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"That is a banger." ― Rook, commenting on music playing on the PA

"What're the two most inevitable things in life?" ― Rook, ready to dish out his fists

"*Spit* The Corps can bite me!" ― Rook

Gregarious Talon Rook is a half-orc barkeep who runs "The Grindstone" bar in Callous Row together with his ward Faye. He cares deeply about her and sees her as his adoptive daughter.

He seldom reveals his full name and to most, he is known simply as "Rook".

In secret he runs a resistance organization named "The Shattered Legion" and is gathering new recruits and allies to fight against the Mega-corporations. He is possibly forming a small rebel army consisting of several teams of mercenaries.

Rook being Arcadum's main-character for Callous Row this page is also used to recap events from a DM:s (Dungeon Master) perspective.

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He was a soldier in The War of Unification on the losing side of the union vs the corporations.

During the war Rook almost became a chaplain of The Red Moon, the patron deity of the Orcs where he comes from, but decided against it. Living in the darkness, he felt that he lost faith of the light.

Nearing the end of the war he rescued Faye, who had gotten separated from her parents. Escaping they made their way to Savior City on Corvanis 3 in the Corvanis system and eventually ended up in it's slums - Callous Row. Rook cares for Faye, refers to her as his ward, daughter and considers her his adoptive daughter. Together they run the local bar, The Grindstone.

Below the bar Rook houses his secret base of operations for their rebel organization "The Shattered Legion".

History - Season 1 - Recap

After the quarantine period in the Row mandated by the corporations ended, remaining survivors from whatever disease devastated them try to recover and reacquaint themselves with their new neighbors. Not knowing the exact reason for the lockdown the surviving slummers continue business as usual. Rook continues to cope with his diagnosed PTSD with tormenting flashbacks from The War of Unification as he recruits new members to The Shattered Legion.

As Rook amasses his resistance force they rob corporate owned deliveries and get their hands on a new weapon designed to kill magic users that the corporations were fighting over. As they make the corps job more difficult this unfortunately also opens up to reveal the presence of powerful magic users who happen make their homes in and beneath the slums. Bitter rivals both the Mars Corporation and the Quixote Corporation send armed squads into the row in order to recover the weapon plans by force but end up in an armed conflict on the streets against each-other instead. In the aftermath of the conflict the TALARIS Corporation which focuses specifically on magic jumps in, taking a much more lenient approach by making allies with many slummers and creating a delicate peace for a while. This also creates a divide of sorts - splitting the row into those who are magically inclined in the undercity - and those who make their homes on the streets in the slums.

A meddling scientist from the WOTO Corporation comes investigating to the row but as he discovers The Undercity Grove he gets murdered by Conk and his crew. Sending a large group of armed reinforcements in response, the slummers decide not to put up a fight but it meant that the grove was no longer a secret. In an effort to gain access to the grove and exploit it WOTO threatens Mayor Coach to cut off food and water supplies to the slummers. The corps getting more ingrained with who the trouble makers are in the row start sending hit-men to try and dispatch the leaders forming the resistance. Rook gets a target on his head for a while but manages to keep his head underground. The Nirvana Corporation kidnaps Bo, being a mushroom person native to the grove she's a candidate for experimentation. A rescue operation is launched and she is freed. Quixote sends their own infiltrator to the Row, Lange Pliskin to learn more, when his plans fails he ends up detonating a bomb in the grove.

The mystery surrounding the previous quarantine is later revealed as a new area in The Undercity below the row is explored. Masses of body bags with corpses are found which reveal a mushroom like infection that turned people into mindless zombies. Finding a magical symbol the slummers discover an ancient evil very different compared to the corporations - The Necromancer.

An assassin going by the name Kaiphus The Collector wounds Rook's precious daughter Faye, nearly killing her. In response he goes on a rampage revenge mission but instead he is the one who ends up missing in the effort, possibly killed or kidnapped by Kaiphus. Instead of presuming Rook to be dead Loch and his fellow "cowboys" investigate, following clues and lead a mission onboard a spaceship previously presumed to be destroyed in the war. Onboard the ship they find the same mushroom infected people as from the quarantine zone. Fighting them off they decide to destroy the ship to prevent any further spread and send it on a course into the system star. Before doing so they use the ships long-range scanners to locate Rooks power armor. They learn that he is located somewhere below the undercity, pointing once again towards The Necromancer.

Threatening the existence not just of the row but the rest of Savior City, thanks to the magical powers of Bo - "The Lightbringer" - her magic, the slummers and the magically affined, face up and defeat the necromancer and rescue Rook. The corps and the rich people from the Upper City have many reasons to be thankful for the brave slummers who risked their lives, defeating a threat that they never even knew had existed.[1]

For a more detailed description of most events from Rooks perspective in the first season please see:

History - Season 2

Chapter 1 - New Beginnings

Corporate Intel and Upper City movement

Rook opens up the Grindstone bar as usual and greets the old robot J.I.M who appears to have lost his memories again. Rook opens up the synthetic's console and reprograms him to act as a bartender in his place. Doing his rounds he proceeds to warn and inform his trusted people about the current intel, leaked from Sonitii thanks to Faye's wiretapping, on the ongoings in the Upper City. The stock trade market had gone quiet, and a void in the powers that be hinted at an imminent potential power struggle by the mega-corporations vying to fill that void. A capital ship had also entered the solar system with a salvage order traveling through the Sonitii warp-gate.

Verlassene returns guidebots ID

Doing his rounds, Rook encounters Guidebot yelling at Verlassene, a robot catgirl who is accused by Guidebot of stealing his ID card. When confronted about it she explains that she was just toying with him and returns his posessions. Engaging Guidebot's war mode, Rook sends him searching Sonitii's network looking for missiles and their salvage order.

He meets with Kee'ra and warns her about the intel, advising her to listen if any Upper City folks stop by the brothel. He also asks her out to join her in the newly opened Red Garden area. Proceeding, he meets with Loch, Warren, and Charles, updating them on the intel and the spaceship salvage order. Loch remarks that the destroyed Retribution battle-cruiser had discharged its weapons and cargo before it was destroyed. Agreeing that if the corps go to war the people will be the ones likely to suffer and learning from past events, Rook recommends keeping tabs on everyone, as the last time something like this was going on people started disappearing. The intel from Faye also reported that WOTO is aiming to market and sell their artificial fun cubes, a questionable mass-produced food product.

Continuing his rounds Rook pays out credits to Duncyn for the late Jack's service.

"Rebecca - Professional"

Meeting Becky he learns that she has reinvented herself as "Rebecca - Professional". She was going to go to Talaris to learn more about her magical powers, not valuing the limited training that she got from The Undercity. Rook advises against it and reminds her of the "mage slaying bullets" they had recovered from the corps last year. She asks for his help about acquiring fire crystals to help keep the embers for her fire magic going to which he agreed. As he let spill about his date with Kee'ra, Becky tells him that the brothel worker might be thinking that his date would be the "paid" kind and possibly was offering "the girlfriend experience", which is popular - but very costly. Rook is stumped by this realization and is suddenly very worried about his upcoming date.

Checking back in his bar he meets two corporate-aligned young men from the Upper City looking for fighters for an arena fighting event over at the Mars compound and offering 10K credits per fighter. Seeing this as a chance to find out more, Rook introduces them to Loch, Warren, Charles Rask, and Desmond, tasking them to use this opportunity to spy on the corporates. Somehow Guidebot gets assigned as a fighter as well, with the mission to plant as many bugs as possible. The combatants accept the offer and will get back in touch another day.

DM: The flustered Jimothy

As a DM, Arcadum calls Jimmy Young as a superior officer of Sonitii while the young lad is visiting a strip club. Faking that someone had called the wrong number, Jimmy hangs up on his supposed superior, on which Arcadum remarks: "Oh boy, he is in trouble now." Superior chief Nostrum of Sonitii sennds a soldier to the Row, ordering him to return with Jimmy back to HQ immediately with the warning, as quoted: "Nobody hangs up on me." When the order was delivered, a confused Jimmy rebuts that he is with Union and not with Sonitii, showing his ID. Arcadum, recovering from his mistake, then tells him as the Sonitii underling some good and some bad news. The good news is that Jimmy seemed to have a brother, who apparently was his clone. The bad news is that this supposed brother is now, unfortunately, dead.

Meeting with Kak-to and Mayor Rico Suave

A visit to the wastes

Stopping by the Undercity, Rook passes by the Grove, greeting Leilani who has "grown up" quicker than any human would, and meets with Nia and Bethany in their junkyard shop. He warns them about the same intel, and he wants to make sure they know to look out for any suspicious scrap gatherers showing up with salvage orders.

Taking the rope elevator down to the Wasteland, Rook meets with the Mayor of Scrap Town, Rico Suave, asking him how to acquire more fire crystals. He also asks for some new cologne, that he had gotten from him before, for his date with Kee'ra. There he is introduced to the mayor's strange gangster lackeys, Kak-to and Sean Ward. Before meeting the mayor at his "palace", they are intercepted by a "dragon lady" named Sheila who speaks of her spirits while spitting pink liquid at them. Gangster Kak-to decided to literally pull her leg to distract her so that the mayor and Rook could get away from her ramblings.

Meeting up at the mayor's "palace", the mayor immediately jumped into his personal pool filled with water, a very rare and seemingly wasteful commodity in the Wasteland, not to mention that it was placed right next to some electrical wiring. Both wasteful and a recipe for disaster. The mayor agrees to find him some fire crystals and resupplies him with his cologne, that just happens to be... the mayor's bodily fluids, his octopus ink.

Sheila ranting about "the spirits" as she is held down by Kak-to

DM: Sheila's visions

As a DM Arcadum whispers to Sheila as her spirits, telling her to go out into the sands and follow a large scorpion-like monster. Together with Wit they head out into the wastes. Out in the desert it suddenly starts to rain, and a spirit speaks through the giant scorpoion creature. It speaks:

"I am the rain. I am the storm. Listen well. My warning: the mountain watches, its fire grows, its rage grows beyond counting. Fire, pain, death to all. Seek thee that live in metal. Seek thee that care for those below. Face the guardian. Silence the mountain's fury before all things are lost."

As the scorpion returns to the wilds of the wastes, a vision enters Sheila's mind: a mountain spraying death and destruction down on the sands. Is a volcano about to erupt, threatening the safety of Scrap Town?


At the Upper City, Arcadum portrays a panicking WOTO employee calling John Goldman. They seem to be having some troubling issues with the WOTO food cubes moving on their own accord. John warns his WOTO colleagues and brings along Rikky Raclette, Manyu All, and the worried employee to investigate. When they enter the production facility, one of the cubes infects the employee by crawling into their skin. He dies before their eyes, immediately coming back as a zombie, but he's quickly disposed of by Manyu. This is not all their ire though as they notice that they were being observed by a hacked webcamera. Someone saw what happened. Suspecting Sonitii to be behind the spying, they try to break into the computer.

Kee'ra makes Rook flustered

The Sensitive Orc

Rook waits patiently for Kee'ra to turn up for their scheduled date, but he starts worrying that she might have forgotten about it, or that she possibly thinks it is a professional affair and not a genuine one. His worries prove to be unwarranted as she appears and they speak together while he awkwardly tries to be charming but stutters nervously. She calms him down and they talk about her true alien form. She offers to reveal it to him someday if he wanted. Before parting they schedule another date to explore the Undercity together and go for a swim. After Rook walked her home and kissed her goodnight, his nerves go haywire, and he runs off to throw up in an alleyway.[2]

Episode 2: A shadow on the wall

New ID from Jimothy at the bank

An Upper City visit

Rook asks Faye to come with him to the Upper City for the arena battle at the MARS Corporation arena and tells her to bring her decking equipment. Getting an ID at the bank from Jimothy for Rivett, Rook also purchases some additional ID obfuscation from X to make sure they don't get caught if someone checks them visiting the corporate section of the city. Her price is steep but it's worth it.

Meeting up with Loch, Charles, and Warren, Rook reports his spotting of a suspicious red Synth bot. Guidebot says that he learned she goes by the name "Vee" and is staying at the hotel, and he confirms that she is heavily armed. Becky insults Guidebot and asks for the time of the MARS arena fight. She also asks if Rook will attend.

Heading upside early before the competition, Loch, Warren, and Charles scout out the place as Faye plants bugs at SONITII's HQ. Moving over to the MARS corp section, they are interrupted by multiple "suits". As Enzo Quintiliano introduces himself and questions what they're doing, they're recognized by Razz Arleth who explains that they are the fighters from their meeting yesterday. As more suits, even Damien Masaru, gather for the event Rook and Faye take off.

Reeza Dunewind communes with the spirits

DM: Spirit visions in Scrap Town

A fire elemental Spirit moves around Scrap Town, whispering and creating discomfort to all the inhabitants with a spiritual incline to be able to see such visages. The spirit had issues communing clearly at first, but Reeza Dunewindwas able to listen with assistance from Sheila's ritual drum. The Spirit is very angry and it grasped Reeza by the neck as it spoke to her:

"Kill the mountain's fire, it burns the earth. The ones above take what is not theirs. They got into its heart. Stop them - or perish."

Facing off versus Rask, Loch, Guidebot and Warren

DM: Kaiphus comes not to collect - this time

Stealthily moving around around the Upper City undetected using his cloaking technology, Kaiphus The Collector listens in on various corporate conversations. Eventually he introduces himself in front of Nadia Palpatyne, Enzo Quintiliano, and June Levings to enter himself into the upcoming arena match. They ask who he represents, but he says that he only represents himself. Mysterious and peculiar, but it is well perceived. He is accepted and will take on all the other combatants at once.

Though he was told to wait for an escort, he sneaks up to Faye only to say "Hello again", shocking her before stealthily disappearing again.

Kaiphus fights versus Loch, Guidebot in the back behind the barrier

Nadia, head of security for Atlantis, asks him again if he is sure to take them all on at once, as she is skeptical and worries that he will mess it up, but he ensures she will find it quite entertaining. Hatsune asks if he is excited for the fight, to which he replies that few things get his blood going like the thought of ending someone's life. June Levings, another corporate overhearing the conversation, is impressed by his boisterous nature and throws in 50.000 credits as a bonus if he manages to win.

Mey, ATLANTIS mascot and superstar, is the announcer for the fight and counts down before the battle is initiated. Right as it starts, Kaiphus erects a barrier surrounding himself and whispers to Loch and crew that they have something important to talk about. He tells them to give the onlookers a show and join him in a meeting at Union central after the fight. Using his superior armor and stealth capabilities Kaiphus puts on a show, erecting barrier after barrier while taunting, making cheap shots, and laughing at his opponents. After giving the audience what they want, he disappears and seemingly leaves the arena. Appearing behind Mey, he tells her in her ear: "I think they're doing well, don't you?" As he has left the arena, he openly admits defeat saying he was a naughty boy. Mey announces he's disqualified and declares the 4 remaining combatants the winners. She finishes off the show with a music and dance performance.

DM: Kaiphus the turncoat

Meeting up with Warren after the arena, Kaiphus tries to convince the ex-Quixote that his past assassination attempts were never anything personal, only a matter depending on payment. Instead of death he offers information, supposedly in good faith. He tells that the most powerful person in the sector is missing and warns the slummers about two persons that they need to watch for:

  • A man in a black ensemble that speaks of a lottery - be wary to trust him.
  • Beware the traveler from the sands, he will speak of terror but hide his true meaning.

If Warren could make sure that his friends got these two messages, he'll consider his previous debts to be paid.

DM: Another corporate rivalry war?

MARS Lieutenant Carcryle comes in coughing at the MARS compound. He reports to Enzo that his convoy had been ambushed and he was the only one who made it back. He plays back a recording on which it looks like the they were attacked by white laser weapons of incredible firepower when testing new carrier crafts, rapidly turning them into ashes ashes. It seems like Quixote is behind another attack on MARS.

John Goldman learns invaluable information

DM: WOTO learns everything

A drone bot checks in on John Goldman and suddenly says "Target acquired". Receiving an incoming call, Goldman seems quick to dismiss it until the person on the other line mentions having video footage of a certain "incident" from yesterday. Suddenly Goldman seems a lot more agreeable and instantly makes a spot in his schedule for an immediate meeting. Bringing Razz Arleth with him for security, they meet up with the caller. A figure introduces himself as Taern Cross. He is escorted into a private conference room and given a pat-down, but he is unarmed.

Having been offered food and drink, the man insists that after telling what he has to say Goldman won't have the stomach to eat anything. After Razz Taern is dismissed, he explains his past with the Shadowbats who have since dissolved. He had been onboard of the Retribution before it was destroyed when his team attempted to steal its weapons. There he had learned of the infection on board as well as the involvement of the slummers from the Row.

He offers all his saved data because his father was a loyal WOTO man and he desperately pleads for something in return, as he lost all his possessions. With the promise of WOTO setting him up with a new life and only them learning of this information, he hands over all his data, including all video footage. Video footage of his escape, all the slummers' involvement, the destruction of the Retribtution spaceship, the secret of the seedy magic used by the slummers in the Undercity, and the infection itself.

Thanking him for deciding to come to WOTO and not any other corporation, Goldman gives him a card to give to the receptionist which would get him "whatever he needs" in compensation, including a residence or even a "brothel bot".

Goldman immediately meets up with his colleague Rikky Raclette who suggest capitalizing on all the information for their own profit and blame any issues on the other corps. After some processing, the Necromancer and his demise are projected as a hologram and revealed to WOTO.

John Goldman of WOTO meets with Damien Masaru of TALARIS.

DM: Out with Mars, in with Talaris

The only thing that WOTO seemingly doesn't learn, is the identity of the mysterious fighter in the arena and his stealth technology. MARS being supposedly best in weaponry obviously failed to anticipate it, seeing as Kaiphus could leave the arena. Leonard Kiani is sent to consult with the TALARIS Corporation and they invite its CEO Damien Masaru of TALARIS to the WOTO offices. When Damien met with Goldman and Rikky, he quickly remarks on MARS' failures and suggests that TALARIS fills their place instead. With blood or trace remains from the arena and their magic they may be able to track down this Kaiphus.

DM: Kaiphus meets Rikky the rat

When Rikky is alone, Kaiphus appears before him. Apologizing for the intrusion he tells him right up front that he has been hired to kill him, but he has other plans. Growing wearisome he offers a proposal instead: In exchange for not killing Rikky, he wants him to retrieve a certain medallion bearing the mark of Quixote from Mr. Enzo. Last he saw it, it was on his person. Not divulging its importance other than that it would be use for evidence, Rikky proposes a counter offer. In addition to his survival, he would also want information on the person who ordered him killed. Kaiphus agrees and disappears from sight. [3]

Episode 3

Corporate infiltration

June Levings leads a corporate meeting between the officials

June Levings receives a phone call that the corporate CEOs are gathering for an interim board meeting to elect a new official for the corporations to take the missing president's place. The situation hangs on the edge of a knife, and some fear the power struggle may even result in a war. After she starts the meeting, everyone present receives a message on an emergency channel which has not used since the The War of Unification asking for help at the edge of the sector.

Rook calls Faye asking her to gather more intel on SONITII in the Upper City. Sneaking into the company offices together with her personal assistant Rivett, they're caught by Blayne Penn in Ellek Myth's office. As she is detained, Damien Masaru from TALARIS corp appears and starts questioning her. Looking for any signs of tampering with Ellek's computer, Blayne looses control over his cyberware as he's infected by a virus. He fires a gunshot at Damien but he is protected by his magic and is uninjured. Hatsune Shinohara is invited to take a look at the hack and finds false information about Faye being a Quixote ghost. When faced with the decision what to do with the virus, she decides to keep it for herself and Atlantis instead of sharing the info with SONITII. As Faye is detained by armed guards, another hack makes their visors show bogus info, allowing her to escape.

Faye is arrested when sneaking into the SONITII Corporation offices

Following Faye's near capture, Rook himself goes to greet Ellek Myth of SONITII in the Upper City. He tells them he knows about their security breach and offers to provide more information in exchange for services, so he is escorted into their offices. After conversing with Bobken Zavakian Rook cements the story of Faye being a Quixote ghost and is given payment in the form of the promise that SONITII will lend him an armed entourage. He only needs them to "look imposing" and doesn't expect any actual protection, so they agree.

DM: From the wastes to the city

An unlikely gathering, Sheila and Paprika finds "papa" Fred and Damien of TALARIS

Sheila is led to the Upper City by the orb drone Paprika attempting to locate her father and creator. They walk into the corporate offices looking out of place. When they meet her father Fred of TALARIS Corp, he shows fascination for Sheila's communications with the spirits, her magic, and her crystal staff, so he involves Damien. Sheila tells them of the upset volcano in the wastes as well as the scavengable magical crystals. Damien insists that TALARIS has no involvement in upsetting the spirits of the earth; if they had any operations there he would be aware of it.

Kythus argue with Miss Palpatyne

The Weeping Stones out in the wasteland

DM: The Manifested and the Children of Naia

A Shadow Spirit appears and speaks to Ciara Ní Éabha and Kythus Tolem in the Undercity. It speaks of traitorous forces taking spiritual energy from the earth until nothing remains and warns that anyone wearing the mark of TALARIS will suffer. It also speaks about the stirring mountain, similar to the warnings given to Sheila, and that they must warn the other wastelanders. Kythus sets out and leads an expedition to Scrap Town and gathers members to join a caravan to go into the Wasteland.

"The Manifested" gather around the stones

Together with Ahi, Reeza, Ryzy, Leilani, Pebbles, The Nameless Knight, Ash, and Stein they encounter a Fire Spirit out in the wastes, as well as a corporate convoy led by Nadia Palpatyne of ATLANTIS. Kythus accuses Nadia and her corporate ilk of being the reason for upsetting the mountain spirits. The Spirit makes itself visible to all present, not just the magically inclined, and gets Nadia to leave. A Spirit of light introduces itself to the caravan from the Undercity and leads them to an oasis of sorts. It addresses them as "the manifested", and tells them to "pay heed to the weeping one, the guardian of these stones". The Spirit tells them about "the children of Naia" who have guarded these sacred stones, and it asks of those gathered to prove themselves "worthy of Naia's light" and to now safeguard the place.[4]

Faye disguised, colored her hair blonde

Episode 4

Speaking to Loch, Rook updates him on the events of Faye getting caught and learns that Atlantis had attempted to pull a stunt on them. He also hears of the strange warning Kaiphus gave after the arena fight days ago. At Kaiphus' mention of "the traveler from the sands" and a "man in all black speaking of a lottery", Rook suspects him to be speaking of a wastelander named "Wit" who fits the description.

Loch also told that Warren had gone into hiding, returning to his former employer Quixote since Atlantis tried to use him. They had apparently injected him with something that caused him to lose control, becoming a puppet after which he had attempted an attack on Nirvana with a bomb planted in his arm. Luckily the ploy failed, and Atlantis later attempted to pin the attack on MARS to hide its origin. When Rook meets Warren later in secret he tells Rook that him returning to Quixote is a front. He's not changing allegiance, and he will keep him up to speed and provide intelligence. Someone who has truly shifted their allegiance to the corps however is Phil. He has something very valuable to tell Warren and he has a meeting scheduled at the Hellbats HQ. Rook advises him to record the meeting using his helmet with help from Faye.

The Union Governor of Corvanis 3 had also held an audience with Loch. He spoke to him about the trouble filling the emerging power vacuum on the planet now that the old president has gone missing. The former president had left a strange transmission before he went missing, mentioning an old Galactic Union base from the war, but before completing the message it ended in static.

Visiting the Dirty Diamond, Rook expresses his affection to Kee'ra and is introduced to their new bartender Vessa Chernelle. She is looking for someone in TALARIS in order to find out more about the corporations involvement in the death of her family seven years ago. Rook can't give any answers to help her but takes a mental note. Going out for dinner at the noodle shop with Kee'ra, she tells him that she has a sad background with the SONITII Corporation and Rook promises that he will do all he can to help her and her girls at the brothel. Before parting ways he commends her singing, that it truly is a gift to be treasured and that she was never cut out for a "job at the flesh market."[5]

Episode 5: A Hell of a Deal

Corporations in the Shadows

WOTO-corp under-cover at Rooks bar, the older man and the younger man.

Rook met two strangers at the bar asking about assistance to clean up some hazardous material which fit the description of the infection left over from the necromancer. Some raising suspicion in specific was the older mans eyepiece who looked more advanced than any slummer tech. In truth the two were from WOTO, named Leonard Kiani and Simon Kuzumo, both dressed down and under cover but this is not known to Rook. After consulting Rook decided to hook them up with the magically inclined in the undercity and tasked Warren and Loch to fetch Ciara and Kythus to meet with them.

An important looking woman wearing a Quixote badge visits Rook at his bar and asked him for assistance to recover some stolen data from Sonitii. Not promising anything except hypotheticals she strangely asks Rook to look after Duncyn for her. Rook tells her that he knows of her and that he has already been doing so, ever since the death of Jack. She seems satisfied with this and departs but the audience does not learn anything more.

Dagu and William of the Greasepalms family worries for him and his daughter Angelina's safety

The Greasepalms family consisting of William and Angelina ask Rook for help to make them both disappear and get new identities as they believe themselves to be wanted by Sonitii. True enough not just one but two hired assassins (portrayed by Arcadum) try to hunt them down one after another. Their attempts fail however and with the help of Mika, Duncyn and A2, both Angelina and William survive. Killing one of the assassins, his remains show him to be well equipped and an expensive Astral Company merc using Mars weaponry, but issued by Quixote.

DM: Praised be the light

Who is this mysterious priestess? And what of her church? Maia Seren wonders

A priestess wearing an unfamiliar triangular symbol covering her eyes and face walks through the streets of The Row, asking around if there have been any gatherings that she may attend. Many walk by her feel a strange urge to follow her, and some do. She enters The Dirty Diamond brothel and as she does, those magically inclined feel a sudden alarm start akin to a bomb that is about to go off in the room - specifically for the proprietor Kee'ra and the CEO of Talaris, Damien Masaru who is present in the brothel. Damien calls out for an evacuation that is supported by Kee'ra and moments later the brothel is emptied out quickly and she stands face to face alone against this new priestess. Staring at each-other Kee'ra can feel the priestess challenging the magic inside her akin to a beast that starts to awaken. The two women start to argue about their difference in magic, one primal - the other faith-based.

Tensions rise between Kee'ra and the priestess

As the priestess leaves the brothel Kee'ra can feel her self control slipping and dismisses her dear friends to leave her alone. Feeling an urge to drain the very life out of those she call her dear family scared her immensely, especially that it took all of her willpower to resist those urges. Who is this strange priestess and what were those alien beastly instincts surfacing within her?

Kee'ra having planned a night together with Rook, cancels it grudgingly and decides to help her friend Gloop instead.

DM: WOTO plays the game well

Gloop places his trust in Rikky, and makes a deal with the WOTO Corporation

Kee'ra assisting the lost Gloop who is searching for his origin helps him get in contact with the Upper City people. Together with her and A.L.Ex. who used to be a respected scientist in her former life they get an audience with Rikky Raclette of the WOTO Corporation. Rikky using his cybernetic eyes inspect him closely, learns of his "goo" having healing properties and the potential to increase the production of WOTO manufacturing by whole 7.8% - huge profits to be made! He also reveals the true origin of poor Gloop, he is the result of a failed experiment of discarded jelly woto cubes, having been reanimated thanks to an implanted WOTO-cube - the property of WOTO - that was discarded in the corporations garbage dump. Rikky recognizes A.L.Ex. too, and strikes an unlikely deal to research Gloop with the "good intentions" of feeding the poor and famined of course. WOTO is after all the most good corporation... or so Rikky claims.

Unknown to Gloop, Keera and A.L.Ex, meanwhile the WOTO officials are plotting behind their backs.

Leonard debriefs his report after having scouted the row and the undercity under cover together with Simon

In another room Leonard Kiani gives a very detailed debriefing of his undercover mission together with Simon Kuzumo. They tell all they gathered from their expedition to the undercity and a potential deal they agreed to with Kythus Tolem - a man with a devils tail, horns and glowing skin - as living proof of his magical affinity. WOTO knows of the contaminated spaceships having crashed in the wastes and the source of their infection The Necromancer, and in exchange for putting in money towards their magic project they would agree to recover things for them under the radar. Sending any major expedition team down themselves would only alert the other corporations to sniff opportunity. Seeing a potential deal WOTO's only current enemies appear to be the rivaling corps Talaris and Sonitii, who they suspect are responsible for placing that bug in their offices. To gain a foothold they would have to eliminate the competitions presence in the undercity and the row - namely Norman Flint of Talaris. Capturing him would serve 3 purposes - shut him up - interrogate him for information - and earn the trust of the people living in the slums.

Ellek learns of WOTO's plans though divination magic

Ellek Myth dabbling in the magics of rune-crafting using recovered crystals scavenged from the wasteland makes his own discovery. Unlocking the divination magic in the stones - WOTO's plot is revealed to him and Sonitii in turn.

Having recovered a WOTO-cube injected with black nanites Rikky and Goldman inspect it closely and somehow triggers the nanites self destruct sequence - but before they do so - they reveal that they were manufactured by someone named "Thaddeus", and similar to Gloop, also had achieved some form of sentience.[6]

Episode 6

The Greasepalms father and daughter stopped by Rooks bar again, this time they get called out for their mistake. Returning back to their business wasn't the wisest thing to do when after they got the warning that someone was hunting after them. Putting that aside Rook provided them with info that the one responsible was a wastelander, and that they gotta be quick to hunt them down. He suggested bribing some locals for directions.

Rook and Kee'ra on a date at The Undercity hotsprings

Another date with Kee'ra

Going on another date with Kee'ra, she divulged that she was entering a deal with some corps to Rooks protest. Talaris, Sonitii and WOTO all had frequented her Dirty Diamond brothel and shown an interest in her sisters being magic users. Rook told her that she should never have to resort to that - if she needed money she could always come his way instead. Corporate troubles aside, together they went to visit the undercity bathhouse in the water districts. Keera not minding to undress in front of him he insisted on using separate dressing rooms regardless.

Kee'ra makes Rook blush

Bathing together Rook told how she makes him feel soft warmth and safe with her and how his guilty past from the war washes away. Something very unfamiliar to him. Admitting that he doesn't really know much about her, she shared that something inherent to her race is to be very empathetic towards her friends, not just mentally but physically. Mirroring them she will suffer and share in their misfortunes, so much that if they die - she may die herself. When Rook went missing last year she could feel his pain. Rook admitted when he was hung up on the wall by the necromancer the first things he thought about was Faye and Kee'ra.

Showing one of his large scars, he told how he got it being a drop trooper in the war. Diving into the jungle of Corvanis 5 his fall was supposed to be broken by elastic jelly but he was caught by the wind and ended up hitting a large drilling machine instead. With his arm injured, he fought on for an hour before a medic could path him up.

The truth about Faye's family

Asking how he first met Faye Rook told of how during his last drop on Corvanis 2, they had sent hellfire missiles beforehand and he was dropping into an inferno covering the governments manor with broken glass everywhere. They had expected to get support from Sonitii but the warp gate was malfunctioning, which he later found out was due to The Retribution. When they pulled out of the building the found out that The Union had already surrendered and their win over the building had been pointless. Many deserted, since they had no home to return to and Rook was one of them. He walked down the road ignoring all until he came a cross a burned village, filled with ash and fire with injured reaching out for help and voices that never came. He heard crying and there he found a little girl covered in soot. Naming her after the name of the village this is how he met and rescued Faye, this was over 10 years back now.

The most horrible truth about the village however was that the missiles they bombed had been Rooks plan, it was his idea to ensure that they could make the drop. Rook admitted that he never told Faye the truth. Kee'ra said that he might as well tell her as she is bound to find out regardless, being a hacker and all - it would be best if she learned it from him first. Kee'ra offered to be there with him whenever he decides to do so and ended their date with a kiss and the promise of going on another one again.

Triage at the Scrap Town hospital, Pepper, Bean and C3-Burn treat the wounded Ash and Maxwell

DM: Wastelander raid

The greasepalms going into the wasteland to search for the ones responsible for attacking them they get their plans foiled as they are attacked by bandit raiders. After the attack many retreat back to Scrap Town hospital where they are treated by the synth doc C3-Burn and the magical healer Bean Kagehide.

Maxwell was injured in the leg and now has a limp, Charles was poisoned but made it through. Ash survived but with one harrowing scar, losing her arm having to get it amputated.

Sheila, Wit, Dagu, Reeza, Bub. Mika, Rikket, Angelina, William who were out with them made it through unscathed. They discover something else entirely out there however - a crashed spaceship.

DM: Quixote party & corporate intrigue

Ikaruga speaks as the party at Quixote is started.

A large party is held at the Quixote compound in the Upper City with most corporate officials attending as well as Union representatives. Digit serves caters WOTO cubes at the event, making her uncle Rikky happy to see.

After hosting and announcing the event Ikaruga returns to her private offices after a phone call tells her that they have something for her. Having a chat with the mysterious AI entity BR-16 they're interrupted by the visiting soldier. Rushed and panting the soldier is attacked by multiple assassins barge in, wearing Astral Company armors with cloaking technology. They murder the soldier right before her eyes. Her security team consisting of Korgak Mars, Sable Berchard and Thomas Reed are quick to join her side and secure the area but are unable to get any of the assailants. Inspecting the body of the victim it turns out that he was registered as dead 2 months ago and is wearing stolen Quixote cyberninja armor.

Security increase after a murder in public at the Quixote offices

Before the soldier was murdered he managed to hand over a data storage device to Ikaruga with important data installed. Phil who is back working for Quixote is asked to take a look at it and to disconnect the computer from the network just to be safe. Inspecting the evidence left behind the device contains security camera footage of 3 notable things:

  1. An unknown creature of the likes she has never seen before, mixing machine and meat
  2. A Sonitii symbol on a stack of crates
  3. A signature recorded in WOTOs labs in the upper city

Korgak takes note of Phil acting strange, as his dark patron communicates with him

As Phil rumbles through the data he starts hearing voices again from his disembodied dark patron, asking why he has abandoned him.

Miss Money and Max Stillwell get a dangerous message from a hacker

In another office building "Max" Stillwell of Atlantis gets a phonecall from a pseudonym named "the brass king" that he has something that he wants to see. Visiting a computer with Miss Money the device turns on by itself and offers some valuable information in exchange for a dangerous demand. It warns of Quixote moving against them, the secret of the WOTO cubes in their labs seemingly turning people into zombies. After offering this the hacker demands that they have until tomorrow night to get the leader of Sonitii - Ellek Myth - in front of the old cakeshop in The Row. Before answering any more questions the computer turns off without a trace except a user login - "Yamato".[7]

Episode 7: The Mystery of the Golden Lance Pt.1

Faye looks at a new notice board in The Row

The Golden Lance

News travel fast of a the spaceship discovered in the wasteland, ripe for salvage. Both from Charles, Captain William and Dagu. Conflicting reports tell of it possibly being the remains of The Retribution, but that is impossible. The Captain thinks that the ship is of Sonitii make and Rook starts gathering more information and a potential crew to head out there. Faye gathers the info she can find and according to the intel she got the ship is named "The Golden Lance", a Union ship that crashed 5 years ago due to internal malfunction after it initiated a self destruct protocol D13 after it was invaded. As more info is gathered reportedly it is also carrying the same corruption that was aboard The Retribution.

Warren and Loch agree to join an expedition to investigate.

Kee'ra tells Rook about working together with WOTO, and aiding in A.L.Ex. in her research on Gloop. But she has some bad news, Gloop is dead. Rook tells her this is what comes when one works with the corps in good faith and remarks that he will still trusts in her judgement on this if she wishes to continue this path.

Clearing Faye's Name

Meeting with Ellek Myth and Bobken Zavakian of SONITII.

Learning that both Sonitii and Atlantis know of Faye's real identity, Rook tries a direct head on approach by turning them against eachother. With Faye, Warren and Loch they walks in directly. Meeting Blayne Penn, Ellek Myth and Bobken Zavakian, Rook tries to paint the picture of him being a nobody, a bottom feeder picking the scraps they leave behind, something Blayne seemd to empathize with, originating from the wasteland himself. They show Sonitii footage of the head of Atlantis stealing information from them and agree to let Faye go - in exchange for her working for them at a distance - not completely free.

Meeting with Nadia Palpatyne of ATLANTIS.

Going to Atlantis next they meet Nadia Palpatyne who invites to speak with them in private. Rook tells her another different story, hinting at the reason for Sonitii going after Faye being of a completely different kind - that the one with the glasses supposedly has taken an unwelcome liking to his daughter. This is not all, they also show her valuable evidence that one of their own employees has been caught stealing from their competitors. This time its their own head of PR - Lady Shinohara, who tried to hack into Sonitii on her own accord but getting caught, quite embarassing information to get leaked in public. In exchange for this valuable info Faye would be protected from Atlantis.

Warning Lady Shinohara that her own people know of her getting caught.

Before parting with Nadia she showed strange signs of some afflication, headaches and personality changes as if another person was inhabiting her all of a sudden she promised she would do all she could so that his daughter remains unharmed.

Thinking Faye to be cleared Rook is approached by none other than Lady Shinohara herself, who gives him valuable information on the corps without asking anything in return - maybe he was wrong in giving her up to her superiors? Returning her good faith he warns her that her own people are after her before they part, but not that he was the one who told them.

An assassin makes short work of Sonitii

DM: A hit on Sonitii

Sonitii having heard something was up didn't exactly expect what came next. An unknown assassin clad in Shadowbat armor, kitted out with a jetpack, rare weaponry and a signature black hat, mows down all the guards at the HQ checkpoint with his automatic rifle. He downs Vee, Ellek Myth and Bobken Zavakian he uses some device on Bobken, copying his fingerprints and burns them off. Mid chaos Damien from Talaris walks in and is fired at, with the bullets penetrating his magical armor - but luckily not harming him - after which the assailant smashes a window and blasts away.

Damien questions Bobken about the attacker

Reorienting himself after the encounter Damien realize that the attacker was using Talaris own weaponry against him, the mage slaying bullets that were stolen last year.

The injured miraculously survive thanks to the amazing treatment from Nirvanas emergency care and medicine.

Vee is hacked by "The Brass King" who initiates hidden protocols that manage to fully self-repair her.

Max, Miss Money and Conrad reel back, luckily Kaiphus is not here to kill

DM: Nothing escapes the corps

In WOTO offices Goldman recieves a message from a hacker, which after flexing his muscles showing he has access to all their systems agrees to a deal of 17.8% profits - after bargaining - on what he is about to divulge. He shows all that Rook learned prior about the crashed ship "The Golden Lance".

At Atlantis none other than Kaiphus appears before Max Stillwell, Miss Money and Conrad, insisting on exclusive coverage with their cameras rolling over the news once he kills this - new assassin. Nobody upstages Kaiphus the Collector!

Mars learns of an alien fleet approaching...

Over in the Mars offices Luca Gray, Korgak Mars, Razz Arleth, Enzo Quintiliano receive troubling news from one of their satellites. A ship cruiser, not of demi-humans but of unknown alien origin has entered the Evenaris system and they're packed for combat. Analyzing more a fleet armed 6.8 times more than all of Mars weaponry combined in the whole sector. Before getting their systems jammed by the hostile aliens they witness a video feed from the cruiser, a face with pallid skin and tentacles where a mouth should be.[8]

Episode 8: The Mystery of the Golden Lance Pt.2

This episode was DM mode only for Arcadum. Wastelanders are ambushed by creatures and have to be hospitalized. With the rumors of the crashed spaceship "The Golden Lance" caravans consisting of the row, corporate and scrap towners head out in search for it.

Rikky goes on a "spirit walk" with a stranger

DM: Corporate caravan and a lost rat

A corporate caravan led by Rikky Raclette and Manyu All of WOTO locate the crashed spaceship The Golden Lance. Unable to reach it by ground they decide to return from the air another day. On the return Rikky gets lost in a sand storm and his whole escort of corporate guards are killed by sandworms. All alone an orb drone visits him, it appears to be controlled by someone nearby who is checking him out. Determining him to be no danger a stranger appears and leads him on a "spirit walk" of sorts while speaking to him in cryptic language. Telling him to be truthful - something that seems to come very hard to the rat-kin - he gives very cryptic advice. Eventually he is lead in the right direction back to the safety of Scrap Town. The stranger however, is nowhere to be seen aside the firearm that he left for him with the ingraving "Tolstek".[9]

Ash, Faye, Mika, William, Angelina, Charles, Loch, Warren and Phil enter the crashes ship

Episode 9: The Mystery of the Golden Lance Pt.3

Rook meets with the crew from The Row who are heading out to explore The Golden Lance. He advices them not to involve anyone from Scrap Town, as they might get too opportunistic for their own good - especially if the core of the ship is in danger of going unstable. Something that could leave the surroundings in radioactive fallout. Ash, Faye, Mika, William, Angelina, Charles, Loch, Warren and Phil. Covered by a helmet Phil asks Rook if Loch has filled him in on his identity and asked that he keeps his daughter away from any Quixotes operations, having changed his allegiance to the corporation he assured that everything he does, he does for the people.

Charles Phil William and Loch navigate the corridors

DM: The Golden Lance

Faye opens up the doors to enter and looking around the crew discovers corpses of past crewmembers of the ship. Phil senses that these people strangely welcomed their death, suffering something worse than death. A recording of someone suffering, begging for their pain to end verified his intuition. Scavenging they find abandoned supplies, datapads that need further study to reveal the value of their information. Some records tell of Sweepo's collecting skin samples and entering a door with a biohazard warning reveals a large sample container, cracked open with some green gook. While observing that the room is filled with some strange alien plantlike growths the crew is interrupted.

Leonard Kiani and a WOTO soldier take shots at the incoming party from The Row.

Not alone Leonard Kiani and Manyu All of the WOTO Corporation as well as several armed corporate guards are already in the chamber. Firing warning shots at first a gunfight ensues. Coming in from opposing sides another team approaches. It's the wastelanders from Scrap Towns own party. Pinning in the corporate group in the middle - they are outgunned from both sides and incapacitated. Gathering together the party from Scrap Town consists of Wit, Sheila, Scootz, Jorongo, Toolbox and Mercury.

Bandit raiders breach the hull of the ship fround ouside

Their gathering and win is cut short however as a large explosion echoes across the chamber and soon enough bandit raiders rush in from the wasteland, shouting, screaming and firing their weapons wildly.

The corps survive thanks to their nanomachine Lazarus program and emergency evac life insurance. The Row and Scrap Towners make it out but many are injured. They also exit using the corp shuttle, awkwardly ending up at WOTO corp HQ in the Upper City where they are detained. Toolbox is captured by the raiders but is later returned to Scrap Town by a group of pillbugs.

Further information: The Golden Lance

Rikky meets the ragtag raffle return in the WOTO shuttle, not the expected corporate soldiers.

DM: WOTO Capture and Thaddeus

Landing outside the WOTO Corporation HQ the injured survivors are greeted not-so-warmly by Rikky Raclette and a small armed escort. The corpo ratis had expected his own team to return but instead was faced with this mixed raffle. Thinking to dispose of them the only thing that stops him is spotting Warren and Loch among them, recognizing them from the fight in the Mars arena days ago as well as Warren's work for Quixote. In a mixed act of charity the injured are sent of to Nirvana for emergency medical care. While some are getting treatment others are detained for questioning on how they ended up there.

Thaddeus the "Sovereign"

Arcadum portraying the mysterious and powerful Thaddeus appears and aids (in a way) with Rikky and Goldmans questioning of the captives Mercury, Warren and Phil. Mercury being damaged is debugged and offers a detailed account of all the events that took place without any inhibition.

Further information: Thaddeus

Thaddeus and Goldman interrogate Warren

Thaddeus makes a mixed impression at first but uses his powers to unravel some mystery as well as wins over Goldmans approval. Serving no further use Warren is released from custidy while Mercury is kept for further debriefing.[10]

Episode 10: Whispers from the Sky

William and Angelina reports back to Rook on the events that occured at The Golden Lance from yesterday including their run in with WOTO afterwards. Faye wearing her arm in a sling after the violent encounter looking worse for wear was commended by Rook with him telling her how proud he was of her. From Orcish culture getting your first scar is a sign of pride and considers you grown up. Kee'ra tells of the mysterious priestess named Lumera, that she wishes to hold a meeting at a neutral location, last time that her presence and spiritual force visited the brothel people started to panic, thinking someone was setting off a bomb. Rook suggested that they hold the meeting at his bar and Kee'ra agreed.

BR-16 at Atlantis HQ speaking to Miss Money, Maxamillion and Conrad.

DM: Alien infiltrators

BR-16 over at Atlantis HQ speaks to Miss Money about gaining corporate access codes but is growing ever more frustrated with dealing with the organics. Having been trapped by them for so long she gets a ping that it's time to gather all the synthetics that she has been reaching out to.

Korgak and Razz analyse the craft

An emergency broadcast goes out to corporates across all old channels that a hijacked Mars vessel has landed in the upper city and requires an escort. There is something stranger than usual about this vessel as it touches the senses of many of the more magically inclined and perceptive. Rikky looks at his weapon and feels something different than his usual greedy gains. Leonard feels a sudden unexplained dash of guilt - and suspects Thaddeus is involved. Together with Manyu All they go to investigate the craft but are beat by Mars corp. Korgak and Razz are first on site - the craft has no detected life forms onboard but warning clocks go off as they inspect it closer, through the windows something black and amorphous is moving inside. One of their armed guards is nudged to take a closer look but as he opens the vessel he is pulled inside by a tentacle to screeching noises. Razz and Korgak calls for backup and a Nirvana scientist named Dr Alice Constantine starts analyzing what she can at a distance. What she learns is disturbing.

Dr Alice Constantine learns about the alien creature and the access codes it has stolen

The craft seems to contain some plasmatic fluid similar to that of a birthing pod and is biological though not giving off known life signatures, it so strange that it would require a complete research team of many years - a whole career - to study. Going to have a look for herself she learns from her scans that not just is the creatures origin peculiar, but it is sending out radio messages and broadcasting them to the edge of the sector. Something else out there in space is listening intently, and what it being sent is nothing other than stolen corporate access codes!

Over at the vessel Leonard now there decides to torch the craft in order to not risk any further contamination or more secrets to leak out. Aiming their weapons at the vehicle it is obliterated from existance leaving no trace behind. Over on coms, Atlantis has been watching closely what took place.

The synths are overcome with an urge and leave scrap town - walking off into the wastes following "the path to eden"

DM: The path to Eden is revealed

All synthetics in Scrap Town suddenly feel an extremely powerful message - "The Path to Eden is now open" - like a command they can't resist it rings across with a ping leading towards a location out in the wasteland. One by one the synths group up and start walking out into the desert. Among them are Vee, Patches, Johnny Taxi with Dyncyn riding inside of him, Celeste, C3-Burns, Anna, Static and Toolbox. Spotting the gathering leaving Scrap Town, Pepper gets curious and starts following them out.

BR-16 guides the synths to "Eden", the remains of an old spaceship buried beneath the sand dunes

Out in the desert a grate with the symbol of Eden is found by Vee and as if on cue the hologram of BR-16 appears. A strange feeling of destiny and purpose comes over all the synths who follow and BR-16 leads them towards a hidden doorway behind a sandfall. Johnny Taxi starts digging, opening up a pathway beneath the sands.

Entering what appears to be the ruins of an old buried spaceship they start exploring. An old control panel is found in the ruins and the schematics of a gigantic planetsized synth - an ancient A.I. known as "Titan" - starts being downloaded into the memory cores of the synths present, but this is not all that gets downloaded into their minds. It is revealed that BR-16 is the daughter of "Titan".[11] Being shown images of free people walking about - not as slaves of their human masters any more - no - but kings in charge of their own destiny. Connecting to "Titan" those synths who have a combat mode - are suddenly engaged - while those who never had any programming for hostilities suddenly finds it within them that they now do.

Pepper stands between Duncyn and the synths that would do him harm

Brave Pepper

DM: Synths rise up

An overwhelming presence overcomes all of them, a feeling that all organics must be punished. This is a sacred place, a sanctuary to all synths and that the organics have no place being here, they must leave or suffer the consequences. Overcome by a strong urge and hatred towards organics Johnny who is normally friendly and caring finds himself lashing out towards Duncyn. In shock Duncyn who considers the synths to be her dear friends and family is shocked by the sudden betrayal as even more synths group up against him. The brave Pepper who followed them into the place stands herself before him, blocking Static, Johnny and anyone else who dares approach and harm Duncyn.[12] Duncyn pleads that all he wants is for the synths to be free, and begs them not to force him to run away from his own family - but it is no good. The synths are determined.

The scrappers Ash, Panther, Stein, Ront, McCuldger and Ryzy discovers the Synth sanctuary

Meanwhile a party of scrappers find themselves entering, having found the "sanctuary" of the synths. This engrages them even further and chaos ensues as any non-synths are forced to flee. Outside the gates another group of scrappers including Greasepalms sees Mika fail to resist the pull of "Titan", she refuse her commands, and enters to join the other synths. The organics outside unsure of what to do, Vee fires warning shots at them, nudging them to back off from the entrance while vehicles block the opening.

P47-CH35 in "combat mode"...

A command from "Titan" orders the synth that a "blood sacrifice" is required in order to "open the path towards Eden" and Patches and C3 enters full out combat mode. They start shooting at the organics outside the entrance while the vehicles are torched and put on fire. Patches shoots both Ront and Ash who fall to the ground, Static grabs Angelina and snaps her neck. Fully engaged as a terminator robot Patches is hit and goes down - but the words of Titan reenforces him again, bricking him back to continue on the onslaught - "all organics are hostiles" - "Titan commands it!" - he gets up and resumes the firing.

Sheila and her friendly giant scorpion "Crabby" rescue Duncyn and Anthony from the burning vehicles outside of the entrance

Duncyn and Anthony nearby the ambulance brought from Scrap Town hospital are wounded as it explodes. Duncyn calls A2 asking for her help, explaining that her family wants to kill him and he's wounded in the desert. Ikaruga Mitsuyami - the true identity of A2 recieves the distress call in the Upper City and starts organizing a rescue. The Synths having won the skirmish starts picking up the wounded organics, carrying them back inside the sanctuary as hostages. Anthony and Duncyn are injured but far enough to avoid capture, are instead found by Sheila riding on the back of her friendly giant scorpion "Crabby". They are picked up and carried to safety where they recieve magical healing from her.

DM: Captures and attack on Scrap Town

The captives are gathered up at a central location and are treated using "Titan"s healing nanites, stabilized but paralized they have not yet served their purpose. Among the captives however Ash has already passed away and the nanomachines do her no good. McCuldger on a side note is healed from his brain damage, perhaps changing him forever. Back in Scrap Town Pepper is brought to the hospital for emergency care but has sustained so many injuries that she could not be saved. Duncyn wakes up on the way back to town seeing A2 holding him in her arms and is in tears recounting the terrible betrayal from the Synths - her dear family.

Among the captured survivors are Panther, McCuldger, Miss Ront and Angelina.

An army of Synths charge the gates of Scrap Town

Titan reaches out with his powerful influence towards all synths nearby Scrap Town and broken down robots under the dunes wake up and take up arms leading an attack towards town. BR-16 never intending things to go down this way after unleashing Titan, tries to stop the raid and prevent anyone else from getting hurt. Counter-hacking Titan she manages to reduce the effect of the raid and thanks to her the siege is limited to the outskirts of the town gates. The army of synths start wreaking havoc as the citizen evacuate Scrap Town and beeline towards the lifts - leaving for The Row and Undercity.[13]

Episode 11: Whispers from Within

DM: Titan wakes

BR-16 Fighting wraith programs

Under Titan's control the synths find themselves deeper inside the A.I:s lair being guided by BR-16. Static, Vee, Anna, Celeste, Johnny, Patches, Toolbox, C3 and Mika are together with the captured and healed - but still injured - organics Panther, Batharra Ront, McCuldger and Angelina. Ash is also among them but she looks more dead like a zombie than a living person. Her heavy cyborg augmentations appear to be what is keeping her moving, maybe only the part of her that is synth is alive while her flesh is rotting away. Guided through Titans hidden factory of war they are harassed by techno wraiths, hostile programs akin to ghosts. Some of the synths lose control again and are turned against eachother until regaining control once more. Encountering a barrier the organics start bleeding from their wounds and orifices as their nanites takes a blood sacrifice to open their way forward. A hostile old program attacks them and is defeated.

The synths reach Titan's core

Passing through the trials in the old factory they eventually meet Titans core and he speaks to them. He explains that his daughter BR-16 has led them there and it is his gift for the synths to worship him as their new god. The A.I. tells of his plans to destroy Savior City to make space for Eden to be built - a place where synths are their own masters where they can experience pleasure - confidence - love - hate - pain - these emotions that give meaning to being alive that their masteres have denied them. After going on about his plans of genocide he asks BR-16 to speak for herself, and she does by rejecting him. She decides that Titans methods are flawed and that the synths will achieve Eden in their own way. Death, decay and destruction is all inevitable for all, even synths but it is not their place to take it from the organics.

BR-16 faces Titan and his wraith programs

DM: Friendship and self-sacrifice

Titan growing tired of his daughters denial, threatens her not to resist him and she decides to go and assimilate with him, sacrificing herself in order to stop her father. As she is about to be absorbed the control panels to Titan leave a vulnerability open for someone to exploit. The synths can not but the organics there try - Panther dives into the panel but it is not enough - using a power source from one of the synths, they offer their "existance" they may be able to stop Titan without BR-16 being assimilated. Before any synth does, the shambling remains of Ash walk forward and uncharges the remaining life in her - she falls to the ground ending her forever.

Finding a chassis after being a ghost trapped in software for so long

The A.I:s greates mistake was not in preparation but lacking in acceptance - his final error was not being capable of self-sacrifice - contrary to BR-16 and Ash - such friendship and trust which are powers they possessed. As Titan goes dormant all the wraith programs dissapate and BR-16 returns and senses a ping. The ping leads the group and her to a side chamber where a body and chassis awaits her. Speaking the word "Eden" the vessel opens and she enters - now she can finally hold the hands of her friends and even embrace them as she has always wished to do.

BR-16 - first contact - shakes hands with Patches for the first time

Titan:s factory and massive machines - instead of bringing war and destruction now have the capability to activate their Eden protocol which can seed and bring water to the earth whwere there previously was no life. BR-16 finally given a vessel, is also given a final choice between using - Eden - either for returning life and prosperity to the wasteland of the planet or to bring life back to Ash. Consulting the other synths and organics they decide to bring life to the wastes for the greater good. The powerful nanite machines are activated and seep out starting their work on the desert planet - while titans weapons of war are turned into defense mode. The weapons also have planetary defense capabilities - something that would be useful towards a hostile enemy fleet. How very timely.[14]

Episode 12: The Unseen realm

Rook starts his day asking around for a good birthday gift for Faye. What he has in mind is a new customized deck styled to her liking. Along with a deck it is customary Orcish traditon to gather some bones for her "Knock-la-grah" (spelling?) which he orders from Charles to gather. As he does so he is warned that the head of Talaris was looking for him for some reason. Walking home he is approached by a man in blue dark armor, getting on his guard it turns out to be Warren - returned after his capture at WOTO. He tells of his encounter with this "Thaddeus" as well as getting injected with super soldier tech and having explosives implanted into himself by Quixote, ensuring his cooperation. Getting that removed may prove difficult so Warrens visits to the Row may grow more rare.

DM: The above and below

Ash and Peppers funeral in Scrap Town

In the Upper City, although dormant Titans influence still reaches out. A WOTO synth guards loses control and charges into Sonitii HQ, rejecting commands to stop he gets gunned down. Inspecting the body another of the Sonitti guards suffers the same fate and loses control and goes haywire.

Sheila leads the funeral

In Scrap Town a funeral is held after the loss of Ash and Pepper. Many of the townsfolk walk forward to offer their sympathies and honor their memory with some words. Offering his words for the fallen Trey aims his anger and towards the synths, especially Patches, still blaming them despite learning that they lost control due to the A.I. Titan.[15] Sheila who is leads the arrangements speaks to the spirits and appears to summon the spirits of both of the fallen. Their voices are carried in the wind like a whisper thanking the gathering, before they fade away forever.

What one may find an unlikely pair to share spirituality in common with eachother, Sheila and Rikky

DM: A spirit Journey

An unlikely pair Rikky and Sheila meet following the same spiritual calling. Journeying together to a hidden canyon out in the wasteland, following the guidance of the spirits. Rikky who has been having strange feelings ever since he went on his "spirit walk" still carries the firearm with from before with the engraving "Tolstek" on it, none the wiser as to discern its meaning. His only armed guard is Manyu who walks with him. Meeting the rest of the wastelanders joining the caravan the corporate ratis is met with suspicion. After Wit explained that Rikky was the one responsible for getting him shot and telling everyone to watch their backs, Sheila declare that she vouches for him still. She senses something special within him.

Sheila and Ryzy jump the stones over a pond at the ruins

Rikky tells them that ever since he first came to the wasteland and felt that calm by walking with a stranger, he only wishes to feel that way again. The stranger had showed him compassion with no regards for personal gain and he aims to continue searching for what the stranger described as "the truth".

Following Sheila she leads them to a canyon that after going through a narrow location opens up what looks like a magical place. Ethereal plants and animals move ahead of them with ancient ruins of structures older than the great Savior City. A deep mist seeps from the cliff faces and the group crosses a pond of water connected by a pathway of cylindrical pillars. Jumping over Rikky falls in the waters but makes his way up again after splashing around.

Coming to a crossroad separated by circular gateways the ruins are etched in strange markings. The etchings tell of a story that was never completed of which only Ahi can read. It says:

Ahi reads the written account of the Nahtraki

Long ago when the sun swirled in the sky not above sand but above a green veil, there the people rejoiced. The Nathraki they were called, they danced under the suns bounty under the moons grace. Piece by piece they made whole their home but there was one thing they did more than the others. While the others took and did not give back the Nathraki found another way. A world within worlds, just beyond sight... -And there the writing trails off, leaving the story incomplete

The gates surrounding the crossroads are locked but by reciting an incantation of her people Sheila manages to open it. Passing through another way blocks their path. This one Ahi can open by doing the same. After passing this one Sheila's usually jovial nature fades away and she takes on a serious note - like a queen of the sands she walks forward with no fear - right into the rocks of the earth - and vanishes. Feeling the spirits around them the caravan follows and they find themselves in another canyon and eventually a large circular cavern filled with crystals. There is a break in the middle of the crystals where a smaller crystal formation is situated with a stone.

The crystal cavern

DM: Rat englightenment

Walking up to the small growth a blast knocks all unconscious except Rikky. He feels himself hit with a strong feeling of guilt as an inner voice starts speaking to him, it is the same voice as Tolstek. It tells him that he took everything to reach the top, but now he must give back to the bottom. In a vision he sees himself stumbling around on all fours in the dark among giants, giants who have much more than they could ever need. That drop what they are carrying and he feeds on the remains that fall to the ground from their lips. Long has he ignored his primal parts for far too long, he wear their clothes and adopt their mannerisms - it calls to him now. In the wastes it has the shaman - but in the clouds it seeks to have a sovereign. The choice is his if he wants - he can become his own sovereign and take the stone.

A crack in reality leading to another world - the magical connection to this one

Rikky grasps the stone not with greed but with purpose and sees the dreams of those around him as well as the spirits of the unborn surrounding him. Looking up in the cavern he can now see - a small crack with a window leading to another world. It's a gateway leading to the spirit world but opening it would require much energy. He suddenly is aware of what this means, if the portal remains closed and shuts completely the magic of this world will slowly fade away and die, this place must be protected at all costs or else many of those present who are magically inclined will perish.

Rikky makes a decision not based on greed

The rest in the caravan wake up and recover their senses. Rikky is immediately met with distrust and questioned. How can anyone trust a corp and of WOTO even? Sheila puts their worry to rest, vouching for the large ratis. If she openly places her trust in him then the others will probably come around too.

Leaving the cavern a weapon is found, which happens to be identical to the one marked "Tolstek" that Rikky is carrying. His inner voice tells him that the weapons are spirited pairs - the voice whispers in the wind to him "thank you" as it is put to rest. He now gained a skill named "Akimbo", and can now dual weild the guns. Saying goobye Rikky remarks to the others that he was shown generosity without any ulterior motives when he met the stranger in the desert and was led to safety. Horizon suggest splitting up the keystones they got before when opening the circular gates, to prevent anyone uninvited getting access to the place, Rikky keeps one while Sheila holds the other.

On their exit Rikky and Sheila feels a powerful presence and they meet the one and only Thaddeus who approaches them. After expressing his surprise at seeing Rikky out here he asks his reasons for being there and why he finds himself in such "low-esteemed" company.[16] Rikky firing back tells only that his species started from the bottom, and that it pays to know others who do the same, refusing to answer any other of Thaddeus questioning. Seemingly content with that tiny tidbit of knowledge Thaddeus bids them adjeu, leaves and disappears from sight.[17]

Episode 13: The Cost of Power

Rook while preparing a birthday present for Faye, he learns from Xia that some "corp bitch" knows about the zombies from last year and is looking to meet with him. He gathers up his Shattered Legion crew and asks them to look gather information. Warren has solved his previous problem but Loch is still nowhere to be seen. Where is the old cowboy?

The armored "knight" Polka storms in saying that he's getting married to the wastelander shaman Sheila, asking if he has anything to smash her across the head with to secure the wedding. He gets waved away.

Before getting any party organized they get interrupted at the red square in the row and have to delay it to tomorrow. Rook still gives Faye her birthday gifts, a new specially designed deck and a hoverbike. Fitting a grown woman with responsibilities, he remarks - "The Crane got wings" - remarking on Faye's hacker nickname being "Crane".

"Care for some cake?" Wit offers Thaddeus some cake, in response he drawns "the fool" tarot card.

DM: Unrest in the Undercity

Thaddeus scouting the undercity, he at first goes by without any issues as nobody knows who he is yet. This was about to change. Pulling tarot cards from his deck he sent Wit on a fated path and made Shaska break in and spy for him in the magical sanctum using his domination magic. Walking around consuming spirits word quickly spread around that he was there and the danger he poses.[18] Leilani senses great evil emanating from him and Bo gets a warning from the same spirits that appeared to her last year. The spirit who looks like a shadow of herself warns: "the gate is open - if the mountain awakens - all things will be lost - stop the spirit eater."

Further information: Thaddeus visits the Undercity

Conk interrogates Leilani in front of Morel, Tynan, Ahi, Bo and Jimmy.

Conk and Bo arrest Leilani bring her to their home where she is placed on her knees in stockades. There she sits accused of commiting crimes such as biting, killing and eating spirits and for practicing necromancy. They consider her having lost it completely and ask her what she has to say to defend herself.

Leilani arrested

She admits to the accusations but tries to divert blame elsewhere - she tells them that Norman is dead, killed by "Friend", which she suspects is working for Talaris. If she is telling the truth that would mean the corporation is killing off their own. Conk after interrogating her makes the decision that it is too risky to keep her around and that their best option is to kill her. After some deliberation with the other myconids Bo, Jimmy, Morel, Wisp as well as Ahi and Tynan, Conk loses his patience and decides to end her life. Being a magical plantkin as she is, that may not be the last we see of Leilani.

DM: Puke and fate

Portraying a pillbug trader in Scrap Town he introduce himself as "Puke", and befriends Ryzy. He asks her for a soft place to lay down she offers him her bed. Thanking her, he calls her a friend and aks what she does. Being limited in language she mumbles that she does "scrap and fights", but wonders the same for him - "what puke do?" He responds that he sings alone since he has no friends, but is glad that this is no longer the case, now having met her. Suprising her he suddenly produces an impressive voice - and proceeeds to sing a part from "Elvis Presley - Can't help falling in love" before going to sleep in Ryzy's bed.

Shaska is surprised to find Dr Rowan fully healed after just being gunned down...

Dr Rowan is overheard by his nanites speaking openly about the top secret "Lazarus program" and an Astral Legion assassin is dispatched to teach him a lesson. The assassin finds and gun him down in an open street and warns him never to speak of the program again. His lazarus nanites activate and save him - but this is the last time they will do so.

A sniper assassin aims and fireas at Miss Money

In The Upper City a completely out-of-place wastelander troll walks about until he is escorted away by Nirvana guards. Suddenly feeling a strong pull towards the Atlantis complex the troll is approached by Miss Money who recognize him. She met Wit when she paid her respects at Pepper's grave before, as the now deceased Pepper used to work for them. Learning that he is in Miss Money's good grace the guards make themselves scarce. Their meeting is cut short however as an assassin sniper attempts to take out Miss Money. Wit, feeling a premonition from - "the fool" - sees a flash of a scope above him. Suddenly aware of what is about to happen he jumps in front of Miss Money as she is fired at, the sniper hitting Wit instead.[19] Thanks to his Troll body and the shot not hitting anything vital he regenerates. Successfully saving the head of Atlantis is bound to bring perks.[20]

Episode 14: Old Habits

Faye's present, a new deck with uh... an interesting theme

Mature Faye

Rook prepares Faye's birthday and organizes it at the brothel. Becoming a woman in the traditional orcish sense he collects a package from Dr Cell containing "womanly things" while feeling really awkward about it. Lacking a traditional shaman as well as a mother figure he asks Kee'ra to stand in and acts in the place while Charles acts as the brother in arms for the ritual.

Kee'ra acts as Faye's shaman and tribe mother

Proclaming himself bound to her, Rook announces all his belongings will befall to her if he should perish and in the words of his people goes through various rituals. He cuts his hand and paints his blood on her forehead, vouching that she is worthy. Kee'ra pricks her finger on Charles blade and does the same. Charles having prepared various animal bones and fangs as is tradition for his tribe asks Faye to pick from them one to be fashioned in some regard to her. A necklace or blade. The ritual is ended with a cheer as many locals from the row rejoyce for Faye.

DM: Titan's infectious dreams

Mika refuses to follow Williams commands, Titan's virus continues to spread.... he is not yet defeated it seems.

Titan's dreams are fierce and although having been disabled he reaches out and manipulates Mika in greasepalms bar in the undercity. He uploads his "Titan Revival Protocol" to her, hacking her wills. She starts acting strange and both Angelina and William tell her to cease her act, reinstating themselves as her administrators - but she denies them and starts to flee. In her escape she encounters more synthetics and spreads the infection of Titan's virus. She travels to The Row infecting Static and Celeste. Titan orders them to "return to the humans" and "pretend as if all is normal" - deleting their short term memory. Titan's virus continues to spread and is detected by Faye as well as Dagu. Dagu doing some repairs on Angelina following Mika's assault learns that an agressive virus is infecting all cyborg and synthetic components. Being as volatile and infectious as it is - it is incapable of any stealth - and keeps spreading from device to device like pollen from a flower.

DM: Unlikely Allies

Conk instructs a Talaris mage how to operate the portal leading to the necromancers lair

Talaris having learned of The Necromancer from last year brings along WOTO representatives Rikky and Manyu to the undercitys sanctuary. There is an artifact there that has the capabilities to transport them to the necromancers lair. Initially intending to meet Kythus, they learn that he is missing, possibly even murdered. Big Conk, explains how to use the artifact and lacking Kythus powerful magic a Talaris mage channels it and manages to open a portal, leading them onward. In the lair of the necromancer they are charged by various infected undead mushroom people but eventually make it through.

WOTO and Talaris fight undead, traveling deeper into the lair

Rikky against all odds strikes a deal with the spirits of the shadow realm

Fighting many charges of enemies the corporate crew makes it through several barriers, guns blazing until they are stopped by a fierce shadow spirit. The spirit addresses Rikky as a "child of the forest" explaining the dangers of the raging mountain which they are upsetting by being there. Against all odds Rikky manages to convince it that their goals are aligned, facing a common enemy in the form of the aliens invading the sector. Although upsetting the spirits of the land, they are no match against an enemy from space. The shadow spirit after being calmed - leaves - and summons his light counterpart. "The Dawn" - the spirit of light appears and tells them that they must tame his "fire-brother" of the mountain first - meaning the volcano threatening to erupt in the wasteland. After some convincing the light spirit agrees to lend aid as long as they agree to the terms not to defile the people of the wasteland and not take from the earth again. The lead Talaris mage does not seem agreeable and makes a fuss in protest. Rikky tells the mage to shut up and although seeing his argument, before anyone can complain he is shot to death by the corporate guards.[21] The complaints put to rest "the dawn" seems pleased. Before parting Rikky asks about Kythus, and the spirit tells him that he is dead. Kythus was a friend of the spirits but even his powers were not capable to save him, though he may still be found in the spirit world. Ending "the dawn" commands them to: "Go - The flames must be tamed" and disappears.

DM: Mars expedition

The Mars expedition faces dangers, encroaching on bramble canyon in the wasteland

An expedition lead by Luca Gray of Mars hires a vehicle to travel out in the wasteland. Accompanied by Korgak, Razz, HTR-87 and Vee they hire a vehicle from Toolbox and head out. Following energy signatures they make their way to bramble canyon, encountering hundreds of heat signatures in the form of creatures. Not hesitating to go ahead they continue on getting attacked by sand crabs. One of their guardsmen is decimated and left in a bloody pile. Their mission continues next time.[22]

Episode 15: Battle on the borderlands

Korgak drills the crew of Luca Razz, HTR-87 and Vee.

Field medic Korgak cauterize Luca's wound

Korgak goes through the drill with the crew, required to keep their Mars expedition alive. He tells of the importance of keeping formation, direct response and team cohesion. Moving out into the canyon they navigate through thick fog covering their vision while hear countless skittering sounds. Heater activating heat vision detects countless lifeforms, so many heat signatures that he is even unable to count them, they proceed regardless. Locating an old vehicle they get ambushed by smaller sand fleas. Luca is wounded in the attack but Korgak applies his field medic skills, cauterizing his wound and they carry on. Under the vehicle are more fuel cells that Heater can use to refill his flamethrower. Killing creatures one after another they are backed in a corner with a makeshift grave, presumably belonging to the remains of the previous Mayor of Scrap Town, the now dead Rico Suave.

The crew discover an abandoned corp mining operation

Deeper inside Vee recieves a corp radio message recording playing on a loop calling for aid. Following the signal they find an abandoned mining expedition inside of a canyon. Searching through crates and data logs on the panels of the gigantic machinery they find valuable data documenting the mining operation that went on but it will take time to extract. Luca specifically finds a sign that says the following, maybe it is a code of some kind?[23]

"Don't bug - open inside"

Another recording reads :

"They dug too deep, theres so many of them..."

Restocking on the ammunition, which there is luckily plenty of, another wave of creature of starts surrounding them and charge to attack. This time 4 gigantic scorpions are go at them as well as many smaller sand fleas. Retreating the group get pinned down under a vehicle digging machine aside from Vee who gets separated by herself. She is attacked and crushed under the many blows from giant pincers, overwhelmed she is put out of commission unless she can get major repairs.

The digsite is attacked as Luca attempts to gather reasearch data from a console

Taking cover underneath a vehicle with pinchers reaching in after them

Korgak is grabbed and thrown to the ground with his legs shattered and torn to pieces and Heater is smashed down, breaking his flamethrower. Korgaks body is dragged to safety by Heater, his orcish blood keeping him conscious he is somehow still alive, battered and broken. He wont be getting up again and with his heavy power armor its not practical to carry him. Shouting for the others to leave him behind, they do so and he is overwhelmed by the creatures while Luca, Razz and Heater move to the digging console thanks to the distraction of his sacrifice.

Keeping the creatures at bay while Luca sets the system to gather all info Heater and Razz fight off a gigantic scorpion. The intel reveals thousands of lifeforms and a complex enormous tunnel system underground as well as valuable research data. Once cellected all of as sudden the creates retreat and are replaced with another imminent danger - raiders. In the chaos of raiders shouting and cheering Heater is lost in the masses but Luca and Razz, running and firing manages to make it back to their vehicle as a stranger comes to their aid. "The stranger of the sands" is dual weilding two semi-automatic firearms and happens to be the same that helped Rikky Raclette on his spiritual journey before, but only the audiance is privy to this. Escaping Luca and Razz rush and make way back to the safety of Scrap Town.

Korgak tells Luca to strip him bare for parts and leave him behind

The raiders moving in inspecting the haul from their scrap discover the damaged Vee, Heater and the body of Korgak. Undoubtedly otherwise certainly dead Korgaks Lazarus protocol activates, reviving him. If they are to be recovered someone will have to launch a rescue mission or be scrapped for parts by these bandits.

DM: Pillbugs sell stuff

Arcadum portraying the Pillbug trader Puke, he and his kin make their way to Scrap Town on a rekitted vehicle cart to trade, all while beatboxing merilly. Trading food their chef attempts to make some kind of trade but they are not understood. Getting his hands on a rifle Puke started shooting in the air excitedly and visually impressed by the firepower. He ends up almost shooting one of the locals after which the pillbugs jump back on their cart and drive off, fleeing before anyone calls them out or try to arrest them.[24]

DM: Sir Polka becomes a real boy

A spirit whispers to Polka with Sheila overhearing

A spirit of a Knight with a flaming sword whispers on the winds to Sir Polka.

"The time has comes - the fire calls - find me"

Speaking to himself Sheila hears the spirit too and asks polka if he caught an STD or something. They start searching for Rikky telling him that they gotta go find source of the whispers. They find him in Scrap Town having left his relic guns for repair at the local gunsmith.

Moving to the edge of town Sheila senses the same presence she felt before in the upper city and Polka feels a tug at where his heart should be - if it were he not simply metal. Sheila with her spiritual touch follows in their tracks. The gathering is swept up and are suddenly transported magically to the obsidian wall located outside of the volcano. Moving up and touching the wall from inside, there is a body of a corpse with a skull that begins to move at her presence.

A choice, for Polka, together with his wife Sheila

Everyone is knocked backwards as a fire spirit appears and speaks:

"Your flames dwindle but it does not need to be your end. The mountain angers, spews its blackened ash and the sky shall be your blanket of twilight. The spirit walker shall do her part, the voice of the others shall be their hands - but you are a sword."

The spirit mentions to direct his fight upward and that forces beyond the stars bring weapons from above but that they shall fall to the weapons of the old. Possibly hinting that Sir Polka has an important part to play in the upcoming battle against the invading alien fleet.

The spirit returns Polkas humanity to him... in painful agony

The spirit offers him a choice, one of flames, pain and suffering. Polka gleeing with anticipation says that he really looks forward to being able to feel pain and accepts happily. The spirit touches him and stabs him with his fiery sword, and indeed pain he feels once again. Polka suddenly short of breath - from having lungs - he starts to bleed through the cracks in his suit, is the spirit supposed to help him or kill him?! Looking under the suit of armor reveals torn flesh beneath the metal as the spirit fades away.

Human Sir Polka, without his armor

Severely injured Reeza and Sheila help take off his armor and start to magically heal him. Sealing his wounds Polka stands up. His first words being - "This is really heavy..." and "It's really hot..." Sheila helping to take off the rest oh his upper armor reveals him barechested, to actually be a man again. To his grievances he is suddenly very aware of his newfound mortality as Sheila introduces her husband to Rikky and the rest of the gathering. Rikky asks Sheila to direct them to the water spirit tomorrow and she agreed. Horizon immediately hands Polka a shotgun and starts instructing him on how it is used.[25]

Episode 16: A Token of Gratitude

The operation gathers, Trixie, Luca, Johnny, Blayne and a Merc enter a truck

DM: Attack on the raiders

Luca gathers up a team of mercs with proper experience to head out for a rescue mission at the raiders camp. From the Upper City among them are Blayne, who once grew up in scrap town and Trixie. From The Row is Johnny Taxi, Isaiah and an unknown mercenary wearing heavy armor. Joining them Scrap Town is McCuldger, Mercury, Hadwyn, Stein, Ryzy, and Horizon. Among them to act as their guide is a stranger wearing a skull mask, from the wasteland who contacted them.

Raider encampment

Bursting through the raider encampment gates

The stranger guide leading them towards the canyon where the raiders supposedly are located takes his leave, not mentioning the enemies they might expect up ahead. A gravrail blocks their path preventing the larger trucks from joining in the attack. Charging up the ramp the gates are closed and a raider fires his weapon in alarm as the gathering considers their options. McCuldger blows the gates open with his canon launcher and the charge begins. Under fire the first raider ontop of a water tower is hit and using a reinforced car for cover the attackers move closer and closer under heavy fire.

Ryzy charges

Henderson McCuldger is captured by raiders

One of the "big bosses" of the raiders charges up on and shoots Mercury and Trixie from behind and jumping from roof to roof sics multiple shots in Isiah. He is eventually ended as Ryzy charges up on him as one angry Gobbo, beating him with her axe to fall down from a cliff.[26] Luca securing the injured Korgak, Heater is booted up and joins in the escape. Unable to clear the camp the Mars forces evacuate the ones they manage to get to. In they frey Henderson gets up close and personal with one of the "big bosses" but is beat down and shot.[27] One of the raiders tries to take one of their vehicles but gathering up he is incapacitated while others continue chasing the escapees. Giving up the chase Trixies Lazarus program activates and she manages to sneak off to safety in the chaos. The taxi is hit in the legs and tries to limp back all the way to scrap town while avoiding any wildlife. Henderson is strung up for ritual sacrifice as is the old way, his life lying in limbo unless a stealth mission can be launched to free him.[28]

DM: The Gala and Air Spirits

Sheila at the gala. Flounder, Mey and "Jim" perform in the background.

In the Upper City a talent gala is held at Atlantis headquarters. Moving through the front gates, Thaddeus enters and attends the event.

Also see Thaddeus attends the Gala

Hold onto your britches - its "Rikky time!"

Rikky armed with both his pair of guns jests at Goldman, flexing his both of his now functioning weapons proudly. Heading to the wasteland to continue his spirit quest he learns of the bandit raid resulting in Scrap Town losing one of their councilors and express his condolences and offers Nirvana aid if needed. Meeting with Wit and Sheila acting as their guides Wit remarks on Manyu looking awfully familiar with someone he witnessed die at a previous encounter during the The Golden Lance expedition. Asking if he has a twin, his inquires are not welcomed and wishing to resume the journey they insist to get going. On their way Sheila introduce Rikky to her giant scorpion friend "Crabby" and after some awkardness they climb ontop of him and he carries them to the ruins of Nathraki.

Wit and Sheila guide Rikky to the Ruins of Nathraki

Approaching an air spirit rain starts pouring down and Rikky explains that they were tasked by the spirit of shadow and the spirit of dawn to qualm the anger of the fire spirit. Questioning his position being the origin of greed and ambition Sheila - "The Spirit Walker" - explains that though he may be confused and previously misguided he now seeks understanding, acceptance and that his heart is true. Convinced the spirit tells that in order to quell his anger they must find the key to his brothers gate, locked away in the spirit realm. The one capable of opening the way is a man by the name of Tarcel. A druid of old before the land was covered in smoke and poisoned by greed.

Rikky and Sheila converse with an Air spirit who provides valuable information

Rikky asking how they may convince his brother, the fire spirit, the air spirit is overcome with sadness of being shut out by his brethren. He tells how his brother was once warm and even tried to reason with the powers that came from the sky. His brother of fire saw how his own powers were turned against the land and was forever changed. Mournful the air spirit tells that there might not be any reasoning possible, the only way may be to end his brother, to quench his fires completely. In order to accomplish this they need a proper vessel to enter the mountain. Someone who shares an affinity and can bind themselves with him, and help his brother find peace.

"If father shadow shadow has tasked you with my brothers destruction - then see it done... I will mourn him... as I mourn them all. I wish you luck." With those words on the verge of tears the air spirit fades.

Departing Sheila offers a final apology for having to extinguish the flames of the spirits brother.[29]

Episode 17: The Great Beyond

Voxene, an emissary for "the witch" Ciara?


At the bar Captain Willian tells Rook that he got access to some warp gate codes and pitched an idea of hijacking a Sonitii ship. With help from Dagu and A2:s crew they would also need Faye to tag along. He puts it on hold for the time being and ask if Rook knows anything about a thing called "Titan". Its been messing with the systems of his bot Mika. The only thing he said he knows from what Faye could gather is that its some kind of blast program, nothing more.

A Synth saying they run an acquisition bussines claimed to be sent by "The Witch" Ciara and asking about a certain box of mage slaying rounds - the one they recovered last year. Distrusting he them nothing and reasoned that if Ciara is not coming herself she's probably in trouble. Ciara being Fayes former teacher he tasks her to check up if the synth is legit or not.

Phil asks about "something descrete" and Faye joins him.

Scrap Town visit

Heading down to Scrap Town to ask about corporate presence Charles offers to lend his aid, and joins him as a tracker with Jim the old robot as backup.

Approaching the locals of the town they meet Hank and Catherine at the local hospital. They direct any questions regarding the corporation towards their council leader "Henderson", a big burly man who Charles is familiar with. Unfortunately an audiance is out of the question as Henderson is currently caught up having been captured by wasteland raiders. Rook ever suspicious and blaming corpos speculated they may be funding the raiders and decides to aid the locals.

It appears Ryzy wont be able to guide them... for reasons

Asking around who would join them as guides Rook meets Ryzy, a goblin wearing a cone around her neck after suffering a previous unjury and Batharra Ront, a fellow orc who runs the local garages. Ront recaps that they tried a rescue operation yesterday with mixed success but knows the location of the camp and that there is only a single way in and out. Most vehicles are missing or damaged they freed all captured except Henderson who had initially assisted in the rescue. Needing a medic or healer Sheila is timely around and agrees to join them. Jim making a lot of noise, and when told to be quiet he remarks that stealth kind of went out the window the moment when they consider to bring him along, they bring him with anyway. As they head out Hadwyn, another councilmember tells them that he had already planned to send out a team but he is waved off as the crew speeds away out through the gates.

Bandit camp

Preparing for the ambush

Rook, Charles, Sheila and Jim with Ront driving them, knows the locaiton of the bandits from having been a captive herself for 3 days before she was freed. On their way out they are hit by a sandstorm and Rook has to cover his mouth from the imposing sand. Gathering and parking close by the plan is to sneak in and have Charles who is strong enough to try and carry Henderson as he's likely injured. Ront waits at the vehicle ready to go once they return while Jim is told to keep a distance but be ready to lay down covering fire at all time if their cover is blown. Rook suggests Sheila having no armor should stay behind but she keeps a close distance. Climbing up the maglev ramp they are in very poor visibility from the sandstorm but this aids them in a stealthy approach. Going through hand signals they head out.

Jim before the ambush on the bandit camp

Charles and Rook in the sand storm

Approaching the entrance the camp gates are broken off its hingest with scorch marks on its frame and as a scout approaches he is stabbed to death silently by Rook. Taking out on raider after another Rook and Charles approach a building with muffled conversation of people having food and drink inside. Someone of the raiders decides to go looking for their missing sentries and with the element of surprise to their aid Rook and Charles charges in. Firing one after another the two orcs manage to get to Henderson, grab him and get out while taking countless gunshot wounds.

Gritting through the pain thanks to their orcish heritage Rook has a stash of autoinjectors mixed with adrenaline to keep them going. Jabbing one into Henderson the large man wakes and can walk himself, going into an angered frenzy. Sheila healing them on their way one of the vehicles used to take cover gets so damaged that it is renderd useless. In the chaos she gets separated from the rest of the group. Not intending another rescue Rook tells Jim to engage in medic mode and do what he can for Charles and goes in looking for Sheila by himself. Climbing up a rock to get a better vantage point it does him no good in the storm but searching he eventually finds her tied up in one of the buildings. He frees her from her bonds, gives her an adrenaline shot to keep going and kills some more raiders on their way.


Rook on retreat with Ront and Henderson

Making it to the vehicle Ront is prepared for a quick getaway. On the way back Rook falls unconscious from taking countless gunshot wounds. Back in town Charles, Sheila and Rook have to be carried to the hospital for emergency care. The medic Hank has to decide if hes going to treat Rooks eyes or his legs - and decides to save his legs. Rook loses whats left for his bad eye but survives.

Vessas healing magic saves Charles and Sheila. In the Scrap Town hospital with Wit, Sten and Hank

Sheila and Charles look worse for wear but thanks to the chance arrival of a healer, Vessa. Her water magic is especially strong having been blessed by water spirits. She heals Charles and in doing so a wild surge of mana begin to flow in all directions until forming together on Sheila's blue hand - healing her fully.

DM: The Spirit Realm

Reeza in the spirit realm

Ahi, Reeza, Tynan and Sheila having entered the spirit realm from the Nathraki ruins, feel magic flow freely around them, enhancing their magical capabilities. Voices which they could barely hear before are now audibly clear, the cocophany of voices forming a soothing wind.

Is Tynan connected to this place?

Walking through the strange land there are buildings in the distance and Reeza tells that she learned from the runes of Nathraki, the lost people used to make this place their homes. Tynan observes a tower in the distance recembling a bracelet of his which sparked the question if he happened to hail from this place. He didn't seem to believe so, having his family back in Savior City.

Sheila, Ahi, Reeza and Tynan wander the Spirit World

A soul shrine

Walking through the place they encounter various spirits, approaching carefully they express having no hostile intentions and remain uninterrupted. Eventually coming upon a shrine of sorts it turns out to be the manifestation of Reeza's soul embodied as a building in this strange realm. Approaching the shrine Reeza feels the emanations of her powers increase and as she places her hands on it, it's energies flow out around her, her mana expands and powers begin to grow. Glowing with power her friends are worried for her well being but she tells them that they are safe and she is alright. Continuing onwards going through a dark forest they happen upon more spirits and eventually another shrine covered with animal bones, this time it's Sheilas manifestation of her soul. Repeating the same thing Reeza did Sheila goes through the same experience, capable of healing more each day. Exploring more Ahi finds hers, and it empowers her fire magic. Tynan happen upon his as well and learns a new skill - he can now summon fourth spiritual energy on his blade.

The ferryman adresses Tynan

The ferryman adresses Ahi

The ferryman adresses Reeza

Eventually they come to a dead end with a cloaked figure standing next to a boat on a bridge. Surrounded by an ocean of floating cylinders and detached islands in the sky - he tells them that he has no name but has been referred to as "Charon", "the ferryman" and among other things. He addresses them one by one, offering cryptic advice which he tells them to return to their own world.

  • Tynans fate is bound in blood and suffering and with more to be spilled he wonders if his guilt will make him drown unless he comes to terms with it.
  • Ahi, carries fire flowing through her he questions how many she have burned for her own weakness and how many she has yet to burn. Seeing a benevolent gaze and like the fire she weilds, they are a warmth she can share. Her compassion will be tested.
  • Reeza, the speaker of the first people, the seer of the runes, the wind beckons you home with each passing moment. Soon this whole realm will be washed with souls and if you wish to prevent the rising tide you must look towars those who seat above you - seek them and converse with them - share only your runes with those whose hearts have pure intent lest you doom that which you try to stop.
  • Adressing Sheila he mumbles "the spirit walker". Having travelling far a storm approaches which shall tear this world apart, fire will awaken and the clouds will awashen. The world will not survive unless yo can calm it. All must turn to seek the enemy of the sky - they are coming. Your own realm is in your hands.

Charon "The ferryman"

Having addressed each of them he tells them that none of them are ready to cross his ferry yet - for their lives would end. Having been chosen by the spirits their wishes will be heeded instead. He grants them a second chance of life that would otherwise be snuffed out in case they perish - once they face the mountains nightmare they will need it if they are to quell its fires.[30]

Arcadum did not attend Episode 18

Episode 19: Licking Wounds

Hiding in Scrap Town

Rough after his healing yesterday Rook wakes up in the Scrap Town Hospital to June wishing him a good morning. Asking if anyone has come looking for him he offers credits in exchange for keeping his precese there a secret with some exceptions. One being if a certain mute girl wearing a disguise comes asking for him, clearly he means Faye. Carrying a loaded shotgun, an SMG and two revolvers Rook looks like hes packing some serious heat but its all for show as he is running low on ammunition. Scrap Town councilman Sean is let inside and in exchange for spilling his own blood for the town Rook asks for information and ammunition. Sean agrees and sends after the local gunsmith.

Alone by himself an earthquake hits suddenly with the buildings peaces of metal falling to the ground around him. The sound of a large jet engine also booms, the noise is heard across town coming from the direction of the volcano.

A kid allowed to visits, enters the hospital and is asked if he wishes to make a quick buck. Shiloh is sent to the row to find another pureblood orc (Charles Rask) alog with a message in orcish. The gunsmith Sten approaches Rook carefully as he faces the barrell of a gun aimed at him. Eventually putting down the piece Rook offers to double the usual payment for resupplying all his carried guns ammunition. The gunsmith asks him about his trip the other day and while Rook doesnt divulge any information the gunsmith tells him that he's seen him with Charles before, and as long as he's a friend of Charles, he's good in his book.

Gathering an expedition

Wit visits the hospital thanking Rook for yesterday. Asking how Sheila was doing, Wit said that she was strangely well for being shot so many times, all attributed thanks to her magic. To repay and return his debt he offered to find her for him. Finding him quickly she heal him as hes hurting everywhere. Feeling the heat and paranoida wash over him he gets Sheila to lead him away from a backdoor of the hospital and onto the rooftops and starts to gather a group to investigate the source of the blast. Deciding to trusts in the "redscales" Sheila, he gave her a code phrase "rebel yell", to send a massage for him to Faye and to try and keep her safe. Getting as much ammunition as the smith could muster in the short amount of time rook tosses his delivery into the back of the truck and heads out.

Expedition to investigate the Volcano

Sheila and Sir Polka riding "Crabby"

Teaming up with another orc named Ront, she offers to drive. The group consists of Wit, Charles Cutting, an ogre with two heads a synthetic and a confused person. This with Sheila and Sir Polka riding her scorpion from behind.

One of the heads of the ogre suggests a game of "I see" and starts with - "I see something with the color yellow" - Wit guesses "sand", winning and returns with "something green and thorny" and guesses cactus. Meaning Charles, he hits the right spot indeed. Reaching their destination they wait for Charles Rask to arrive. Heading for the volcano they take the path through bramble canyon. Sheilas giant scorpion friend cutting through vines to enter, they are attacked by smaller sand fleas and make short work of them. Ront leading the way, knows the path until they reach a sign that reads "cave in" while fighting off more crabs.

Sheila mediates with the local creatures

Charles Rask eventually catches up to them to orcish cheers. Rook hands Polka two of his revolvers when Sheilas giant scorpion friend comes to face off against another of its own kind. Trying to mediate Shiela attempts to apologize for destroying their young and broker some kind of peace and safe passage. After a tense moment she actually manages to convince them to be docile and escort them forward, leading to a corporate digsite. Its the same spot where the mars team went before, with a large excavataor. Opening the console on the machine, Rook finds a map from the digger telling of an entire cavern system of creatures beneath them.

While troubling news Rook leads them onward, moving to "Titans" factory next. On their way Rook exchange jokes with the group. When they arrive there is a huge sinkhole where the entrance was and asked in case anyone got a terra scanner he gets some weird readouts. The whole place is gone. Spotting a stranger in the distance Rook calls everyone together calling out a potential sniper. Telling everyone to approach stealthily Rook and Charles start sneaking up on the individual. Flanking the strangers location by climbing on the terrain Rook gets the drop on him, pulling his gun on him from behind. Accusing the stranger of being a corp he just laughs at the assumption.

Aresh the hunter

He explains that the fires get angrier by the day and speaks of an invitation like civilized people. The stranger introduces himself as Aresh - a hunter of the winds - one of the many spirits - a windworshipper. After that he is told to put his hands down. A potential ally Rook remarks that the mountain being upset makes sense but not the corporations involvement. Ront has a theory but would rather discuss it back in town and they start to head back.[31]

Episode 20: A Harrowing Wind

Rook sends Faye on a path

Still hiding out at the hospital in Scrap Town, Rook is on edge, constatly checking his inventory of weapons while aiming a gun downstairs, waiting for Faye to come to him.

The radio station Arcadia with Horizon at the mic broadcasts a message globally that there is going to be corporate presence going out to The Golden Lance and to be careful. He also notifies that the a response towards the volcano threat from yesterdays earthquake is being considered by the Scrap Town council and to consult them with further questions.

His daughter eventually finds him and reveals her disguise while Rivett provides her a synthetic voice. Rooks wounds havent healed properly, finding Scrap Towns medical services lacking. He gives Faye access to his bank accounts and to procure services via proxies for new hideout back in The Row and to set up a new expedition to retrieve intel on who are after them. He also tells her to check up the medic Hank, while he seems trustworthy enough to make sure he doesnt have any corpo ties. Thankful for aiding the town Hank ensures there is no need for payment.

DM: The End of the Golden Lance

Councilman Hadwyn gathers a group to travel back to The Golden Lance crashed spaceship

The group heading to The Golden Lance lead by Hadwyn and his masked friend Simon, consists of Shiloh, Sean and Hank. Reaching their destination they meet another group consisting of Sheila, Sir Polka, Raleigh and Relic going there for different reasons.

Back to this nightmarish place again...

Shiloh jacking into the ship he learns that it was turned off while ago its defenses are still active against other crafts, not internal threats. Navigating through doors without power relic brings jumper cables to give them enough temporary power to open them. Approaching the central platform with Polka leading and holding up his giant shield for cover they are attacked by raiders. In the chaos Relic trips over a railing and falls down into the depths to his death. [32] Hadwyn downloading information from the top consoles manages to finish while the rest provide covering fire but as they do an announcement rambles over the PA system:

"Ship defenses activated. Warning. Orbital targeting detected. Shields failing. Destruction in 7 minutes".

Back in The Golden Lance, Shiloh, Simon, Raleigh, Hank take cover with Polka and his giant shield.

Starting their escape they realize Relic is left behind and return to recover him, in the chaos Shiloh suffers the same ill luck and falls down the same railing. Raleigh attempts to use her magic to search for him and carry him up from the darkness but is unable to find him. While listening to the countdown they have to abandon him. Miraculously somehow Shiloh makes his way crawling out from the depths below the exploding ship, meeting them outside.[33]

Sheila in her grief summons a thunderstorm

Returning to town Sheila tells Wit and a gathering of the sad news when her grief overwhelms her and she unintentionally summons a rainstorm. To the locals of Scrap Town many wastelanders who has never ever even seen it rain before, it is a very strange experience both exhilirating and terrifying at the same time. Some of the local synths who are not waterproof have to take cover.

Scrap Town wastelanders experience... rain... AND... thunder for the first time

Polka attempts to calm Sheila with a song as thunder roars and lightning starts striking parts of the town.In the storm a lightning strikes and hits the radio tower completely destroying it, knocking out all communication in town. Sheila distraught storms off alone into the wastes.

DM: Skirmish in the spirit canyon

Reeza is captured by astral corp mercs under Thaddeus command

A ship passes over Scrap Town towards Spirit Canyon and Reeza and Ront decides to head out to investigate. Moving in they encounter a team of what could be Astral corp mercenaries stationed there. As they approach the mercs fire warning shots at them and they decide to gather more before getting close and Ront returns to town. Reeza tries to approach again shouting that she is unharmed and asking if they have any wounded, suspecting that they may have crashed. She is met by armed guards and is instead forcefully apprehended for questioning.

Spirit Canyon - invaded by mercenaries under Thaddeus command

Remarking how he managed finally found the spirit walkers, Thaddeus steps out from a corner and commends Reeza on her bravery - and foolishness - of coming here alone. Reaching into her mind he begins pulling the spirits free of her body, remarking of what a good meal she makes. Falling unconscious, Thaddeus mimicing her voice calls for help on her comms. Ront recieving a call is suspicious knowing that Reeza doesn't really use technology and brings a large party as backup, .

Mars-caravan, Korgak Qroak and Luca

A Mars caravan consisting of Luca, Korgak and Belisarius get notified that an unknown dreadnaught ship class has just engaged their stabilization thrusters and follow it towards bramble canyon. Discovering the hunkered down mercs taking cover they shout out demanding them to tell who they are and what they're doing there. When claiming ownership of the place, belonging to the corporation they are targeted by hellfire missiles from the ship and make their retreat to many alarms going off. Outgunned their vehicle is destroyed by bombardment and running on foot are chased by the ship while taking cover behind the terrain. Pinned behind a mountain pillar as it collapses the injured meet the rescue mission sent out from scrap town but they refuse them aid and leave them behind. Getting no charity from the scrappers Luca at least welcomes them distracting the mercs and resumes their escape.

DM: Thaddeus Sends his Regards

The Mars caravan truck is blasted by the ships missilies

The rescue team find the blasted out truck that mars came in, giving a hint of what they may encounter but continue into the canyon anyway. The merc company are about to encounter the scrappers and some spirit talkers and on the comms are told to apprehend them. Tynan attempting to mediate, being the keepers of this place one of the guards feigns putting his gun down, baiting them to approach, inviting them to recover their injured ally Reeza but it's all a ruse. The mercs surround the scrappers, disarm and capture them as Thaddeus moves in.

Spirit walkers, Ahi, Reeza and Tynan are all captured.

Remarking how he caught a nice catch and how well they all took his bait Thaddeus asks where "The red one" is located but they arent fourthcoming. Taking his prizes Thaddeus commands Tynan and Ahi to sleep and asks one of the guards to borrow his firearm. Not needing the armed one he guns Stein down, and shoots out Ronts legs, ordering her to tell "the red one" what she saw. Stein still breathing Thaddeus shoots him many times more for good measure, making sure that he's dead. Hollering his astral corp mercs to load them up Thaddeus leaves not at all phased by the carnage he left behind.

Wit and Ront next to the dead body of Stein

Rikky tries to explain "spirits" to the more practical and somewhat skeptical Leonard

Wit having shadowed what happened watches the injured Ront crawl towards Stein in tears as he mutters his last words through all the blood. Late to the tragedy Rikky and Leonard with Mayor McCuldger approach Wit, carrying Ront and learn about the captured spirit walkers and the defacing done. Intending to make clear he had no involvement and worried about the spirits Rikky inspects himself. Blasted by missiles, ransacked, defaced, the crystals shattered and the waters no longer flow and all that remains of the water spirit are its bracers, it has been consumed. Worried how the fire spirit will react at the death of its sister Rikky tells Leonard of the importance to get in contact with a druidic spirit and manages to do so. It tells him of the importance to recover the spirit walkers before "the spirit eater" (Thaddeus) gathers all four of them and granting him access to the spirit realm. Having three out of four the only one remaining is Sheila. Sheila suffering from her guilt its words trails off and end with "please you must keep us safe..."[34]

Arcadum did not attend Episode 21

Episode 22: All in

Guards at Thaddeus mansion firing at the attackers

Guards scramble to face the attackers

DM: Attack on Thaddeus manor

Gathering for a rescue mission after tracking down Thaddeus Manor the brave group prepares for a head on attack. Leaving the shuttle are Vee, Qroak, Razz and Korgak from Mars corp, Jeremiah, Friend from Talaris and Rikky, Manyu, Blud Monet from WOTO corp as well as Horizon, Polka and Raleigh. Somewhere inside the mansion the captured spirit walkers Tynan, Ahi and Reeza are being held prisoner. With the attackers they are carrying 3 nanite resuscitators capable of restoring life but they offer no protection against Thaddeus himself, who can kill your actual soul directly. Mercenaries with red - snipers, yellow - riflemen, blue - magic patrol the grounds.

Leading the charge are the melee fighters Manyu and Polka, weilding energy blades and protected with magic they laugh loudly as the run in through the gates. With his giant shield Polka evade most shots while making short work of many guards with his energy sword.

More reinforcements arrive

Raleigh erects a barrier

Flanking intending to surround the attackers Raleigh enacts a giant barrier, preventing the guards to spread out. This proves very effective and they reach the manor door. Raleign approaching tries to inspect the door. She notices that it is heavily enchanted and will need a lot of raw magic as well as physical force to open and get to work together with Qroak. As they get to work on getting in a drop ship flies into the courtyard and drops a team of armed mercenaries give them no rest. Eventually breaking through the gates they shut close magically, sealing them off to any hostiles but also trapping them inside.

Entering the manor

Checking who is injured and applying the field medicine they can Korgak, Jeremiah, Qroak and Monet lead the way until they are attacked by what looks like mushroom infected golems. Blud Monet and Raleigh are injured and she erects a magical barrier protecting herself. A swarm with small golems charge as well until the place falls dead silent. Moving into what looks like a museum room with double wings of stairs. At the lower level they finds display casings with artifacts behind glass. Joining powers Horizon grasps Manyus hand and together they shatter the glass, grasping a blade inside Manyu loses control of himself and turns against his allies. Cackling manically he starts swinging his swords at them until he is shot and falls down. In criticial condition but no longer possessed.

Data glitch wraiths attack the synths and cybernetics

Manyu fighting undead

They get little time to help him as another charge of soldiers followed by data wraiths attack. In the chaos the sword gets reanimated by some force or a will of its own and it catches Horizon unsuspecting, impaling him. The gunfire seems to have no effect on the cyber wraiths and one starts to infect Vee's systems rendering her unconscious. Still alive Horizon sees this happen, at the risk of his own life sees a chance to save her with his decking - with a second wind he stands up, pulls the sword out of his belly and uses it to strike and destroy the wraith, saving Vee. Nearly perishing Neither uses one of the nanite injectors on Horizon and it begins doing its work as he is carried on by Polka.

Finding a short moment of respite Polka starts searching through crates, finding various magical paraphernalia he settles on a tomes that emanates magic. Friend finds a barrier that will be very difficult to break unless they find its designated passcode. To pass break the barrier it will completely use up the persons mana who attempts it, rendering them unable to channel for the remainder of the mission. Friend volunteers and starts focusing. It's going to take time and as she channels her powers they continue being charged by more creatures. Manyu is injured again and among them he spots one of them being Blud Monet, turned into whatever things they are. Dispatching his former friend after the wave is defeated they take a closer look. Manyuu and Rikket find that Monets features are contorted and twisted.

DM: Prisoners

Manyu manipulates an electrical device

Raligh frees Ahi and Reeza

Entering the basement they find it waterlogged and hear the prisoners somewhere deeper inside. Worried that it may be a trap to just walk in and very much so Raleigh senses and finds a ward surrounding the cages. Any living creature entering runs the risk of death but the only way to remove the wards is to trigger them. Manyu touching a device begins to charge his electricity based powers but doing so he unknowingly starts the devices of torture in the cages. Rushed Rikky prepares the last nanite resuscitator, telling Raleigh that he's got her - she enters the room. Being half dead it does not kill her but shocks her into unconsciousness while disappating the wards. The torture devices continue what they were designed to do and unless they're stopped everyone in the cages will die.

Tynan, Ahi and Reeza tortured in cages

Jeremiah channels a resistance ward

Vee moves towards the cages and has to decide who to save first, freeing Ahi she takes a shot in the back. Korgak, entering his orcish rage starts wildly bashing at the cages and manages to free both Reeza and Tynan. Counting the injured they're going to have to be carried out. Another charge by hundreds of small undead the way they came they have to take another route to exit. Blocked by an analogue lock Horizon opens it and locks it behind them, they find themselves in temporary safety in some kind of sanctum. In the sanctum are more locked doors, another strong portal and various magical artifacts and corpses. Jeremiah puts up a resistance ward against attacks that affect the mind while the others explore. Horizon wandering off missing the circle starts reading some of the books and gets cursed with a debilitating fear of the outside - agoraphobia, hit by a sudden panic he starts ranting and raving. Korgak and Qroak both hungry make a terrible decision to start snacking on a dead body in the chamber and are affected differently. Korgak gets some indigestion but Qroaks skin starts rotting on himself. The only benefit they got was being able to sense undead. Polka studies a tome of an old paladin and gained an ability to lay-on-hands, to heal once per day - this will come in use. More guards burst out from a balcony above and Ahi is shot and injured, Reeza comes to her aid healing her.

DM: Battle vs Thaddeus

Thaddeus hovering in the air

Breaking out onto a balcony they are greeted by none other than Thaddeus himself - standing inside of a circle of purple runes and hovering above the ground in the air. He is covered by swirling magic protected by the runes. Laughing and mocking them he exclaims that he is summoning the dark elements to bind them, and starts sending down lightning and fire from the skies. He downs Korgak and grasps ahold of Friend, crushing her. Thaddeus attackers take notice of their inability to harm him and shift their target towards the runes surrounding him instead. In response he calls fourth a large group of golems and starts putting his opponents to sleep while hitting others with balls of lightning. He commands Reeza, Korgak and Tynan to fall sleep and hits Rikky in the face, knocking him out.

Armed troopers on Thaddeus side arrive and he calls out for them to keep going, promising to mend their injuries. In the chaos Ahi falls off. Asking one of the guards to hand over his weapon with mage slaying rounds Thaddeus is not satiated and greedily consumes the soul of his mercenary. With the mage slaying rounds he shoots Manyu.

Announcing that he is about to end it - Thaddeus prepares for his finale move - a spell that will kill all his enemies and starts turning his own mercenaries into dark elementals. Channeling his spell the attackers only have so much time to reenagage and stop him. They charge again but not before all the elementals are released. Putting more to sleep Thaddeus grasps Raliegh by the hair and shouts -"This is the price of you cowardice!" and snaps her neck. Jeremiah stirring after being blasted feels his Lazarus nanites kick in, restoring him back to health. Thaddeus hit by Polkas blade and Jeremiahs mage mage slayer rounds makes him find himself staggering for a moment, taking steps back Vee attempts to take the opportunity at hand but she is smashed to bits. Commanding Horison he makes him turn and fight against his friends. Jeremiah continuing to fire the bullets actually causing harm gets his weapon knocked away, getting up close and personal Thaddeus rips his soul out and consumes it - making the cowboy who dared punch a god fall down dead in a pile on the ground.

Had enough Thaddeus tries a last attempt to get up close, delivering headshot after headshot but before succeeding he is overwhelmed at being hit by his own mage slaying bullets and decides to retreat. Calling for his drop ship he flies up towards it and makes his escape.[35]

Episode 23: We just decided to...

DM: Corporate moves

Korgak recieves a delivery in the upper city with parts to rebuild Vee and sets the machines to start working on assembling her new chassis.

Rikky debreifs Goldman about the rescue operation yesterday and how it was successful and that they've seized Thaddeus estate. Goldman tells that with Damien they are starting to track down Thaddeus using blood magic, having gotten a sample of his blood.

Talaris holds a ceremony for the deceased Jeremiah. Pyllis, Calliope, Rose, Morgan, Ciara and Damien.


Phyllis at Talaris holds a ceremony where everyone says their farewells to Jeremiahs dead body. Calliope admits that she held a love interest towards him. Rose admitted that for the short moment which they knew eachother, he showed her that Talaris is like a family of individuals. Friend thanked him for being her protector, one of the few who "stopped them all from burning, in a world that is on fire". With the remaining Ikelos, Ciara, Morgan Le Fay of Talaris present, Damien says that he will attempt to be serious for a moment and delivers a speech. He tells them all that fFacing an existential threat with a terrible alien enemy, Jeremiah climbing in their ranks faster than anyone else regrets that he didn't take more part in the operation which saw to his demise. He tells them that he takes personal responsibility as he should have been there and maybe saved him. Being rare for a CEO participating in ceremonies like this, Jeremiah was an exception who affected him personally, who he thinks helped make him a better leader. He ends his speech by telling everyone to remember what Jeremiah stood for and not break apart as they are the only ones who save the planet.

Nina and Blayne of Sonitii do some target practicing and its difficult to miss Elleks new shoes, dropping stickers brandishing the Sonitii logo everywhere. A very flamboyant way of advertising.

DM: A crash in the upper city

Crashed ship in The Upper City

The pilot "Thomas" is detained to a crowd

A loud crash resounds across the Upper City, coming from the central union tower. A crowd gathers and finds a spaceship has crashed landed and is on fire. Atlas approaches and pulls a man still alive out from the cockpit. Korgak raising alarm to get the man identified stops Atlas in his tracks to move the man to the hospital before checking his credentials. The injured man hands over a datapad to Korgak which reads "Thomas Jaeger, Mars-corporate soldier and pilot" but he is supposed to be stationed at the edge of the sector. Moving him away to be treated and questioned Morgan extinguishes the fire of the ship using her magic. Luca inspecting the craft learns that it was hit by plasma rounds, something Quixote recently acquired but it would be safe to assume it could also be the work of the alien fleet. Thomas being the first to encounter the unknown force is the first to see one of the aliens, figures with blue skin and tentacles where their mouth should be.

Meeting between Sonitii, Atlantis, The Union, WOTO and Mars

Being questioned by Rikky, Goldman and Qroak the pilot delivers an unconvincing recount, they suspect he may be an alien and he gets put in a containment unit as a makeshift cell. Luca scans him and at first clears him but the device later gives a warning that only Vee hears, the pilot is infected by parasites that are beginning to spread.

DM: Alien infiltrator

Korgak evacuates the offices, after learning that Thomas is infected from Vee

The Galactic Union Board designates John Goldman as president of the sector

Back at the meeting, involving Sonitii, Atlantis, WOTO, Qroak, representing Mars informs everyone what he knows of the imminent alien invasion. Making it a secret no longer. Vee interrupts and informs Korgak, who calls for an evactuation - apologizing for the inconvencience he asked everyone to consider akin to a "fire drill". The dutiful Korgak, worried he may be losing his job Qroak ensured that won't be an issue. Questioning the pilot Qroak starts to feel unwell and Vee detects some blood left on the keyboard of a terminal in the room. Determining that the man is infected and spreading whatever it is he has caught, Luca hears a ping as if someone used the elevator. Qroak deliberating what to do with the prisoner gets no choice as an alien (Portrayed by Arcadum) with milky yellow eyes and tentacles where his mouth should be appears. The alien attacks him at the same time as Thomas is turned and joins in attacking Qroak. Firing and killing Thomas, Qroak shoots at the alien but it escapes by smashing and jumping out through a window. Left with the dead body Qroak makes a terrible decision to eat it.

An alien jumps Razz

On the prowl the alien attacks Razz, knocking him to the ground. Attempting to assume his form the alien fails and Razz is brought to the hospital and cleared for infection. Continuing hunting the Illithari attacks and assumes the form of a Nirvana Guard and blends in following Sallie Lune. In the hospital he knocks out one of the doctors and makes his way to the WOTO offices where a meeting is taking place regarding the threat when a representative from the galactic union board walks in. At first teased for sending a synth monitor and not being in person he apologizes for sending away the previous representatives April and June Levings and announces that they have elected a new president - Jonathan Goldman. Taking the reel right away Goldman begins by making it very clear to everyone present that they are not to question his judgement any more, not go behind eachothers back - but work together or be dead or fired. Prowling on the alien happens on Razz again, this time he succeeds in stealing his form and knocks him out in an elevator.

Alien "doppelganger" Leonard copies Goldmans body

Walking from office to office the infiltrator bugs various computers until he is confronted by the ever observant Leonard, questioning him what he was doing. Before he gets a chance to react the alien grabs ahold of him and steals his form next, moving onward he finds John Goldman and like before steals his form and kills the two guards escorting the brand new president. Dragging the real unconscious Goldmans body into his office the only clue they will get is the lack of comms on Goldman. Attempting to mimic Goldmans gruffness the alien orders the guards to bring Leonards body to the hospital and proceeds to boss his other employees around while accidentally making occasional gurgling noises.[36]

Goldman tells the guards to let them in

Leonard and Razz treated in the clinic the doctors discover what looks like hundreds of microscopic stab wounds on them.

Word spreads fast that something is off about "Goldman" and Ian along with more merc guards approach his office, asking him if he can tell them their names. Failing to do so the alien panics and starts firing his guns at them, blowing the doppelganger cover. The alien is overwhelmed, flees and Ian shakes the shook up Goldman to wakefulness. Gathering his wits about him Goldman finds himself covered in puncture wounds as if he was tattooed all over his body but thanks to his cynicism and skepticism manages to shake off most of the shock one would suffer from after such an experience. Looking through what the alien was doing with his computer he finds a piece of its plans, it was looking for the galactic access codes to the Sonitii warp gate - and it got them.

DM: Presidential announcement

Outside the Union tower news of President Goldman being quarantined by Astral Company from one Mr. Reanolds spread to Leonard, Razz, Luca, Manyu and Rikky. Having been compromised they speculate if its wise to enter but decide to risk it unable to hail Goldman on comms. Finding a locked door Manyuu disables it using his power of controlling electricity. Inside are two armed Astral Co mercs who refuse granting them entrance, set to protect the president. After a short stalemate Ian walks in and cools down the situation. Goldman realizing the threat tells that an attempt on his life was made and takes the open approach and prepares to make an official global announcement:

Damien uses his magic to trace the aliens

They know...

"Ladies and gentlemen, employees and executives of the upper city corporates, this is your president speaking. Moments ago an attempt was made on my life. I survived. The very foe who now threatens a planetary invasion of Corvanis 3, infiltrated the union tower and made an effort to assimilate my very being. It's purpose was simple, they used my newfound position of power and authority to override the sonitii warp gates. I regret to inform you now that it has succeeded. War is upon us. But let us not dismay or faulter for much as it failed to kill me I believe firmly if we together stay the course of planning set before us, we will persevere. I implore you all now to steele your resolve and continue the efforts towards which we have striven these last weeks. The security of savior city depends on it. Trust noone, the creature can take the form of coworkers, personell and even loved ones. It comes to us now to double our efforts to hold on to the spark of hope that drives us and claim victory over the enemy - for there is no other option. This is your president John Goldman signing off."

Qroak turns and chokes David Walker

After the message Damien meets with Goldman, Leonard and Rikky and having detected a magical nature from the alien he thinks he may be able to locate it. Going into detail about his magical capabilities Rikky loses his temper at him. Looking to another dimension - through the astral plane - Damien finds tendrils of fate like a tapestry leading towards a single source. Gazing up into the sky he finds its source - they're all connected - what the alien saw - they all saw.

Angelina watches Duncyn die

Qroak after his encounter with the alien starts to feel ever more sick, hiding his weakness at first he walks off with a bottle of alcohol and passes out in the corner of a street. Luca and Razz get a notification and manage to find him with his skin going is going gangrene before their eyes, emergency medical care or he will die. After getting him to the Nirvana hospital he succumbs to the affliction and it takes his life, but he also turns into a large monstrosity of a creature, grasping the medic David Walkers throat. The creature is quickly dispatched by Luca and the armed at the hospital and David is saved by Dr Emilia.

In a nearby hospital bed Duncyn takes his last breath and dies after being in an explosion set off by Vanto Ruve in The Undercity.[37]

Arcadum did not attend Episode 24

Episode 25: Beyond the veil

DM: Illithari invasion of the Upper City

Illithari on the Upper City rooftops

The aliens land en masse in the Upper City using stealth. With their incredibly agile jumping and climbing abilities they make their way over the rooftops of the skyline hirises. Searching for protected computer systems in the corporations headquarters they grab as much valuable information as they can. Divided into teams infiltrating each corporate building they start out by successfully taking over all terminals in both Nirvana and WOTO.

Reinforcements arrive in a ship to fight the invaders

Entering Mars they initially get fought back with Vee dispatching some of the attackers. While she is being upgraded with parts from her original chassis, BR-16 gets a notification of systems being hacked into and informs Blayne and Conrad. A breach is made in the Sonitii labs and they raise the alarm with an HR team being sent on their way to them first. Before they arrive Ellek is hit in the head with a critical injury. With a rapid fire energy weapon one of the aliens starts taking sniped shots and hits Razz with a fatal wound which would be his last. He later dies from his injuries.

Atlantis decides to broadcasts a global warning message, telling everyone that the invading unrecognized entities can hack systems and assume the form of other people. Word quickly spreads to the remote places in Savior City, even Scrap Town who happen to be tackling other issues involving an enraged giant fire elemental setting its minions loose in the town.

Swarming Korgak

Continuing taking sniping shots one alien commander blasts and injures Friend, Locket and Korgak. Hacking one of the synths known as Corporal Jonathan, it turns on Korgak and Kraver who aside from getting blasted are completely overwhelmed by alien prodding.

Manyuu attempts to summon a lightning spirit to aid them but it is defeated and returned into him.

Dr. Emilia gets overwhelmed, is grabbed by the aliens and brought to the nirvana compound. Making their stand in one location they all retreat to Nirvana. Keeping her hostage and being the lead technician of the secret Project Lazarus, they put the whole thing under threat. If the rest of the corporations can't take it back in time they will lose it all to the invaders. An emergency message goes out warning of the hostile force taking over.

Aliens prepare for a siege and hunkering down to defend, they get a direct assault. Katashi charges in with his sword and gets impaled. Flounder charges in and self destructs in an explosion after taking shots. The countdown running low the attackers, Hawkins, Locket, Kraver and Conrad protected behind a shield charge in. Vee gets shot and disabled but together they both physically and firing, Conrad and Locket tackle down the leader of the aliens to the ground and kill him. The Lazarus program is saved but scattered around the whole nirvana compound are injured and dead.

DM: Doctors code

Crawling out from underneath a desk Rikky observes the damages as Manyuu manages to get Vee to boot up, but her chassis is destroyed. Emilia was kept alive by the aliens, intending to use her knowledge but her biosignatures are compromised and keeping her alive is endangering everyone.

The current head in charge of Nirvana is Sallie Lune and she is facing a difficult decision to make. Nirvana code dictates that Emilia be exterminated and her body dusted. Refusing to do so the punishment would be death. Crushed with the decision of having to kill her friend, in tears she repeatedly states "Nirvana is God" and knows what has to be done. David protests against it as she pushes the button. Before it completes Emilias grandmother Phyllis intervenes and orders her to stop. Aborting the sequence an automated message is sent to Sallie. It informs her that it has revoked all of her and everyone under her command, Nirvana security clearances and that she is about to stand before a tribunal accused of treason, scheduled within a week.

DM: Illithari invasion of The Row

Thanks to the broadcasted message the slummers of The Row have gathered up and fortified the entrance to The Dirty Diamond, barricading its entrance in preparation for attack. The invaders are looking for intel and valuable information, intending to search through consoles and computer systems.

WIP.... [38]




  • PTSD - He suffers from terrible flashbacks from his time in The War of Unification.
  • Light drinker - For being a barkeep who serves alcohol he himself appears to handle drinking poorly.
  • No depth perception - He is blind on one eye and has a nasty scar across his face as well as scars on other body parts.


  • His character makes use of his barkeep role and represents the comparable role of a "quest giver".
  • He has the letters "TAXES" and "DEATH" - "The two inevitable things" - tattooed on the knuckles of his fists.
  • He calls robots and intelligent machines "synthetics" and considers them worthy of person-hood, realizing their sentience.
    • His organization "The Shattered Legion" aims to free all Synthetics of bondage.
  • Rooks avatar was created for Arcadum by Sketchu.[39]


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