people he tells her that he wishes to talk to her "Virus". They meet in the virtual world of cyberspace to not risk a physical attack but instead of meeting "Virus" he meets a new entity living in Static named "Rage" instead. After speaking it becomes clear he wont be getting rid of them and instead try to convince that if they want a continued existence they have to behave, if just for their own survival.[9]

New people

Chapter 10: New people part 2

Rook greets some new people going on a tour with Guidebot, Loch, Nash, Giovanni and Nia.

He discusses business with Carl “8” Clerk who is getting low on stock but tells him that they have to lay low for a while meaning no hits on the corporations to avoid heat. Instead Rook hints at something outside the city in the wasteland being a worthy quarry but it would require a team of "heavy stacked lads" for carrying but emphasizes on not bringing any mechanics.

Alfons asks Rook for help having put the corps behind him and has gone into hiding at the "Dirty Diamond" brothel, working for Kee'ra while lacking an ID. He is offered a temporary job working at the bar and Rook purchases services from X to make a new identity for him, giving him a new chance although being ex-corp.[10]

Chapter 11: Wheeling and Dealing

Raleigh and Nia are held hostage by a corporate assassin.

Assassination attempt

Rook provides Alfons with a new id which has been completed by X and he is discontent with it ageing him up to 25 years of age, but it turns out to be the least of his worries today.

An assassination droid (portrayed by Arcadum) slashes Johnny Tax-1, takes Duncyn hostage and after successfully baiting Jack, shoots him with a logic/tracking bullet capable of downloading his files. As he is treated the bullet retrieves the info on Alfons and dispatches an Atlantis Cyborg, tasked to execute him. The cyborg searches his last known whereabouts, the Dirty Diamond brothel, takes Nia hostage and sends Raleigh out to retrieve Alfons. The plan fails and Conk appears and kills the droid.

RG-2 and A.L.Ex. try to stop the gas released in the Clinic

Caspian 65

Still not safe Alfons is hiding in Dr. Universes clinic and is targeted by a hacker (voiced by Arcadum) who fills his room with gas. People start coughing and evacuates but forgets about Alfons who is left in his hospital bed. RG-2 detects that something is wrong, communicates with the hacker and enters the clinic together with A.L.Ex., fighting being hacked RG-2 sends A.L.Ex. into the clinic computer system to turn the gas off. RG-2 is assaulted by the hacker and is nearly destroyed but manages to survive. (Out-of-character he passed a dice roll, phew)

Jack Montagne engage Caspian 65 in a decker battle to save Desmonds life.

The hacker seeks revenge on A.L.Ex. by tricking her beloved Desmond. He lies, tells Desmond that she is in danger and has to enter a holodeck in order to save her. Instead he is locked inside by the hacker, seemingly left to die of thirst or starvation. Jack is made aware of the hacker through his decking monitoring software, enters cyberspace and locates Desmond. There the hacker addresses him as "Slack Jack" offers him a deal and presents himself as "Caspian 65", first 20.000 credits, raised to 60.000 - in exchange for leaving Desmond to die in the digital trap. Jack knows this person from before and refused the offer, engaged with the hacker in a "hacker battle". Jack winning expresses that he has little care for much in Callous Row except money, but sticking it to the corporations means more to him and someone working for them is an enemy, regardless of them having a shared past. Caspian 65, perhaps remembering something he once shared with "Slack Jack" gives up and leaves them. Desmond is rescued.

Akeena's vision


A fiery vision (portrayed by Arcadum) appears magically to Akeena, adresses her in a ghastly voice, telling her that "the fires from above has come, all is lost", that "the birds of thunder and storm have ashed out forest" and "you must seek our vengeance, take the anger of your people" hinting that her home has been destroyed by spacecrafts or vehicles of war - and that she must seek vengeance. She is shocked by the experience of the news and witnessing living fire.

Kazakt Gagarn speaks to "Phil"

A strange raspy whisper (portrayed by Arcadum) surrounded Athologoth, telling him to seek a place of high ground. Wandering aimlessly following directions from the disembodied voice he found an abandoned plaza that overlooks The Row. Introducing itself as Kazakt Gagarn it tells him that he needs to bring him a "magical Rune of Earth" from the coven below, "sate it in the blood of a mage", return and offer it to him. In exchange he would give him "a power the two eyes can not see, they who walk below the falcons eyes". Athologoth, gives no response and is left to his thoughts.

Lazarus informs Loch of the cult.


A freelance mercenary docks near the gateway spaceport and inquires about Loch. Dressed in corporate armor he raise suspicion and a crowd start to gather. Eventually he calms the crowd down by parting with some credits, showing generosity. Loch approaches him carefully and the mercenary introduces himself as Lazarus, someone Loch knows very well beneath the helmet and they move to speak in private. Lazarus tells his old companion of a dangerous cultist named "Shara Nique" who leads the cult of "The Shadowbats", also known as "The Shadowmen" and that they're plotting something regarding a "Great Fire" to come to Callous Row. Loch realizes that these mean him harm and appreciates the warning.

Loch takes a good look at Alfons, the target of the bounty

Loch is also informed about the huge 90.000 credit bounty for the murder of Alfons, placed on him by the Atlantis corp. Lazarus tells him that he wont be collecting on it and instead hands it over to Loch, placing the decision if he is to perform the job or not in his hands. Leaving a shielding device for his old friend Lazarus also notices that his gun is gone. Unbeknownst to him it was stolen by Ciara. Choosing to not bother, he leaves Callous Row on his ship.

Loch gets beneath the skin of Coach Eric.

With the new information Loch decided to have a conversation with the mayor Coach Eric, reveals that he has been on the run for many years as well as the news of the cultists. Sharing his concerns about "The Hellbats" sure being after him he suggests that the mayor should use this as an opportunity to make himself look good and unite the slummers in a common purpose. Possibly being somewhat aware of Rooks tie to "The Shattered Hand" he suggest using Rook to their advantage, as a weapon by giving him a target to focus on, without getting his own hands bloody. Eric is skeptical, proposing pacifism and peaceful options above all but admitted that he would think about it.[11]

Chapter 12: Twisted Metal

Doctor Shlam

Portraying Doctor Shlam (portrayed by Arcadum), an archeologist working for the WOTO corporation he appears in the Row guarded by two assisto bots and asks the locals for directions to the grove. While not being hostile at all the suspicion from the locals eventually overwhelms and when he finds the grove, he is confronted by Big Conk along with his armed escort and is murdered.

Slaver Vart.

Vart (portrayed by Arcadum) is a slave trader who deals in synthetics (robots). He made an entrance in Callous Row looking for new unbound synthetics. During his visit he drove a remote controlled receptacle camera for his personal safety.

Main article: Vart

The Shadowbats are a group of cultists, who were branched out of a former mercenary company named "The Hellbats". They came to Callous Row to capture Loch and succeeded. In their wake Jack Montagne was killed.

The Shadowbats.

Main article: The Shadowbats

An attack group consisting of 8-10 armed guards were dispatched from the WOTO corporation came by seeking revenge and putting the responsible to justice for murdering Doctor Shlam. They left many injured but all inhabitants of Callous Row survived (out-of-character they passed their dice rolls)

After the assault Kythus held a meeting in the magical sanctum about not allowing any corporates and upping their defenses. [12]

Chapter 13: David and Goliath

Giving a blessing at Jacks grave.

Politics and justice

An emissary (portrayed by Arcadum) from the WOTO corporation paid a visit to Coach Eric informing him that they demanded justice for the death of their doctor and scientist who came to investigate the grove in the row days previously. Their demands were that as the mayor, Eric would have to present them with the people responsible for the murder and bring them to them to face justice within a week or else they would be withdrawing their support and suspend deliveries of food and water supplies to the row. Following this the mayor goes to Rook and pitches his suggestion of forming a police force of sorts in the row to bring people to justice and invites him to a meeting where he holds a public speech suggesting this to the people of the row. The mayor also holds a silent moment for the deceased Jack. Rook holds a speech as well sending mixed signals of how to proceed.

Talus, Oriana and Duncyn

Rescue plans and corporate

Learning of Lochs capture Rook starts gathering shadowrunners to assist him in a rescue mission. Together with Faye they break into the The Hellbats headquarters and manages to learn the position where the captors took Loch. Duncyn is not looking so good after the passing of Jack but insists in joining the mission to The Shadowbats.

Lange Pliskin, a corporate orders drinks at Rooks bar

Rook encounters a new corporate person of interest who is making deals around the row named Lange Pliskin. He appears to be out to purchase properties and makes some sort of deal with the Mayor. His goals remain unclear to Rook who assumes nefarious reasons.

Taking Becky aside from her job at the bank, she is paid by Rook to spy on Mayor Eric and inform him of his dealings.

Synths "Vibrating" together

Synths banding together?

Rumors travel to the row of a location referred to as "Eden" or BR-16, a hidden space station and sanctuary for synths. Word is spread around that someone intends to destroy or crash Eden into Callous Row. The synths gather up at a location telling people that they're "vibrating together".

A party bot (portrayed by Arcadum) moves into the row singing and dancing and chases after people causing a ruckus.[13]

Chapter 14: Shenandoah

Rooks small army of shadowrunner

Sudden conscripts

Rook is approached by someone introducing himself as "Plif" who somehow learned about his planned attack of The Shadowbats and requests to join him. In exchange he offers him ammunition, speedloaders and medical supplies. Meeting in private he learns that Plif is a member of The Hellbats, the original organization that the cultist Shadowbats splintered from.

The group heads out

More join, Ais Hestia says that she wishes to join and Cap Fawkes offers his skills as a field medic, proving useful in case someone gets injured. Rook tells him the things they're about to do will be dirty but he agrees to join nonetheless.

A force consisting of Ais, Cap Fawkes, Plif, Desmond, Talus, Nash, Warren and Phil join in the efforts.

Attacking The Shadowbats.

Rescuing Loch who has been tortured

Attack on The Shadowbats

Together with his recruited group of shadowrunners they attack the Shadowbats head on. In their assault a civilian woman is in the crossfire but is paid off not to cause concern. In their attack Loch is found strapped to a seat having been tortured, before his captors get a chance to answer they're shot down and Duncyn loses his wits for a moment stabbing the Shadowbat merc in charge. The PA system blurts out that reinforcements are coming and the force makes their escape.

Exiting the compound Rook encounters Mayor Eric and Lange...

On them leaving they encounter Mayor Eric and Pliskin along with two heavily armed bots who pull their guns on them. The misunderstanding quickly disarmed they were also there intending to rescue Loch but apparently came too late.


In the attack many are wounded but all manage to survive (they rolled lucky on their dice rolls). Rook himself is shot in the lung and is treated by Dr. Cell who performs surgery on him. Something more nefarious and magical was in the bullet that hit him and Kythus and Ciara are called to take a look at him. They take off together with Bo and head to the mushroom grove, retrieving some magical power that manages to save Rook in the last minute.

The injured Cap Fawkes


After recovering Rook is scolded by Dr. Cell for bringing one of her staff Cap Fawkes along without her permission. She explains that she does aprove of what Rook is doing but not his methods and that they have to remain neutral as medical workers to avoid problems with the corporations.

Speaking with the Mayor after the incursion Eric expresses feeling embarrassed having turned up only to see Rooks crew already having completed the rescue. Agreeing that something needing to be done he strongly opposed the way Rook chose to handle it with violence. Disagreements aside they are working for the same goal and both could see that.

Warren helps the injured Loch

Rook speaking to Loch following his rescue.

War crimes not in vain

Loch, also present in the Mayors offices took a moment to talk with Rook, informing of the little he learned while being interrogated by The Shadowbats. Refusing to divulge any secrets when he was tortured they had questioned him to give up his old command codes for his battleship "The Retribution" - that he commanded way back during The War of Unification. Speaking of their "Great Fire" Loch suspected they were speaking of the battleships "Prometheum missiles", weapons of mass destruction that the shadowbats possibly somehow got ahold of.

Exasperating about his past failures that labeled him a war criminal, Loch tells Rook of his failed attack on a Sonitii warp gate. What he thought would end the war had instead lead to the death of thousands of civilians. To this Rook responded that this was not in vain at all, for he had been there that day intending to take back Seras 3. When the gate fell and the great light turned off he broke through the barricade that led to their escape, that was when he had found Faye and without Loch, they might never have been able to make it out.

Learning of The Shadowbats possible acquisition of "The Retribution" battleship Rook tasked Faye to lookup any new information she could possibly find on "Prometheum missiles".[14]

Chapter 15: Undulations

Faye shows Mayor Eric a gun.

A skirmish coming

Faye speaks to Mayor Eric and warns him about an imminent skirmish between Mars and Quixote corporate forces coming to Callous Row. She leads Eric into her quarters and reveals her gear as well as weapons, information that is undoubtedly very valuable to Eric.

Mayor Eric and Conk approach the Cuixote forces

They discuss what to do with the information to warn the people of Callous Row but before getting a chance the skirmish commences and a shootout starts on the streets. In the chaos the Mars forces are led to investigate a strong magical source of power coming from the abandoned railways. Detectors report it moving and a gigantic fire elemental appears and starts laying waste to the corporate presence.

The helpful store robot points the fire elemental in the right direction

The powers of Fire rise up

In the chaos the Fire elemental kills most if not all of the corporate soldiers and starts searching for sources of mana. Chasing after Kythus is wounds and leaves Cleo and Becky severely burned. Running around on a tirade eventually Static and Rask corners the elemental in the mushroom grove and pushes it into its waters.

Bo stops the shadow creature before reaching the surface

The fire elemental is extinguished but reappears as some shadow creature. The shadow creature grasps inside Talus and Oriana ripping their very souls from themselves. Surviving barely Talus manages to resist the pull but a mark of a dark hand is left across his face. Oriana takes a sudden a final breath before collapsing before Talus and Static on their return from the grove and dies. Before the shadow creature can reach the surface and be freed it is stopped by Bo who uses her power to stop it.

(Out of character Cleo, Talus and Becky survive death rolls but Oriana fails)

Becky is touched by fire at the bank

Becky, working at the bank suddenly burst into spontaneous flames and is blessed with fire magic after being touched by the fire elemental and surviving. She burns equipment from the heat radiating around her and is yelled at by her boss Eric.

Injured Cleo at the clinic is treated by Dr. Cell

Cleo severely wounded at the hospital survives but is left with a crippling trauma and a fear of fire.

A date with the tentacle lady

Rook returning purchases some drinks for Faye and learns about the events that occured. He invites Kee'ra and they spend some time together at an outlook area, overlooking the row and it's skylines.

Rook and Kee'ra share a moment together

Speaking with her they converse about Kee'ras past in the Sonitii harems and her "tentacles", which seem to peak Rooks interest or ire, at first worried about her female parts being actual "female parts" but has his concerns put to rest. She shares her passion for the classic movies recorded on tapes from the old times and Rook tells of his interest in making mixtape playlists. Rook, opens up for a bit and reveals his full name to her to be "Gregarious Talon Rook" and that he used aspire to be a chaplain in the past long ago.

Before parting Kee'ra tells Rook that he makes her feel happy, and that it's usually the other way around for her, as with her clientele at the brothel and appears almost flustered.


Opening the bar Rook serves Kythus Tolem who retells the series of events of the day and asks him if he could investigate someone named "Sonos Korai" for him. Rook agrees and will look into it.

Dr. Cell tells of someone stealing all of her medical records and points suspicion towards either Desmond and "her bitch brain in-a-jar" A.L.Ex. or the new Cuixote corp Lange Pliskin. Their difference about Rooks methods aside he thanks her for trusting in him.[15]

Chapter 16: The Cost of Business

Teaching Faye to use a corporate Sniper Rifle

Teaching and rumors

Rook teaches Faye how to use a Corporate Sniper Rifle that she recovered after yesterdays wild events.

Word goes around that the synthetics are malfunctioning and they start to gather below in the undercity for some reason.

Conk speaks to Rook about Bo's kidnapping

Kidnapping of Bo

Rook learns that Conks partner Bo has been kidnapped by Rana Amariah and taken away to the Nirvana Corporation headqarters, spits out his drink in shock and directly starts planning a rescue operation. Conk seems desperate and talks to everyone about it and his wish to get her back to any cost. He is calmed by Rook, telling him that they have to do this right using the "soft-method" and without any violance in order to make sure she remains unharmed.

People storm into Rooks bar about the news looking to him about what to do.

Mayor Eric, Becky and Hatsune.

Mayor Eric offers his assistance, accepting the risk that he might die if he participated in the operation and Rook puts enough trust in him to show him the secret Shattered Legion base. Before entering he shoos away the Quixote aligned Lange and discusses how to approach the situation of Bo's kidnapping. Eric tells of a dispute going in between Quixote and Nirvana Corporation but agrees not to involve any corporates into the rescue mission. Rook suggests that Eric be the one to be the inside man to use blank fake ID cards for the operation while he supplies transport and muscle.

Plif, Alex and Faye discuss the mission

Recruiting a team

Not knowing where the captors have taken her Kythus is tasked to use his magic and try to locate Bo. Leilani sweetly asks Rook to help save her friend, wanting to help. They learn that Bo is arrested using a corporate action, not individual actions - adding complexity to the rescue meaning that if they get caught they will most probably be executed. Loch is excluded, being a wanted man, Nash offers his assistance but is denied because of his unregistered tech robotic arm, that might arouse suspicion and Kythus sticks out like a sore thumb with his "magical" appearance. An unknown girl with cat ears offers her healing abilities but is also denied.

Gathering a team suggested by the Hellbat mercenary Fandiarius Sharborough who joined in the previous rescue of Loch he along with Felix Dolore, someone named "Alex" and Faye were recruited for the operation.[16]

Chapter 17: What Family Means

Plif, Felix Dolore and Alexander gets ready for the rescue mission.

Rescue mission to save Bo

Rook did not join the planned rescue operation but leading it was Coach Eric, he along with undercover Faye, Fandiarius Sharborough, Felix Dolore and Alexander travel to the Nirvana Corporation complex where Bo is held captive.

Dr. Luscious Hambone greets Coach Eric

Eric having booked a meeting with Dr Luscious Hambone of Nirvana he puts on a front of offering fertile soil for disposing of toxic waste chemicals from Nirvana manufacturing. The strong Plif carries a huge case with a soil sample with them. While Eric distracts Dr Lusciouis going on a guided tour around the heavily guarded Faye and the others sneak off to gather information. Dodging armed guard patrols Faye hacks open a door retrieving confidential information and Felix Dolore figures out where Bo was being held captive.

Dr. Luscious Hambone is shown a soil sample

Alexander is caught but makes up an excuse of him being a structural engineering for the sweepo corporation, developing a biohazard chute that would minimize the materials for construction, directly helping Nirvana and is given a pass. The party is directed to where Bo is being held thanks to Erics silver tongue but lacks means to release her with all the guards around. Faye eventually hacks a terminal and triggers a fake gas leak causing a distraction. Plif quickly release Bo and puts her in the soil cask. Before being able to leave he is caught by the doctor who notices that Bo is missing and before rising alarm Plif knocks him out cold and puts him in the cell where Bo was being kept.

Faye sneaks about the NIRVANA compound, recovering information.


The party makes their way out but are stopped at the checkpoint outside the compound as an alarm is announced on the PA system. Armed Nirvana soldiers storming to arrest them in the midst of the gas leak alarm cause chaos. The party gets arrested and the container keeping Bo is opened, being out in the free she is able to use her magic again and hits the Nirvana soldiers vision with blindness and fogs their minds. Thanks to her magic Bo manages to escape while Eric and Faye are captured and escorted to the holding cells. Alexander is taken elsewhere. Hope is not lost as Eric manages to bribe one of the guards to betray her loyalty towards the Nirvana Corporation. Things turn vilent as the guard shoots one of her coworkers and assists in the partys escape.

Commander Rider captures Alexander

The commander in charge of security Richard Rider interrogates Alexander and is fed false information about his reasons, eventually he collects a blood sample which is run through the corporate database system. The results fire up and Alfons true identity is revealed, no more secrets. The bounty of 90.000 credits are displayed in the commanders vision and he intends to collect it. He calls in a bounty hunter from ATLANTIS who comes to collect him.

NIRVANA Corporation labs

Example of the remaining

While the rest of the party are safe returned to Callous Row, the ATLANTIS bounty hunter brings Alfons with him and intends to execute him in the streets, to set an example. As he stabs him he is interrupted by Desmond who engages in battle. Sustaining some wounds Desmonds attack got himself injured while the bounty hunter escaped. Severely wounded Alfons and Desmond are brought to the clinic and treated, but their wounds are not normal, they've been infected with nanomachines and nanites surge in their bloodstreams. In a strange fight for treatment Static assists in the diagnosis and realizes that the nanites hold of either person means that the doctor must choose who to save. Miraculously both survive thanks to the treatment from Dr Cell and Cap Fawkes. (Out-of-character lucky dice rolls were made).

Alexander is treated by Dr Cell and makes a miraculous recovery.

Slummer justice

The aftermath of the infiltration of NIRVANA leaves Conk and Bo expressing their gratefulness to Rook while retribution for her captuire is pointed towards the corporate aligned. Lange Pliskin and Rana Amariah are gathered up at the bank and questioned for their involvement in Bos kidnapping by Mayor Eric and Rook.

Mayor Eric asks Bo about her judgement regarding guilt

Sharing his information Lange told his reasoning why Bo got abducted in the first place. The reason being that the clinic had gotten samples of health potions that got to the Nirvana corp, from Bethany Esda, containing mushrooms. To replicate the potions they had kidnapped one of the mushroom people. Rana claimed that she only works for Nirvana in order to get her husband back who is held captive. Conflicting stories from Lange and Rana leaves Bo getting to decide who is at fault and what justice be served to them.

Lange is freed of suspicion, while Rana gets exiled to the wastelands

Bo decides to exile Rana to the wastelands while Lange is freed. Lange working with Mayor Eric expresses his anger at being suspected at all, meaning that any dealings with Nirvana would have been evident in the books that he already shared with the mayor in their shared business dealings. The Mayor apologizes to Lange who is released, free to go.

Exile to the wastelands

Rana although professing her innocence is sentenced to exile in the wastes as per Bo's decreed. Charles offers to take her somewhere in the wastes where she has a chance and Rook agrees to hand her a weapon of their people - a spear.

Mayor Eric tells Rook of the useful information that Faye recovered, and how it might help their problem with the WOTO Corporation demanding justice for their dead doctor Sham.

Rook before retiring for the day, gathered all the workers at the brothel and told them about Nirvana tracking and the healing potions that were the reason for Bo's kidnapping. Bethany was also informed and the best way to keep safe was to keep quiet.[17]

Chapter 18: Death and Taxes

From bad to worse

Bad news from Leilani and "Phil"

Waking up with a headache as usual Rook ponders how to solve the current situation of the heat brought on the row. The Mayor is going to have to pay off WOTO somehow to satisfy their bloodthirst before the deadline of turning in the one responsible of their scientists murder - else the food and water supplies are gonna get cut.

Duncyn visits the bar and introduces the new repaired Guidebot, very unlike his usual jolly self the small synthetic appears strangely, "robotic". As if those news weren't bad enough the worse are that the synthetics of the Row are seemingly stirring an uprising of sorts and according to Duncyn, even showing defiance against Rook with supposedly even Static being in on it. Rook asks AIM-3 if the Synths no longer trust in him but she denied it. Rask reports of the Akeenas forest being burned down and Leilani feels that the grove is in danger and describes the situation as dire, having no resolution, only bandaids for the time being.

Rook confronts Feelix about his deal to marry Faye

Marriage bet

Dining at the noodle shop Argen tells Rook that his daughter apparently put a bet on him fighting Rook, and it being nothing less than an agreement to marry a suitor; Felix Dolore, if Rook loses. Hearing this the half-orc enters a rage unspoken of and storms off to confront him and his daughter.

Meeting Faye Rook confirms the truth and grounds her to her room and continues searching for Felix. Finding the young man he threatens that unless he ceases this farce bet - the only thing he would ever be sexually intimate with would be the ground.

Kaiphus the collectors's ploy

Out-of-character Arcadum changes into a fellow wearing Talaris armor and carrying a package that needs delivering to the Mayor.

Meeting Becky she escorted him to the Mayors office where she left him alone unsupervised. Seizing the opportunity he started hacking the database in the office, learning that Felix was an accomplice in the infiltration of the Nirvana labs, days prior. When Mayor Eric arrived he told him that they needed to speak alone, this was when he proceeded to blackmail him. Claiming to have incriminating evidence in a package of the Mayors involvement and his guilt of the infiltration, he offered him a deal in return for the names of his compatriots. Also claiming that the encryption keys for the evidence showed it to be unique and the only copy, in return for all their names he would leave without reporting the mayor. Eric took the bait and handed over the names. Happy with the transaction, "Kaiphus the Collector" left with a happy spring in his steps.

Assassination of Felix

Before leaving the row with the information he gathered, Kaiphus managed to spot one of his targets, namely Felix of all people. He told a local how much he admired the young mans figure and managed to get himself introduced and alone with him. Asking Felix for help to get a terminal working, as Bethany approached, Felix turned his back, Kaiphus grabbed his hidden gun, yells out, and just as Felix turned around he shot him multiple times in the chest. The shocked Bethany witnessed everything and fled the scene.

As Felix blood escapes him he is brought to the clinic but unfortunately his life could not be saved.

The evidence package... was empty. Fake.

Double tricked

From a spectators point-of-view we overhear Mayor Eric telling Becky that they should try and frame Felix murder on Lange of all people. Intriguing. Inspecting his office computer, Eric learns that someone tampered with his system. Seeking computer assistance the Mayor asks Faye for help, and we learn that she thinks Rook is the one responsible for Felix's murder. She asks Mayor Eric for a job to, in her writings, help her escape the cage of living. Faye working on what was lost learns that the package, turns out to be empty, devoid of any evidence. The mayor was tricked twice.

As the PA system blares out a warning of Corporate presence in the row, Lange it turns out, is not a good candidate for being framed. He happened to have gotten beat down by slummers and is getting retrieved by a Quixote evacuation team.

Bo hears visions of death and a foreshadowing

A foreshadowing of death

Bo walks alone in the darkness of the grove, following a strange inner voice that whispers out to her. Walking, searching, her head is filled with visions of what is, what will be and what has already come to pass.

Hearing whispers of the dead walking Bo follows them deeper into the grove until visions fill her head. She sees Callous Row broken, people in the streets dying and the dead walking. The dead Jack, the dead Felix. They both walk with pallid skin and with their teeth dripping with blood, the blood of Conk. Spotting a shadow just beyond her vision, she sees - the necromancer.


Rook returning home meets Faye who is very distraught. Using her tablet she types that she saw Felix getting shot. Wishing that she could have helped him somehow but were unable to. She accused Rook of being responsible because of his outburst previously but he denied it, to which she apologized. Tired and sad she dropped the matter, heading for sleep, noting down that she would recount all that happened later.[18]

Chapter 19: The Candy Man Can

Leilani saves Kythus.

A strange barrier

A tunnel in the abandoned railway section of "The Undercity" is protected by a mysterious barrier. Kythus starts investigating how to break through it.

Kythus with his magical affinity, is compelled to move towards the darker regions of the grove containing dark mushrrom and when he makes it there he falls over in pain as a magical crystal starts to form. With help from Leilani he is healed and they make their escape but in the panic he leaves Leilani behind who nearly drowns. Apologizing Kythus explains that the crystals are not enough for what he requires and is afflicted by a magical blindness. Handling over the crystal he has to Conk he carries them to be used to power a flashlight-like device to possibly help penetrate the barrier.

After discussing the barrier with the sanctums other magic users together with Bo, Kythus goes to work at breaking breaking the barrier leading to the sealed off area.

Alfons calls his father together with Coach Eric, asking for help

Help from dad

Joined by Mayor Eric, Loch and Alfons who has had his true identity revealed makes a call to his father Josephan (portrayed by Arcadum), a higher up ATLANTIS corporate businessman. After being lectured repeatedly, Eric steps in with his smooth talk to help Alfons plead his case. Being put on hold and the conversation going back and fourth repeatedly he eventually agrees to pay off Alfons bounty, however this is after learning about the existence of the magical grove, hidden beneath Callous Row in the undercity.

Entering the barred off area

In the footsteps of The Necromancer

Breaking the barrier to the sealed place a party of several slummers spill in led by Bo and Ciara with Dagu in tow holding a flashlight. Cleo smells blood of hundreds of bodies and they find the remains of many dead left over from the quaratine. Body bags and biohazard warning symbols litter the place. Wandering through the decay the group is lead through an old grocery store until they reach a dead body without any visible wounds.

Hanged bodies and the symbol of "The Necromancer"

Dagu checks a computer for logs pertaining to what occurred during the quarantine and what left so many dead. Not finding what he was looking for a specific symbol in the logs stands out, Kythus pointed it out to be the magical symbol of "The Necromancer". The descent into darkness turns chaotic as the group reaches a room with hanged bodies suspended off poles with the glaring symbol of "The Necromancer" behind them once more. Ciara starts mumbling out loud to herself and claims that the symbol calls to her, that she deserve's it and that the others are too afraid. Bo approaches her thinking her to have lost her mind and the two ensue in a struggle for power as the rest of the group are pushed backwards and separated behind a magical force. Leaving only Ciara and Bo.

Bo fight Ciara who tries to claim the power of The Necromancer for herself.

The dead rise

As the two battle Ciara claims the power to be hers, it's what she came here for and if anyone tries to stop her she will make them join her. Engrossed in their fight the dead surrounding them slowly start to rise up, reanimated.

As Bo and Ciara are locked together in a magical struggle Eros, Charles, Loch and Talus among others start fighting the undead physically. As Bo seems to win the battle the group starts to make their escape but not before both Charles and Eros are bitten.

Respite interrupted

All limbs intact the injured are helped make their way back to the grove where Leilani provides healing and Akeena uses her knowledge of poisons to aid. Eros survives but is left with black veins covering his skin while Charles is left with a darkened skin and something like a curse. If any dark mana touches him again he will most surely turn and be doomed to join the the other undead.

The grove besieged by Quixote forces

As if quarantined undead were not enough Loch arrives to sound an alarm that there is an incoming corporate raid lead by Lange and his Quixote forces. This time they're out for blood and lays siege to the group inside the grove as Leilani erects a barrier to prevent them entering.

Trapped but seemingly safe inside the barrier Quixote creates chaos all around Callous Row while keeping some armed guards stationed outside of the grove.

Kaiphus the collector corners Faye

Kaiphus the collector returns

Kaiphus "The Collector" (portrayed by Arcadum), the notorious bounty hunter makes his return and encounters the Quixote forces, inquiring about his target, being Rook. Wandering around he finds Faye by happenstance. Knowing very well who she is he shoots her and drags her off to the garbage incinerator to interrogate her.

Sputtering taunting words at the young woman that she should have "listened to her daddy" he gives Faye a threatening final offer to bring Rook to him in exchange for sparing her life. Before Kaiphus is given a response Lange interrupts them, blaring on the Public Announcmeent system that he has taken the Doctors and Mayor prisoner at the medical bay. Faye siezing the opportunity of the sudden distraction tries to get a shot off at Kaiphus but is overpowered.

Kaiphus laughing incapacitates the poor girl by shooting her hands and legs, leaving her maimed and mutilated to suffer and die alone.

Leilani heals Fayes wounds but at a great cost

A great sacrifice

Leilani and "Phil" encounter the body of Faye barely breathing but still alive. Putting all of her powers vested in her from the grove, Lei manages to heal Faye but at a very steep cost, the grove welts and the barrier fails.

The Grove is breached

The Quixote forces pushes into the grove, they shoot Cleo and Nia and tosses them into the sewers. With infected wounds from the sewage water they manage to make it to land but Cleo is unresponsive and fell unconscious. Nia shelters her dear friend's seemingly lifeless body close, rocking back and fourth as she weeps in sadness.

Dagu is shot in the head, leaving him blind on one eye

The Quixote invasion leaves Argen dead from his wounds, Kythus, Dagu and Duncyn severely wounded but surviving. Loch injured.


Not just causing death the Quixote strike team also leaves devastation. Lange plants a bomb in the grove and evacuates his team. Minutes later the explosion creates a small earthquake felt by all inhabitants of the row, causing them to fall to the ground, dirt and smoke fills the air.

The explosion leaves the whole undercity destroyed, filled with debris and rubble and all the inhabitants depending on it's magic for sustenance are gravely afflicted.

Bo, Conk and Leilani all fall to the ground unconscious and begin to rapidly degrade. The grove and the focus of their magic - has been destroyed.

"Phil" and Loch are locked together in a vision

Return of The Retribution

Athologoth aka "Phil" hears voices in his head again, like that time previously when his dark patron ordered him commands. This time he was told to seek "the sorrowful one, the sole survivor". Finding Loch which was the target the voice sought, he did as told and managed to get Loch to meet him alone.

When they met the voice revealed himself audibly to both Athologoth and Loch to be "Rodgick", someone that Loch recognized from his days in The Union military. Belonging to a ensign that Loch had previously witnessed die, the disembodied voice asked for his help and told him to "take the hand of the servant". Grabbing Phils hand time seems to stop around the two of them and they both shared a vision. The vision showed "The Retribution", Lochs old battleship in orbit above Savior City, not looking as it once was but how it is now, with a cancerous growth pulsing on the side of it.

The voice ends cryptically: "The Rebels have taken what is mine, it now seeks the heart of your world. Servant gather my strength, end the sorrow of the survivor and make right what was wrong, I can only hold it back for so long..."

Phil explained that the voice was a patron of his, an otherworldly being that occasionally contacts him. Loch didn't seem to grasp what role his "patron" played in what he had just witnessed but had no reason to doubt the truth of the vision.

A Sonitii announcement of a ship approaching is sent to Dash Spacer. The notification tells it is approaching in 14 hours and that a mandatory quarantine of it is in effect. At the same time as the corporate message The Hellbats, Sharborough and Sgt. Kal Reinhart recieve an emergency SOS on an old outdated channel notifying them that a ship previously reported destroyed with the only survivor Loch is approaching, it is undeoubtedly "The Retribution".

Rook tries to comfort the despaired, broken and depressed Faye.

Small comforts

Rook returned to find Faye in a state of depression with scars all over her body outside his bar. Signing about her parents she became unresponsive as he approached and tried to wave him away. Signing "not worth", Rook loses his temper and confronts her, telling her that shes worth something. He tells her that she can hate him all that she wants but to never to hate herself.

Sgt. Kal Reinhart from The Hellbats reinforcements

Loch appears at the bar and and tells Rook about the vision of the ship in orbit and the message from his supposedly dead ensign. He pleaded to Rook to believe him, insisted that he had not gone insane although lacking any explanation of what really occured. Trusting his story Rook invited Loch to be his "bloodrite second" and introduced him to the secret base of The Shattered Legion and told him about Kaiphus the Collector.

A delivery from The Hellbats arrives, a young sergeant named Kal Reinhart hands over an armor to Rook.[19]

Kaiphus the Collector, after stabbing Rook from behind

Chapter 20: Rip and Tear

Eternal Doom

Donning his new armor and filled with rage Rook goes to the upper Savior City to hunt down Kaiphus The Collector. On his way he acquires a minigun and mows down several dozen of corporate soldiers standing in his way. Leaving blood and guts in his wake he is caught unaware by Kaiphus who stabs him with two blades from behind. Groaning what seems to be his last words he calls out for Faye as the camera pans over to Kaiphus, laughing, singing and walking away as Rook falls to the ground.

Timestamp: Rook stabbed by Kaiphus the collector

Faye and Charles finds Rooks handcrafted firearm left for her

Passing the torch

Rooks disappearance becomes known to Faye when she finds a departure message containing all his master codes in her room as well as a handcrafted firearm, a prized possession of Rook left for her.

Loch being his "bloodrite second", in the message is asked to look after Faye and to continue leading his operations for The Shattered Legion. Refusing to give up hope of finding the half-orc alive, Loch starts planning an operation to use The Retributions long-range scanners to locate Rook.

Chapter 21: The Retribution

The infected Retribution starship

Together with Warren, Phil, Dagu, Desmond, A.L.Ex., R.G.-2 and Faye, Loch leads a mission on a small spacecraft to visit The Retribution destroyer parked in orbit. Through the alien mushroom covered dank hallways they journey on, fighting infected undead onboard the ship until making it to the bridge. Managing to use its long-range scanners to home in on the location of Rooks armor they point towards the Astral Legion HQ. The ship also gets a glimpse of a camera video feed of a collapsed orc.

Loch sends The Retribution on its final voyage after locating Rook

To prevent the infection onboard the spaceship from spreading the ship along with it's infected crew, all logs, stories and records are sent towards the Sun in the Corvanis system to self-destruct.[20]

Further information: Operation Retribution

Faye discovers where Rook was stabbed.

Chapter 22 and Season 1 Finale

Astral Legion HQ

The crew led by Loch investigates Rooks location at the Astral Legion HQ but they turn up empty-handed at first and are ambushed. Discovering a data trove of the entire astral legions movements, shipments, troop deployments and weapons Faye finds camera footage of unead looking mushroom infected creatures draging Rooks body away towards an unknown fate. The creatures carried a curiously familiar sigil on their chests, "the necromancers" sigil.

Just as they are about to leave they get attacked by Kaiphus The Collector, now hitting them with cheap shots and equipped with cloaking technology. Barely making their way out the assassin is overwhelmed by infected undead, they use the distraction to their advantage as they flee.[21]

Eros browses the Necromancers library

Kythus faces the death spider

The Necromancers temple

Leaving unscathed the next order of investigation leads to an underground temple, the stronghold of the necromancer. A group is gathered to investigate the temple including the magic users among the slummers, better equipped to counter this mysterious force. Led by "the lightbringer" Bo they descend deeper and deeper down into the earth. The temple's magical presence become overwhelming, Kythus uses his runic magic, Kee’ra and Raleigh their protective magic. Throughout the ordeal they face many dangers including a gigantic spiderlike monster guardian but overcome the hordes until they find themselves face to face with the necromancer himself.

The Necromancer appears at the brothel and delivers his ultimatum

Sending his undead minions to attack in the chaos they get swarmed and escape but in the chaos both Warren and Fandiarius are lost and get captured . Taunting his new prey the necromancer mutters that they will make fine additions to his "flesh pits".

Leaving with a threat

Gathering up at the brothel while the row is under attack by undead the scattered slummers seem lost on what to do next until they are graced with none other by a magical appearance from the Necromancer himself. He gives them an ultimating to accept his gift of neverending life, if they promise to become his own pets, replant the grove in his image and help him take over the entire Savior City. Left no other choice the mayor agrees.[22]

An armored infected turned into a monstrous being with limited intelligence attacks, shooting the slummers from above

Attack on horror

Never before have the slummers of Callous Row been as united as this time when facing a common foe. Launching both an assault as well as a rescue operation that involves every capable hand they attack the Necromancers temple head on.

Facing hordes of undead they battle mindless zombies, some occasional much deadlier infected space marines weilding machine guns, the group frees Warren, who is dazed and confused as well as Fandiarius only to lose him to a deadly fall into the dephts below. Alfons is attacked by an infected weilding a chainsaw and is sawed in half before them, continuing it's hunger for mutilation the being puts its dead eys on Bo. If Bo "the lightbringer" had died then and there, not much hope would remain in defeating the necromancer. Before the infected gets to Bo it is stopped by R.G.-2 who is severely damaged and has his wrist sawed off. The onslaught doesnt end there, the infected chainsaw wielder takes Leilani hostage, backing up towards a bottomless void. Threatening to toss her frail body down to certain death, RG rushes in and pushes Leilani to safety, but his heroic action turns into a sacrifice as he falls over the ledge together with the creature. Both disappear down in the foggy darkness.

Bo fights the necromancer in a battle of light versus darkness

Light versus darkness

No time to mourn the dead the remaining carry on and face up against the necromancer and his minions, Bo leaves the safety of their magical barrier and engages in a magical struggle of one-on-one - it's light versus darkness. Nearly faultering for a moment Bo eventually overpowers him and as he staggers down, she seizes the moment to stab him repeatedly when he had his guard down.

Rook chained to the wall behind the necromancers throne

As Bo is engaged in a mental battle, Talus is engaged in a physical one fighting the death spider guarding none other than Rook, chained to the wall behind the necromancers throne. With assistance Talus sacrifices himself and with the help of his fellow combatants defeat the death spider and rescue Rook who is amazingly still alive.

Rook is reunited with Faye.

Unchained, Rook is reunited with his adoptive daughter Faye. Leaving the dead behind the party evacuate the cursed temple still containing staggering undead. Rook supported after getting some first aid, returns to his bar.[23]


  • His character makes use of his barkeep role and represents the comparable role of a "quest giver".
  • He has the letters "TAXES" and "DEATH" - "The two inevitable things" - tattooed on the knuckles of his fists.
  • He is blind on one eye and has a nasty scar across his face as well as scars on other body parts.
  • He suffers from PTSD from his time in The War of Unification.
  • He calls robots and intelligent machines "synthetics" and considers them worthy of person-hood, realizing their sentience.
    • His organization "The Shattered Legion" aims to free all Synthetics of bondage.
  • For being a barkeep who serves alcohol he himself appears to handle drinking poorly.
  • Rooks avatar was created for Arcadum by Sketchu.


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