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Grabba007 - Formerly Grabaslabavic - Known in real life as Joseph Brosnahan or Joseph the Australian Wolfboy Born 2002 in Victoria Australia. he has been on VRchat during the course of the COVID-19 Pandemic and is set to stay on VRChat for the rest of his time on the

computer. since March or April 2020 Grabba007 made a lot of great people and some people that have come and gone.

Grabba007 is one of the kindest people on VRchat since Wolveeps a lot has come and gone throughout his time on VRchat and has made his first VRchat avatar not too long ago after he was inspired by one of his other friends who inspired him to become a Wolfboy.

October 25th 2020 - the day he has first met FlameKnight7. Grabba007 is one of his biggest fans and when he first met him. he said this

"Holy S***. is this. this can't be. is that really FlameKnight7? this must be a dream!"

"Flame you have touched millions of hearts around the VRChat Community. everyone here is to the Myth. the Legend. FlameKnight7. the best Dancer in VRChat History" - October 25th 2020 the day Grabba007 first met FlameKnight7

"let's all chant out the words we love you to flame in 3 2 1. We Love you! we love you! we love you" - Grabba007 and everyone else

November 2020 - onwards

Grabba007 now spends most of his time by himself on VRchat due to ashamedness loneliness stress and anxiety but sometimes spends time with his fellow Australians

he said this famous quote he said to all his friends on all Discord servers he is on

"Fun Goes first before drama"

- Grabba007 - November 2020